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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 1 Recap

Gu Nanzhou, fram Gu’s Group and CEO of Nebulas Animation, has a strong ability. It only took four years to make the Gu Family’s transformation successfully, and he also established Nebulas Animation. Nancheng University, Zhou Jianqing, who works as a part-time order receptionist, brought dozens of takeaways to the classroom. Her principal job is a cartoonist. Mr. Liu of Manxing showed her the plan and asked Zhou Jianqing to draw it out. Zhou Jianqing was a little embarrassed because of the bloody plot, and was finally moved by the price of two hundred one page. Gu Nanzhou decided to terminate the contract with Manxing. They are all pirated works. Gu Nanzhou will never allow Nebula to turn into rubbish.

Gu Nanzhou arbitrarily proposed to terminate the contract with Manxing. Mr. Liu begged him to look at the female works. When he was unable to do anything, he called Zhou Jianqing to scold him and deducted her remuneration. Zhou Jianqing was in a hurry, she obviously painted in accordance with the company’s requirements! Gu Nanzhou accidentally got Zhou Jianqing’s cartoon manuscript on the ground and stepped on it blindly.

Zhou Jianqing was very angry and asked him to respect the author’s efforts. Gu Nanzhou believed that her work was completely worthless. Zhou Jianqing aggressively put him on the wall and repeatedly emphasized that he did not plagiarize, asking him to apologize for his work and pay for his actions. Zhou Jianqing asked Gu Nanzhou to pay him 1,000 yuan, but Gu Nanzhou reluctantly scanned the payment code and left.

Zhou Jianqing vomited bitterness at school and Zhang Yin, and was named during class. Mr. Gu left his will five years ago and also left a letter, hoping that Gu Nanzhou will take good care of his friend’s daughter Zhou Jianqing. Zhou Jianqing answered the question very well, and the teacher was very satisfied and asked her to be the class representative for this semester. Zhou Jianqing’s brother Zhou Zixuan sent the things to Su Youxia’s house again, and Su Youxia quickly gave it to her. He also said that he drew a special prize of 5,000 yuan in the supermarket last time. Actually, it was Zhou Zixuan who asked her to help. For Zhou Jianqing. Zhang Yin saw at a glance that Zhou Zixuan had given it to her again, and persuaded Su Youxia to refuse him, after all, she was not good at lying.

Gu Nanzhou did not show up for a long time at the Gu Group meeting. Lu Ziming bought the group’s shares aggressively, and Gu Nanzhou’s address was at stake. Gu Nanzhou received Zhou Jianqing’s message and found that it was the girl from Manxing who was a little surprised, and went to Zhou Jianqing regardless of the group. The Zhou family is kind to them.

Father Gu hopes that Zhou Jianqing and Gu Nanzhou will get married. Gu Nanzhou has no time to fall in love, and even plans to propose marriage directly. Jiang Xiaochuan quickly arranged a scene where a hero saves the United States, and Zhou Jianqing fell in love with Gu Nanzhou at first sight. Zhou Jianqing, who was rescued by the hero, really had a heartbeat. In the car, Gu Nanzhou asked Zhou Jianqing to marry him. He could do his best to protect her and solve Zhou Zixuan’s debt. Gu Nanzhou took off his jacket and wanted to approve Zhou Jianqing’s clothes, but was misunderstood by Zhou Jianqing and ran away.

Zhou Jianqing and Su Youxia talked about their heroic deeds in fighting gangsters. These days Zhou Zixuan ignored Zhou Jianqing and she was very worried. Aunt Suguan came to Zhou Jianqing with a bunch of flowers, which was obviously sent by Gu Nanzhou. Jiang Xiaochuan then came up with bad ideas, and then Zhou Jianqing received a luxurious lunch, a lot of snacks, and even prepared her exclusive parachutist and exclusive car. Zhou Jianqing was very speechless. Under Jiang Xiaochuan’s instigation, Gu Nanzhou directly prepared a big scene. Zhou Jianqing received an order for setting up the marriage proposal, but he did not expect that the order was from Gu Nanzhou, and the object of the proposal was herself.

The moment Zhou Jianqing saw Gu Nanzhou was stunned, Gu Nanzhou’s face was dumbfounded like a war, and he straightly took out the ring and asked Zhou Jianqing to marry him, which immediately attracted crowds of onlookers. Zhou Jianqing was unwilling to marry Gu Nanzhou, but Gu Nanzhou straightforwardly told her that he was serious. Zhou Jianqing left speechlessly, but came back to ask Gu Nanzhou for a service fee of two thousand. Gu Nanzhou had already paid the money, and as soon as he stretched out his hand, he fished Zhou Jianqing into his arms. Zhou Jianqing still stepped on him unmoved.

In order to save his life, Jiang Xiaochuan quickly came up with a killer. The next day, Zhou Jianqing received countless designer bags from Gu Nanzhou, saying they were gifts of apology. Jiang Xiaochuan presided over the meeting instead of Gu Nanzhou. He was wearing headphones while Gu Nanzhou was conducting the other side.

Zhou Jianqing came to the company to find Gu Nanzhou. The front desk said that an appointment was needed, and Zhou Jianqing broke in directly. Zhou Jianqing asked Gu Nanzhou to take the things back and not to appear in his own life, but Gu Nanzhou insisted that Zhou Jianqing marry him. Zhou Jianqing was taken aback by Gu Nanzhou, and his body reflexively took Gu Nanzhou and fell into the sofa. The two kissed unexpectedly.

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