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My husband can’t afford it

Medical words are hard to say, husband can’t afford it
Other Name: 医言难尽老公要不起, Medical Words Are Hard to Say, My Husband Can’t Can’t afford it, Medical Words Can’t Be Affordable to My Husband

Genre: novel, romance
Author: N/A
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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“Medical Words Can’t Be Affordable to My Husband” tells that they have been married for more than a month, but Wen Yiyan never touched her, but gave her endless love and affection, except that he would not love her. Together, the love Van Xiaoxing wanted most, he couldn’t give it, and all his love gave the cinnabar mole in his heart. When the woman came back, Van Xiaoxing knew that this marriage could not be kept by herself. When she wanted to fulfill the lovers, she found out that she was pregnant. This website only provides a trial reading of the wonderful passages of the novel “Medical Words Is Hard to Exhaust My Husband Can’t afford”.

Free Reading Highlights:

Late at night, it was surprisingly quiet.

The dim street lamp was projected on the delicate face of Van Star through the window.

She could only hear her heartbeat pounding wildly.

The woman clung to the wall, carefully raising her petite feet.

When he finally came to the door of the man’s room, Fan Xing took a deep breath, put his hands together and drew a cross on his chest, and then said silently Buddha blessing.

Anyway, she must put Wen to sleep tonight! !

If you don’t succeed, you will become benevolent!

If benevolence can’t make it… then forget it…

Fan Xing held the doorknob tightly with both hands, turned it gently, and slowly screwed it to the end. At this time, the door could be pushed in.

With a “creak”, Fan Xing almost yelled out, quickly covered his mouth and closed his eyes tightly.

The sound of the door was still lingering in the quiet room, and the woman felt that her heart was about to jump out with this sound, and she completely wrinkled her face.

Don’t… She just wants to sleep with her husband for the night, but she must not die before leaving the teacher.

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