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221741By Ou Yee
Other Name: Su Xue Is Hard to Be a White Head

Genre: novel, romnace
Author: Ou Yee
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Based on the love-hate entanglement between the protagonists Shen Qingluo and Song Baichen, was created by the author “Ou Ye”. The original name is “Su Xue Is Hard to Be a White Head”. The original protagonists are Su Bihe and Ran Qingxuan. The main story of the novel is: Song Baichen, the commander of Jin Yiwei, is famous for his heart-heartedness, and now he can really see it with his own eyes. On the guillotine, his wife Shen Qingluo stood there in embarrassment, waiting for the execution. She used to want to marry the one she loves. But when she got her wish, death followed one after another. In Song Baichen’s heart, Shen Qingluo’s existence was his stain. In order to pull her out by himself, he mercilessly pushed her to hell.

Free Reading Highlights:
After Song Baichen found out, he frowned slightly, and turned to think of something, asking Lin Kaiwu to pack his things and prepare to go south.

“Do you want to go to Jiangnan to see Su Nianluo?

He knew that Zhu Xiu sent their whereabouts regularly, and adults would show rare warmth only when they read those letters.

Song Baichen said lightly: “Revisit the old place.”

He wanted to go to the ice lake back then to see if he could find traces of Qingluo, even if only a little bit.

On the way south, although Song Baichen was an eyesore by her side, Lanying was always in a good mood and looked forward to seeing her younger brother.

Now that she has a healthy body, with the contrast of her previous life, it is easy to feel happy.

Get out of the carriage and run a few steps without panting, tired, or cold, and I am very happy.

Until Lanying found out that Song Baichen was heading towards a place, the feeling of resistance came again.

“Master Ran, let’s play separately? How about meeting in one place then?”

Song Baichen nodded slightly and assigned a few casual Jin Yiwei to follow Lan Ying, including Lin Kaiwu.

He went to the ice lake alone.

Ten years later, he met Qingluo here, did not grasp it firmly, and soon lost it.

Sometimes he thought, if she didn’t save herself, she would be better off than now.

At least, it’s still alive.

As selfish as Song Baichen, one day he will feel that whether he can live or not is not important anymore.

Following the route of fleeing back then, he walked step by step.

At that time, I was in a panic, and I didn’t know that the most beautiful scenery in front of me was waiting for me.

It’s a stroll in the courtyard now, but knows that no matter how he walks, it is gloomy.

Never again will I meet a girl who can’t hesitate no matter whether she is a high-ranking official or a trafficker.

In the noisy bazaar, Lan Ying asked Lin Kaiwu to stay away from her. In the name of shopping, she covered Chongyang with the portrait of Su Duanhua and asked the vendors.

Unfortunately, nothing was achieved.

There is too much traffic here, and unless something special happens, it is difficult to remember.

Lanying remembered playing games with Duanhua when she was a child, and the siblings agreed to mark them when they got separated.

She is a candied haw, and Duanhua is a six-pointed star.

In cities and towns, Lanying used charcoal pencils to draw candied haws on the walls, and in the mountains and forests, she used hairpins to scratch the trees. Father and mother bless you, I hope Duanhua can see one.

Yulu Mountain.

A boy with a patch on his shirt looked yearning at the Yulu Academy, where the sound of reading aloud from the foot of the mountain, and asked the young people around him.

“Master Su, can I go there to study in the future?”

“You have learned all the words I asked you to practice, then you can go.”

When the boy was about to laugh, the girls around him poured cold water.

“Go to Yulu Academy, do you have Shuxiu? The master there is not like Master Su, so he only needs to collect sweet potatoes.”

The boy’s face collapsed, and there were a lot of poor children in the mountains who wanted to study like him. If Su Fuzi hadn’t come here, they wouldn’t even be able to recognize a word.

“Master Su, you are so knowledgeable, I will study with you and keep reading!”

The girl plucked up the courage and said, “Master Su, I also want to read…”

This time it was the boy’s turn to pour cold water. He raised his head triumphantly and said with a grin: “What kind of character does the little girl recognize in the film? You can’t participate in the imperial examination!”

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