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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 6 Recap

Zhan Yan and Duan Mucui asked Mrs. Wang’s husband Wang Yuan, and they learned that Mrs. Wang had eaten the candied fruit given by the shopkeeper. The two said in unison that the problem was with the salesman, and they were in good agreement. Duanmucui praised Zhanyan’s ability to investigate the case. Zhanyan was shocked, and the relationship between the two gradually heated up.

The two came to the pier to look for the salesman who gave the candied fruit, but Zhanyan, who was wearing the Qifeng Mansion’s head-catching costume, scared the salesman away. Duan Mucui found that there was no poison on the candied fruit, but there were some signs on it, as if it was to attract someone out. Duan Mucui complained that Zhan Yan scared the salesman away, but Zhan Yan did not excuse it too much. Duan Mucui wanted to pretend to be a pregnant woman looking for You Clan, and let Zhanyan pretend to be her husband.

The female mosquito wanted to let go of the child caught by the male mosquito, but was discovered by the male mosquito who had just returned, and the male mosquito killed the child. The female mosquito learned that the blood she had taken in the past two days was human blood, and advised the male mosquito not to kill again.

Hongluan wanted to help Mrs. Wang cover her quilt, but was misunderstood by Wen Gu. Whether Wen Gu remembered the past, Wen Gu refused to advance, bluntly saying that he did not have the past. Zhanyan and Duanmucui came to the dock as a couple. Duanmucui wanted the puppets on the stall. Zhanyan was thinking about investigating the case, but he couldn’t help Duanmucui, so he had to buy the doll.

Duanmucui used the case as a threat and asked Zhanyan to squeeze his legs. Zhanyan was afraid that the identity of the husband and wife would be revealed, so she could only agree. Zhan Yan deliberately pinched Duan Mu Cui’s leg by gravity, and Duan Mu Cui did not show any weakness, pinching Zhan Yan’s arm. At this time, they found the traces of the salesman selling preserves.

This case is just a bureau set up by Hongluan, and Hongluan will inform the You Clan elder of the successful introduction of Duanmucui into the bureau. The elder of the You clan gave Hongluan a celestial array talisman to help regain the Penglai map fragments. The You Clan elder controlled Hong Luan with the Heart-Biting Curse. In order not to be tortured by the Heart-Biting Curse, Hong Luan agreed to the You Clan elder.

Zhanyan and Duanmucui followed the male mosquitoes all the way, and the male mosquitoes turned back and fled. Hongluan secretly took Mrs. Wang from Wengu Medical Center. Duan Mucui gave Zhanyan a letter to protect Zhanyan at a critical moment. Zhan Yan discovered that Duanmucui seemed to be afraid of mosquitoes. The male mosquitoes suddenly appeared to attack Duanmucui. The scene of Mosquitoes flying around in a coffin flashed in Duanmucui’s mind for a while, and he fainted. Hongluan and Wen Gu appeared in time to help Duanmucui withstand the attack of male mosquitoes, but they were poisoned by the mosquitoes.

In his dream, Duan Mucui remembered the picture of her mother and herself being locked in a coffin more clearly. Red Luan was bitten by the mosquito fluid and became unconscious.

When the male mosquito came back from injury, the female mosquito was very worried, thinking that she and her child were dragging him down. Hong Luan gave the Ge Xian array to the male mosquito, and asked the male mosquito to retrieve the Penglai map fragments on Duanmucui, and gave Mrs. Wang as a bait to the male mosquito.

Duan Mucui came to Zhanyan’s room invisibly, but accidentally knocked down the candlestick and was discovered by Zhanyan. Duanmucui and Zhanyan wanted to set out together to find male mosquitoes, when Shangguance appeared. For Duanmucui’s reputation, Zhanyan asked Duanmucui to hide, and he drove Shangguance away.

Duanmucui and Zhanyan found the reed grass beside the bed in the Wengu Medical Center. They decided that Mrs. Wang should be taken to the reeds in the east of the city, and the two hurried to go. Yang Jian came to Duanmucui, but learned that Duanmucui was going to catch the gnats. Yang Jian said that Duanmu and his mother were buried alive when they were young, and when they were dug out, they were covered with mosquitoes. Duanmu was most afraid of mosquitoes. After Wen Gu heard about it, he hurried to find Duanmucui.

At Luwei Dan in the east of the city, Duanmu was caught in the celestial formation and saw the fantasy of a female general who was exactly like him fighting on the battlefield, and was stunned. Wen Gu came to Luwei Dang to search for Duanmucui, but found that he could not perceive the aura of Duanmucui. The male mosquito attacked Duanmu Cui, and Duanmu realized that he had no mana. At the moment of crisis, Zhanyan appeared to resist the blow of the male mosquito. The two planned to leave in a small boat, but found that the entire waters were arranged in a labyrinth.

Wen Gu returned to Xihualiu and asked Hongluan if he knew about the gnat’s nest. Hongluan didn’t know, but Hongluan decided to rescue Duanmucui with Wen Gu. Duanmucui and Zhanyan found that the waters had been set up as a maze, and Zhanyan proposed to pass through the reeds. But Duanmucui’s mana was lost, unable to pass through the reeds by himself, and Zhanyan took Duanmucui’s hand through the reeds. Zhanyan and Duanmucui came to the home of the female mosquitoes and wanted to wait for the mosquitoes to come here.

Wen Gu and Hongluan once again came to Luwei Dang, but did not find any trace of Duanmucui, but saw a male mosquito. Wen Gu fought against the male mosquito, and the male mosquito was not as powerful as Wen Gu, so he had to hold Hong Luan.

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