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Rattan 司藤 Episode 30 Recap

In the evening, Wang Qiankun sneaked to the hospital to find Yan Furui. He learned from Platinum that Si Teng’s situation was very critical. She forcibly mutated and created a bigger appearance, which was likely at the cost of life.

When he learned that Si Teng did not have much time left, Qin Fang clenched his fist and was at a loss. The only way is to let Siteng absorb the power of the same clan. If Qin Fang returns the power in his body to Siteng, the two can only survive one person unless they can find another clan.

Qin Fang and Si Teng once again entered the space created by Si Teng, but before they could wait for the sunrise, Si Teng had already exhausted himself and collapsed on his shoulders and returned to his childhood appearance. When he returned to the hotel, Si Teng dared to face Qin Fang with his childhood appearance for the first time. In the evening, Siteng found Kong Yuhua as Xizhu and wanted to make a deal with her.

As long as she gave her strength, she asked Kong Yuhua to avenge Siteng. But at this time, Yi Ru returned to Kong Yuhua’s home. She found the key hidden in front of Kong Yuhua’s home and opened the door by herself. When Qin Fang woke up, he found that Si Teng was missing and hurriedly chased him out. When he came to Kong Yuhua’s house, it was already the next morning.

As soon as Qin Fang entered the door, she saw Kong Yuhua, who was particularly old. Kong Yuhua recalled what happened after Xizhu absorbed her strength last night. She didn’t say much, but took Qin Fang to Yiru’s room. When Yiru came to look for her last night, she was already old. Seeing Yiru, Kong Yuhua couldn’t help bursting tears.

What Kong Yuhua did not expect was that Siteng had used her strength to cure Yiru’s leg, but after all this, Siteng left. Qin released and left Kong Yuhua’s home in a daze. He knew the purpose of Siteng’s forced change in the short term. As soon as she left Kong Yuhua’s house, Qin Fang met Siteng. She stopped Qin Fang. The two chatted quietly. They went to the supermarket together, cooked together, lived a life that had been fantasized, and spent the last time of Siteng’s life together.

Qin Fang wanted to give the power of Bai Ying in his body to Si Teng. He let Si Teng sleep in his arms. He wanted to let Si Teng experience the life of three meals a day, but he could no longer accompany her. Qin put it at the end of his life and told Yan Furui that he had found the idea of living, and he also believed that Si Teng could find himself. Steng, who survived fifteen years later, grew up as Xizhu. She lived an ordinary life, but occasionally she dreamed of the big tree she had once had.

Xizhu and his friends came to the forest and heard that there was an Optimus tree for thousands of years. When they saw the towering tree that seemed to have known in the dream, they unexpectedly fainted. The students took Xizhu to Yan Furui’s restaurant in Cangcheng Mountain. Yan Furui saw Xizhu’s appearance and shocked the teapot in his hand.

Yan Furui looked at Xizhu. He didn’t expect that Siteng would really come to Qin Fang, but now Xizhu has no memory at all. Yan Furui had to take Xizhu to a villa and let her find the answer in it.

Xizhu came to a hospital bed. The person lying on the bed turned out to be Qin Fang, who was unconscious. Qin put the help of platinum to pass on strength and erased Siteng’s memory. But he met again, but Xizhu could not remember Qin Fang, and even Yan Furui was a little difficult to accept. Xizhu went to the front of the hospital bed, and the green plant on the side stretched the rattan. She put her finger in front of Qin Fang’s forehead. She saw everything they had experienced, and finally remembered her identity of Siteng and Qin Fang.

When she came back to her mind, Siteng had already burst into tears. She thanked Yan Furui for his company for so many years. Yan Furui was also moved. He also hoped that the two could have lovers and eventually become families. He left space for them and left here alone. Siteng sat quietly beside Qin Fang. Siteng gave him Bai Ying’s power for Qin Fang.

Unexpectedly, Qin Fang gave her strength back to let her experience the warmth and cold world. They loved each other. Si Teng’s anxiety and urgency in his heart all the time may be because Qin Fang had been waiting for her. Si Teng held Qin Fang tightly. Hands.

Siteng took Qin Fang to the mountain, Yan Furui sent them away and left. Although Si Teng liked the world very much, he did not have Qin Fang’s company. This was an imperfect life, so she decided to die for Qin Fang. Yan Furui left with his son in the tile house. He secretly wiped away his tears and told his grandson the story of the Ang family.

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