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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 30 Recap

Mi Jie felt that Xing Kelei’s shaking hands was related to his psychological hints to him. In fact, there was nothing wrong with his hands. Xing Kelei felt that the operation would cause damage to his hands. In addition, he was so strong that he would not realize it. His hands were shaking, and when he was saving people in the concert hall yesterday, Xing Kelei’s hand strength was still very strong, and there was no hand shaking. Mi Jia said that the most important thing now is to let Xing Kelei stop thinking about it and relax. .

Shu Wenbo repaired Ruan Qingxia’s camera, and asked Ruan Qingxia’s colleague Xiao Song to give the camera to Ruan Qingxia. She only told her that she had found a teacher to repair the camera, but turned her head and said that she missed her mouth. Ruan Qingxia learned of Shu Wen. Bo silently did these things for himself, feeling a little confused, Lu Feng sent another message to Ruan Qingxia, saying that he had bought something for her and sent it to the bar, and asked Ruan Qingxia to go to the bar to get it.

Ruan Qingxia arrived at the bar, but Lu Feng confessed to her in public. Ruan Qingxia was embarrassed. The other guests in the bar were making fun of him. Ruan Qingxia still rejected Lu Feng. She was very grateful for everything that Lu Feng had done, but the person in her heart was not Lu Feng. So unacceptable.

When Ruan Qingxia was learning taekwondo with Shu Wenbo that day, he couldn’t help but lose his temper at Shu Wenbo, saying that while rejecting him, he said to Li Nian that he likes himself, and that he would give himself to Lu Feng, do he use her as a ball? Kicking around, Shu Wenbo quickly explained that he just wanted to make Ruan Qingxia happy, but Ruan Qingxia said that he hated Shu Wenbo and turned away.

Xing Keyao was going to watch the show with Shao Yuhan, but when Shao Yuhan came, a skateboarder next to him suddenly fell and fainted. Xing Keyao hurriedly stepped forward to stop his bleeding and let his friends Called an ambulance. After the ambulance pulled the people away, Xing Kayao saw Shao Yuhan. She was a little sorry to say that he couldn’t see the performance today. Shao Yuhan didn’t blame him, and he thoughtfully sent Xing Kayao home.

Xing Kelei wanted to move back to his home to live with Mi Ha, and he also said that he had bought equipment for training hand strength, but Xing Keyao did not allow him to install in Xing Keyao’s house, and asked Mi Ha if he could install the equipment on his own. At home, Mi Jie agreed to Xing Kelei. Mi Jie said that Xing Kelei wanted to live with him, Ruan Qingxia guessed Xing Kelei’s mind, and said that Xing Kelei would find various reasons to appear in front of Mi Jie, saying that their relationship was about to become heated. Stage.

Yi Qian and Xing Keyao are going to discuss about holding the class reunion on Friday, but Shao Yuhan is going to class on Friday. He wanted to reject Yi Qian, but Yi Qian said that Xing Keyao specially pushed for the weekend party to participate, and asked Shao Yuhan to do so. When he arrived, Shao Yuhan had no choice but to agree, but said that he would be there a little later, Mi Yan heard it on the side, and felt a little gossip in his heart.

After Mi Ha returned home, Xing Kelei quickly pretended to be training hard. Seeing that he was sweating a lot, he told him to go back to take a bath. Xing Kelei took the opportunity to take out the ready change of clothes and said that he was here. wash. After dinner in the evening, Mi Ha closed his eyes on the sofa and rested. Xing Kele wanted to show off his muscles to attract Mi Ha’s attention. Mi Ha didn’t care on the surface, but after Xing Kele turned his head, he secretly took a look at Xing Kele’s training. Xing Kelei felt a little distressed when he saw that Mi Yan had not been moved.

On Friday, Xing Keyao and others did not wait until Shao Yuhan came. Xing Keyao was a little upset about being in the dining room, so he went outside the hotel lobby to breathe. After a while, he waited for Shao Yuhan. When they were chatting outside, Yi Qian came out to remind The two of them went in, and Yi Qian talked about the things to be arranged in this classmate meeting. Shao Yuhan asked Shao Yuhan to find the previous digital camera and take out the previous photos and videos to edit. Xing Keyao said that he would also help find it.

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