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I am the Master of the Tang Dynasty

I am the Master of the Tang Dynasty
Other Name: 我在大唐当太傅, I’m the Taifu in Datang

Genre: novel, history
Author: Zi Xiu
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Once through, Li Zheng came to Datang and became an adopted son of the business family Li’s family. The original owner’s life was considered rich, but because of his father’s marriage to Erniang, coupled with the declining business conditions of his own medicine shop, his recent life is described as being stretched, which is not an overstatement. As a traverser, he also has a certain advantage, that is, in his mind, there is a net of knowledge for nearly a thousand years, but now only medicine is unlocked, and he also has a headache for this. Fortunately, God prefers him. That day, God let him meet Li Shimin…

Free Reading Highlights:

The sudden expression of Li Zheng made Li Shimin who followed him naturally frowned slightly.

Everyone in the Prince Qin’s mansion wanted to be respectful to himself. Has anyone ever shown such an expression to himself? Even though this person was born in the market, but such an expression is a bit too disrespectful!

“Little sir, what are you?”

Li Shimin asked with a little anger, but Li Zheng’s next words really surprised him.

“Dare to ask distinguished guests, did you feel night sweats and chest cramps when you fell asleep recently?”

“Do you feel short of breath, often dizzy and dizzy when you move your body on weekdays?”

Li Zheng kept talking, but hurriedly pulled the people behind him into his somewhat simple medicine shop, and then hurriedly closed the shop door.

From his own glance, Li Zheng had already noticed that the heart and lungs of the person in front of him had been infected with toxins. But what made Li Zheng strange is that although this poison has accumulated for some time, it is by no means the poison of blood sealing the throat. .

“Little sir, how did you know?”

“Recently, the time at home is quite complicated, and I have spent some time on weekdays, but I often feel what the little gentleman said!”

Li Zheng’s face was undoubtedly a little bit more embarrassing when he heard this. He really didn’t expect this person to look more than 20 years old, but he was usually held in by the secular world of his family.

“Sure enough, every family has hard-to-read sutras, but for such characters, I am afraid they are already used to it.”

Li Zheng muttered in his heart, and then let Su Tu and Su Xiuxiu’s father and daughter choose their own residences, leaving the distinguished guest in front of them and their guards alone.

For people with this type of status, the fewer people who know their condition, the better, otherwise it will be trouble for the upper body.

“Although I have been affirmed by the distinguished guests, I am still a little unsure of your physical condition…”

“I wonder if the distinguished guest can stretch out his arm and let me take a closer look?”

Although Li Zheng said it was calm and calm, Li Shimin noticed something strange.

When he came last time, he only talked a little about his illness, and this little gentleman could prescribe medicine according to his illness, but this time he had to signal himself personally. This action undoubtedly made Li Shimin involuntarily nervous.

“It’s okay, the little gentleman just needs to see a doctor.”

With Li Shimin’s approval, Li Zheng pretended to hold his arm pretending to be pulse, but then moved his gaze to Li Shimin again.

“It was just a glimpse, but after a closer look, I found that this person has a lot of old wounds!”

Seeing the extremely bad data in front of him, Li Zheng couldn’t help but slap his tongue for a while.

“This toxin is not one kind, on the contrary, it is quite complicated. It seems that this poisoner is also extremely cautious, and he dare not poison this person once…”

Seeing that Li Shimin’s lungs had been contaminated with toxins and changed color, Li Zheng shook his head with a wry smile.

“Sir, what are you?”

Seeing this, Li Shimin hesitated and asked hesitantly.

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