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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 7 Recap

Wake up soaked and returned home. After learning that Xi Wang had pulled out the ring, the resentment in his heart disappeared. Xi Bin just wants to let the negative energy in his heart vent when he wakes up, and don’t hold the bad mood in his heart. Waking up guarding Xiwang fell asleep, feeling tired, Xi Bin quietly brought her out, it turned out to be a nightmare after waking up, and she felt that the safety of her son was more important than anything else.

Boss Yan was very satisfied with the husband’s room designed by Awakening and thought it was original, but he made a suggestion that he wanted to arrange a piano in the room so that he could be wronged by his wife’s accommodation.

With Xi Bin, he used Oreo cookies to make toys. When he woke up and returned home, Xi Bin pulled down the pre-made props and was so scared that he was awake and sat down on the ground. It turned out that he had arachnophobia when he woke up. Su Xing complained to Xi Bin, thinking that the education of hope must be followed up, Xi Bin didn’t want to listen, and returned to the room with scorn.

Li Feifan understood Shen Xiaoyan very well. He was very diligent to help clean up the room when she saw that she was going out for the night shift. When Li Xiang came back, Shen Xiaoyan told Li Xiang not to leave Li Feifei alone at home. Xi Bin sees Wake up very hard, thinking that the wedding anniversary is approaching, and wants to make an appointment with Wake up. Wake up suggestion, let Xi Bin take Xi Wang out to play on the evening of the anniversary, the later you come back, the better, you can relax at home. Xi Bin was a little disappointed, thinking whether it was an itching for seven years, so he had to take a bath.

Xi Bin asks Uncle Zou to play football, and Uncle Zou complains. It is difficult for women to serve, and there is no need for any festival. But Xi Bin thinks that such thinking is not correct, and the mood of the wife at home is very important. Uncle Zou said that I hope Xi Bin can stick to his principles, and Xi Bin believes that children have their own laws of learning.

I wake up and drink red wine alone at home, Xiaoyou has a very comfortable atmosphere. Suddenly receiving a call from He Jinghua, Xi Bin’s company had something to do and he left Xiwang to their home. Su Xing thought that the rare cleanness was gone, but Xi Bin suddenly appeared in the elevator, holding a bunch of flowers to surprise him. I was ashamed to wake up, and compared with other parents, I didn’t spend time with my children. Xi Bin didn’t want to hear this, thinking it shouldn’t be the whole life of the two, let alone the wedding anniversary. Wake up kissed Xi Bin, and praised Xi Bin for being an all-around good husband.

Jiang Bo arranged an arithmetic problem, but Siyuan did not understand it after listening to it, but Xiwang understood it as soon as he heard it. Jiang Bo praised Xiwang’s greatness. Grandpa was unhappy when he heard it. He thought that Jiang Bo said his grandson was Siyuan stupid, and He Jinghua told his grandpa and grandma not to educate the children. Su woke up and looked at him and expressed his gratitude to He Jinghua’s family. Xiwang wants to buy a bicycle, but Xi Bin has no time and is still helping him with his homework.

After waking up and returning home, he checked Xiwang’s homework for the first time, and found only two questions were wrong. I didn’t believe that Xiwang could improve so quickly. Xi Bin confessed the truth, and the two diverged again on the education issue. Xi Bin asked Uncle Zou to spit out. He wanted to help Rejuvenation share the burden, but Rejuvenation was too anxious about the education. Xi Bin thinks that children like Xiwang’s age should be better off playing crazy outside, and that children’s happiness is the most important thing. Teacher Zou objected that the children of other families are all in the front, and it is necessary to beat the children.

Boss Yan came to Apex Company and once again emphasized the importance of the piano. He was very satisfied with the new plan after seeing the model of another renovation of the house. Boss Mo made an appointment with Gu Jiawei for dinner. He woke up and said that there was an interview with an aunt that would not be able to attend.

Gu Jiawei recognizes the designer who is so capable in Awakening, saying that he has a design company that will dig her for the first time. Lin Yunyun doesn’t think waking up is great, after all, her children are not well educated. Gu Jiawei saw that the credit card account was more than 10,000 yuan, and accused Lin Yunyun of spending money, otherwise she would lower her limit next time.

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