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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 16 Recap

Because Wang Xiaocong took the wrong medical equipment, Hank said that Lan Tina’s operation was a medical accident. Qiao Yuqian told Zhou Yue about the incident. Zhou Yue knew that this matter was not trivial. He wanted to call Huo Xiang, but after thinking about it, he felt that Without disturbing him, Zhou Yue decided to check the surveillance himself, and Qiao Yuqian could not bear to let Liao Yu be wished, and decided to find someone to check the matter. Li Tiancheng and Xiaoliu spoke separately. Xiaoliu was very scared of the tower incense.

He said that he would see the earth fairy when he smelled the tower incense. But when Li Tiancheng burned the tower incense, Xiao Liu realized that this was not the smell he smelled last time. Hank was making trouble in the hospital, and after seeing Liao Yu, he sneered. Liao Yu went to Miss Lantina for a follow-up visit, and when she learned that she had a stomachache, she prescribed some painkillers. After seeing her wound, Liao Yu’s face changed.

He asked how this wound was made, Lan Tina hesitated and said that she accidentally fell on the knife, but Ye Hong and Liao Yu both knew that this matter was not that simple. It is rare for Qiao Yuqian to go home and talk to her brother Qiao Xiangwan about the medical accident in the hospital. Qiao Xiangwan reminded her sister to be careful in the hospital, because the water behind these things is very deep and may have something to do with Ann.

Zhou Yue put on a mask in the dining room, and there were ghost films on the wall. She didn’t show any fear at all, but Li Tiancheng was caught off guard when she saw her appearance. Li Tiancheng didn’t understand why she didn’t look in the room. Zhou Yue explained that she was afraid of making a noise to Sister Hong. And watching here is more atmospheric. The purpose of watching ghost movies is to make herself clear the clues of some things.

Li Tiancheng was not as bold as her, so she made faces to keep her from looking. Zhou Yue reluctantly took off the mask and turned off the horror movie. The two men talked about medical accidents, and Zhou Yue found several suspicious points. Wang Xiaocong was indeed at fault, but the outside world spread the matter very seriously. She suspected that there was an internal ghost in the hospital, and the wires did not seem to be bitten by a mouse.

In addition, Liao Yu once said that Lan Tina’s wound seemed to be cut by a knife, but she said it was accidentally cut. The two reorganized the scene where Lan Tina was stabbed by a knife, and concluded that someone else stabbed Lan Tina’s wound. They believed that Hank was lying, or it was possible that he stabbed Lan Tina deliberately, and then set the blame.

To the friendly hospital. Qiao Yuqian found that there were only two people named Hank Li on Zal Island, one was 82 years old this year, and the other was 31 years old, but the 31-year-old Hank had died ten days ago. According to Qiao Yuqian’s analysis, after a person’s death, except for the State Police, it will take some time for the population to be updated in other places.

The hospital’s ID card authenticator can only identify the authenticity of the ID card, but cannot identify whether the person is true or false. If someone uses the real Hank’s identity and uses the time difference to transplant the identity to another person, it is not impossible . But this can only be done at the State Police Department, and Qiao Yuqian immediately thought that the State Police Department had an eyeliner inserted by An Wanhao. This time around, Li Tiancheng and Zhou Yue confirmed their speculation. Ye Hong and Liao Yu talked about Qiao Yuqian, and they agreed that she was good. Ye Hong joked about his relationship with Qiao Yuqian, and Liao Yu blushed.

Wang Yuemei looked at the child with kind eyes, Xin Lu thought that the child might let Wang Yuemei dispel suicidal thoughts, she offered to let her adopt a small soup bag, but Zhou Yue said it was impossible. However, because of the clue Xin Lu provided, Zhou Yue and Xin Lu went to persuade Wang Yuemei to completely give up suicide. Shuhui saw Xinlu’s potential as a nurse and suggested that she try to be a trainee nurse in the hospital. Wang Xiaocong has been in low mood recently, making Ye Hong and others very worried.

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