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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 1 Recap

In the silent and gloomy night, countless pairs of red eyes appeared in the forest, and a black cat walked out of the forest to the city. The shifter was shifting on the street, checking no one around, and took out a strand of woman’s hair from his body. When the policeman was carefully sniffing the scent of his hair, suddenly a piece of red cloth surrounded him, entwining him tightly to death, and even the body was burned.

Kaifeng Mansion received a report that the book of Baiwenzhai was destroyed for no reason. The chief catcher Zhanyan took his subordinates Zhang Long and Zhao Wu to check it out. Zhanyan analyzed the crime scene of Baiwenzhai and felt that it was a black cat. The shopkeeper of Baiwenzhai remembered that a few days ago, he shot a black cat that stole a fish. Zhanyan promised that the shopkeeper would make the cat owner compensate him for all his losses.

Zhanyan successfully found the black cat’s figure through tracking, and chased the black cat all the way to a place called “Xihualiu”. Zhanyan stood on the single-plank bridge at the entrance of the “Xihualiu”. At this time, Zhao Wu rushed to tell Zhanyan not to cross the single-plank bridge. Zhang Long came to report that there was another homicide in Liujiacun, and the cause of death was the same as the original two homicides. Zhanyan and the others just rushed to the murder scene and found that Liu San was hiding money in his arms, and they were sneakily trying to leave. Zhang Long and Zhao Wu stopped Liu San, and Zhan Yan suspected Liu San had a problem. Liu San said that he just stole the front hidden by the deceased Liu Ermazi, but did not kill Liu Ermazi.

Zhan Yan found that the three of them had the same characteristics, and they all liked the oiran jade of Baihualou. On the other side, Duan Mucui had already come to Baihualou to fight with Cuiyu, and learned that Cuiyu was killing innocent people in order to protect his face. The two were fighting, but they were bothered by Zhan Yan. After Cuiyu escaped, he took away Baihualou’s maid Hongluan. Duanmucui wanted to go out the window to chase Cuiyu. Zhanyan misunderstood that Duanmucui was in danger and reached out to grab it, but accidentally tore off his belt, and both of them fell from the building. Hugged together.

Zhanyan saw Duanmucui’s earrings and asked her if she had been to Liujiazhuang today. Duanmucui generously admitted that Zhanyan wanted to catch Duanmucui and return to Kaifeng Mansion for investigation. Duanmucui used magic to open Zhanyan, but he accidentally discovered that he was Kaifeng. The show of the house. Duanmucui told Zhanyan her name, and Zhanyan asked if she had a black cat. Black cats destroy a lot of people and property and need to be compensated. Duanmucui saw the peach petals, so he took Zhanyan to look for jade. At this time, Cuiyu was about to kill Hongluan, Duanmucui stopped and saved Cuiyu. Duan Mucui learns that Hongluan is a charm of peach blossoms, and is a sedentary clan at the same time as Cuiyu. Hongluan does not approve of Cuiyu’s killing, but his low mana cannot stop him, so he can only ask for help from Xiaohualiu.

Duan Mucui informed Shangxian Wen Gu of his own news, and he would be back a while later. Duanmucui put a tracking symbol on Cuiyu’s body, and came to Zhang Mansion according to the map. The two listened to the conversation between Cuiyu and his lover Zhang Gongzi, and learned that Cuiyu was only trying to help Zhang Gongzi live forever. Cuiyu fought with Duanmu Cui, Zhang Gongzi saw Cuiyu’s true body and quickly cleared his relationship with Cuiyu. Cuiyu learned that Zhang Gongzi’s intentions for her were false, and determined to die with Zhang Gongzi. Zhanyan blamed Duanmucui for preventing him from saving people, leading to the killing of Young Master Zhang. The two had different opinions, but Duanmucui decided to go to Kaifeng Mansion with Zhanyan to solve the problem.

Duanmucui’s righteous brother, Yang Jian, guarded Duanmucui’s iron box of love debt, and accused those stars of letting Duanmucui go down to solve the problem in order to be lazy. Zhanyan took Duan Mucui to see his adoptive father Jiang Wenqing and reported the facts of the case to Jiang Wenqing. The You Clan was imprisoned in the Nine Prisons, but the barriers of the Nine Prisons have recently loosened, causing the You Clan to flee to harm the world.

Yang Jian came to Xihualiu and told Wen Guweiyu that he must take care of Duanmucui and notify him in time if any abnormalities are found. Zhanyan wanted to keep her in Kaifeng Mansion on the grounds that Duanmucui was involved in multiple cases, and would let her go after the case was cleared. Although Duanmucui was very reluctant, he decided to accompany him to the end.

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