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Talay Duerd (2021)

Talay Duerd (2021)
Other Title: ทะเลเดือด

Genres: drama, romance
Wuttiphon / Nueng / Nok / Solo Kamk, Chatchawan Song
Wuttiphon / Nueng / Nok / Solo Kamk, Chatchawan Song
Channel 7
Release Date: 
Apr 3, 2021
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A small house located alone by the sea, Chon Daniel, the American Farang, the former Silks who settled down to live in Thailand. Pick up a gold coin and make some markings on the coin. Before cutting into two parts And open the computer, enter e-mail, send a message to someone

Two mysterious men attacked him with gunshot. Daniel grabbed two pieces of gold to escape. But he can only take one side. The rest fell into the hands of the incoming villain. Daniel escaped to the end of a high cliff. The villain told me to bring the other half of the gold coin. But Daniel threw the coin into the sea.

Seven years later, a large cargo ship raid was carried out by a Syl officer led by Wade because the ship was said to be hiding drugs and illegal items. Wade plans to strike well. But when leading an invading force Not everything went according to plan. Because the villain seems to have known before That leaves Wade’s operations team under attack. Causing many naval officers to die

Wade felt sorry and thought that it was all his mistake. He was set up for an investigation and found guilty. Wade was released from government service. Wade is willing to take responsibility as a man. Among the sympathy of Sergeant ecstatic paid links and Nartrudee workforce in operating survived with him. Not everyone is satisfied that Wade has been released from government service. Everyone thinks that the fault of the operation Must be born from a secret leak There must be some salt.

At the same time, Nittaya, an officer of the Art Department who specializes in detecting antiques To be surprised when a high-ranking police officer of the conquest comes to find her at the site she takes care of

The person who offers something for Nittaya to do. That is, investigating ancient gold coins that were sold at an antique shop. Because that coin is the same coin as the gold coin in an ancient treasure chest that was stolen from a museum. And lost to the eastern sea because of a scramble 7 years ago, no one was found again. But now, gold coins have appeared for sale at the antique shop.

The governor said that Nittaya was the chosen one to take on the quest to find the clues of this treasure chest. Because the search target is in the hometown of Nittaya itself Also, Nittaya is an expert in antiques. If you can find the lost treasure back Will be rewarded with millions

Nittaya accepts to work for She was not hoping for a reward. Because they want to help the state find more The detainee said the job must be kept secret. Cannot tell anyone, not even a parent or a close person

The governor said that Nittaya was the chosen one to take on the quest to find the clues of this treasure chest. Because the search target is in the hometown of Nittaya itself Also, Nittaya is an expert in antiques. If you can find the lost treasure back Will be rewarded with millions. Nittaya accepts to work for She was not hoping for a reward. Because they want to help the state find more The detainee said the job must be kept secret. Cannot tell anyone, not even a parent or a close person.

Chayut has secretly loved Nittaya since his school days and has always loved it. But only one love That was because Nittaya had a heart with another male friend that was Wade.

Raerai took the land and mortgaged to pay her rubber plantation workers. The village chief announced that he would confiscate the land and allow many villagers to leave the area. Villagers who refuse to go will be attacked. Many Nittaya knows that the villagers are being seized at the place where they are against.

Wade’s brother Wind loves to unlock the light and knows that Wade’s older brother is not him. Which makes the wind more prejudicial and wading Wind got off the boat and intends to return home. Because he is bored with the job that must be in the middle of the sea Including how he exposes his co-workers to his boss. Got him hit by them But because of being an old boxer Allowing the wind to overcome them.

Suphattra and Sia Meng, who saw the craftsmanship of the wind, impressed. Because Sia Meng is the owner of a boxing camp that organizes boxing hunting bets Suphat Rachawanlom becomes a boxer in the camp. The wind still does not accept. Suphattra gave him a business card,right-handed dragon, Sia Meng, was not satisfied. Because he has a love for Suphatra.

Sia Meng was one of the most influential people in the East with as much charisma as With Kamnan Phaisan They both have overlapping gray businesses, big businessman Tom . He traveled to Chonburi because he knew that there was a half gold coin that the fishermen found in the belly of the fish. And took it to use the debt instead of the loan to the local loan god Sia Siao.

Tom had the other half of the coin on him. Therefore wanted another piece of coin to appear in the market And that coin is the same coin that Nittaya is looking for. Sia Zuo thought that it was just an ordinary gold coin, so it was first offered to sell to Sia Meng. Because they are cousins.

Tom ordered the gods and Chut to go and get the coins from the Sia Duan. The gods take their minions to trap, shoot, collapse the car. The gunmen fled. Before he died, Sie Zuo handed over half of the ancient gold coin. Told to pass it on to the son who is abroad Wade made a promise and determined to save the half-gold coin for the dead son when he returned.

Raerinittaya, Reveal and Pearl, were all glad to wade back home. Lui told Mom that he has left government service and will continue to help her work at home. But the one who is dissatisfied is the wind. The wind has not disappeared, and the anger that causes his father’s death. Their father was Daniel.

Wui separated himself to stay at the farmhouse where his father used to live in order not to cause problems with the wind There he came across a hidden hole that hid something. Wade finds a photo of his father as a marine that was taken with three men. The picture of the face of the father’s friend is so messed up that I can’t figure out who it is. Chayut knew that Wade came back to the sea home, he was even more upset. So we will take over Raerai’s land more quickly

Nittaya takes Lui to negotiate with the village chief about debt, but it turns out that Wade has to find money to redeem 10 million of the land within ten days. The wind knew about it and thought to raise money for her mother to redeem the place. When Wade knew from Thong well that the boxing wind was illegal Therefore go forbid, but the wind does not listen

Tom plans to have the village chief and Sia Meng kill each other. Therefore paying dignity to come to work as well The village chief thought that he wanted to defeat Sia Meng already, so the fire contacted the dragon to convince them. Fire, and went to the bar to get acquainted with the rich Lynne Linhg beautiful girl who is the right hand of the lady who manage the bar to Sia Meng.

Nittaya knew that Dam was the one who got the coins. And followed to investigate at the black shop selling gold coins, news to Tom’s ears, so he had people to deal Wade to help Nittaya in time. He was surprised why someone wanted to kill Nittaya. And what did you do at Chao Lay?

Sergeant Happy brought the captain’s letter to wade through Tell me there is a secret mission together Making the truth revealed that it really Wade is not removed from government service. It’s all just a plan to find out about the worms that send secret code to the criminals. Until causing Wade’s team to lose

And the GPS coordinates, the point where the worms send news is Baan Talay. Luu is ordered to feign fired to come back to investigate the betrayal of them.

Wade received the news of Tee Sia Zuo’s son came back. So he took the coin and gave it to him. The Tom found out about it and planned to compete and kill Tee to death but didn’t find the coin. Because Tee returned the coins to be taken care of first Rong Det and Sia Meng came to the scene. Wade is a suspected murder. Rondech gave up himself, but Wade refused and escaped.

Sia Meng became interested in gold coins. Tom thought about getting rid of both the village chief and Sia Meng at the same time, and did not stop pursuing it either. The sub-district chief has to pay a plan for exporting goods abroad. The police knew about the pursuit until Payong made a mistake. A drug tanker exploded in the middle of the sea. The village chief thinks that there must be a worms. Chayut Doubt of Fire But the village chief did not believe.

Rongdech met Nittaya and led him to meet the commander of the subdistrict. There, Nittaya met with the conqueror and the commander said that the PDRC wanted to extract information from Kamnan Phaisarn. But the police line that is hidden still cannot work. Therefore wanted Nittaya to accept a mission to find secret information for Because she can enter Chayut’s house

The village chief was attacked by criminals. Until it became paralyzed Saeng Saeng with Nittaya Asa to take care of Chayut announces revenge for his father. By believing that it is the skill of Sia Meng Tom was able to pull Chayut to join them. Along with revealing about gold coins Said Wade had half of the gold coins left, if he got it, it would be complete.

Sia Meng decided to leave his hand. But the delivery was besieged by the police. Saisamon and everyone narrowly escaped. Sainamorn goes to Tom Lincoln and Fire are police officers who work with the mafia. The dragon took the news to tell Tom. Tom tells Chayut that the fire is the police line with evidence to show.

Chayut allows people to catch fire from the house. Nittaya decides to tell Lui the truth that she is a spy on the hunt for the missing gold coin. That made Wui take the half of the gold coins he had for Nittaya to see. The two were surprised when they investigated the relationship between them.

Wade to the mountain where Sergeant Suksa indicated the location for Wade finds a treasure chest buried. Found a photo of Payong taking a couple of his father. Payong went to kill Sergeant Suksan in order to shut his mouth. Because he is the worms of the army, Nittaya unleashes the wind and Wade comes to help.

Chayut left the house to look for Tom. Nittaya took the opportunity to enter a secret room and loaded the data. At the same time, Payong sneaked in and killed the village chief. Nittaya and unlocking the light were almost unable to survive. Chayut returns to the house and is shocked that his father is killed by Rangong and learns that Nittaya is a call to the police. Chayut is betrayed by the woman he loves most.

The dragon learned from Tom that the wind took the job as a call to the staff. Therefore call to tell Suphattra the truth Wind persuades Sia Meng to give him a list of all the Eastern drug dealers. But the dragon came and shot Xia Meng to death and would kill the wind. The wind escaped The dragon told Suphattra that the wind shot the Sia Meng to death. And thought to rape her But the wind came to help. The dragon was killed by the wind. Suphattra Gives Drug Network Agent Secret Information to Wind

Tom had Thep capture Nittaya’s parents and took Mae Lom so that he could exchange some gold coins. Wade accepts the offer. When Tom gets a medal Instead, capture everyone and let the gods check the secret code from the medallion. When I opened the coordinates, I realized that the place where the treasure chest was hiding was one of Khram Tom’s island to catch everyone on board. Sergeant Sergeant knew the coordinates from the coin, so he took the light of gold and pearl to the island to get the treasure before the Tom Tom was crazy to know he had been cut off. Ordering his minions to hunt down the happy sergeant

The happy sergeant and the pearl fled in different directions. The shed light is caught and will be violated. But the people who came to help were the wind and Suphat Rachat would shoot the wind. Supatra put himself in the way. Chut was shot to death. Tom is glad he got the treasure. Saisamorn is glad to have a share. While Payong learns the truth of being used by Tom all the time Tom will shoot for a dunk. But paid faster than shooting Tom dead

Go ahead and fight with Payong. Pay injury Wui asked who was the person who killed his father. Payong admitted that he and Tom were the killers. Because he wanted all the treasures, gold coins that Wade’s father had hidden Wui will kill Payong because of the vengeance that he killed his father. Nittaya forbid, tell the law to punish the best The sound of a gun sounds. It was the wind that he shot to death. And said that life is only to compensate for the spirit of the father

The Conqueror leads his forces to the island and finds Nittaya with the treasure bag he needs to find. Nittaya said everything is over. At that time there was a stall. It was a foreigner who came down and took the gold to go up and told the governor that it had already been transferred two hundred million. The identity was revealed that he would not return the official gold. But agreed to sell to foreign agents Thank you Nittaya for helping you find the treasure until you find it No one will escape to tell the whole truth. Everyone must die here

Nittaya was angry, ran to the commander and was shot in the chest by the commander. Go to support the nittaya The people of the gunner, everyone Immediately, Commander Wisan led his forces to help. Catch the Conqueror And hurriedly sent Nittaya to the hospital

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