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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 10 Recap

The Ocean has received permission to depart, but Tianyue and He Cai have not yet boarded the ship, so Captain Drake had to ask the command center to delay for ten minutes. But after half an hour, the two still did not show up, and the command center urged again: If the Ocean is not leaving the port, the other cruise ships can only go first. Olsen suggested that the captain should not wait any longer. At this time, Tianyue and He Cai finally When it arrived, the captain ordered to leave the port immediately.

Lai Shen, Fei Er and others discussed: Based on past experience, those who can attend the Captain’s Dinner are those who can add luster to the Ocean. I heard that the major shareholders’ wives, Internet tycoons, and popular ones will come to the banquet this time. Movie star.

Bai Jing ran into Tianyue on the deck, lamenting that she was fortunate to have listened to Tianyue’s persuasion, otherwise she would have almost been fooled by Xiang Mu De, just like the current He Cai, which involves both feelings and money.

The captain dinner guests invited by Ding Kai arrived late. Captain Drake said that he was the only one waiting for the guests in previous captain dinners. After a while, Grandpa Jiang arrived, and then the three of Xiaoxi’s family also came. Let us sing a birthday song for Xiaoxi and wish her a happy birthday. The last ones arrived were Grandma Hu and Xiao Jiang. Xiao Jiang asked his father to forgive him. He returned the diamond ring to his father. It turned out that after Grandpa Jiang left, Xiao Jiang and David Fang went to the sea to retrieve the ring together. Grandpa Jiang was grateful for his son’s understanding. With tears in her eyes, she put a diamond ring on Grandma Hu, and everyone applauded to witness the happy moments of the two elderly people.

Drake asked Ding Kai why he chose these guests? Ding Kai said that his family has the longest company for them. On the cruise ship, 80% of the guests are family units. He feels very happy and believes that this is a kind of fate. Everyone expressed their agreement with him with warm applause. The captain said that the Ocean is welcoming and sending batches of guests, and each group of guests is a new experience for them. He also hopes that the Ocean can give every visitor the feeling of being at home. Drake introduced Chef Dika to everyone and announced the official start of the Captain’s Dinner.

At this moment, Tianyue was afraid that He Cai could not think about it, and silently followed her to the deck, but He Cai scolded that the person she most wanted to see was Tianyue, because Tianyue must laugh at herself in her heart, she berated Tianyue not to follow Leave immediately. If Tianyue doesn’t leave, she will jump into the sea, and Tianyue has no choice but to leave.

After disembarking, Tian Yue waited to go home with He Cai, but He Cai told her to find a house quickly because her house was going to be taken back.

Ding Kai smiled and watched the tourists disembark. Chen Annie approached him. Ding Kai felt that the life of ordinary people was the greatest. Annie admired that the captain’s dinner did not use the list given by the vice captain. No wealthy celebrities were invited, and they were arranged very well. Great.

After He Cai returned to the travel agency, he asked Manager Ma to immediately arrange a group for herself. Then, Manager Ma arranged for He Cai to take a group of business units the next morning. He Cai wanted to return the money he paid for Tianyue and left immediately. After Tianyue came, Manager Ma asked her about He Cai’s deception, but Tianyue didn’t mention a word. After the calculation, Manager Ma told Tianyue: The commission for leading the group this time and the last compensation plus the deposit are equal to each other, and this trip is considered a waste of time.

After Tianyue returned to He Cai’s renting house, she realized that she had already surrendered the rent, and Tianyue had nowhere to go. At this time, she received a call from her mother and asked her to meet in the old place.

Tianyue ran into Ding Kai outside the restaurant with her luggage. Ding Kai helped her store her bag after learning of her dilemma. Then the two accompany Tianyue’s parents for dinner. Ding Kai explained to the two elderly people what happened. Yue’s mother had a good impression of Ding Kai, and Tianyue’s father learned that Ding Kai was the chief executive officer. Ding Kai explained that he was responsible for safety, and Tianyue’s father said bluntly that this was a security guard! Tianyue couldn’t help but laugh. Tianyue’s mother told Ding Kai timely that her daughter would take care of others and was motivated. Tianyue was embarrassed. Tianyue’s mother took her husband away and gave them time to spend alone, and then sent a message to Tianyue, saying that Xiaoding was very good, so that her daughter could take good care of it. Ding Kai asked Tianyue where to live afterwards, and Tianyue pretended to have a way. Ding Kai smiled and checked out.

Wang Ziyang invited the deputy captain Olsen for dinner, and Olsen bluntly stated that he only had the right to recommend but not decide on the candidate for the deputy captain.

When Tianyue left the restaurant, he discovered that Ding Kai was waiting for him at the door. He said that he couldn’t bear to let Tianyue sleep on the street and allowed her to live in his own home temporarily. Tianyue was grateful.

Mr. Tang persuaded Chen Anni to go out more to get in touch with good men, but Chen Anni’s focus was on the selection of the deputy captain. Tang told her that all branches had handed over the candidate list. The candidates for the Ocean were: Ding Kai, Wang Ziyang, Allen, but they have to compete with all the excellent crews in the world. He will not favor anyone, otherwise he will fall into the real world, fearing that they are a small group of Chinese descent. Mr. Tang said that he is the same as all fathers in the world, and he only hopes that Anne is safe and happy to be worthy of her father’s trust!

Ding Kai took Tianyue to his residence and told her that she could only stay temporarily and move out when she found a suitable house. He repeatedly told Annie: Don’t move his personal belongings.

After Mr. Tang arrived at the company, he asked Wang Ziyang to take Chen Anni out to relax. Wang Ziyang couldn’t ask for it. He asked Mr. Tang what he should pay attention to in the next selection. Mr. Tang told him that this is a global selection and the company will not be personal The selection of candidates is based on factors other than strength. Although the Asian Talent Plan was proposed and presided over by itself, neither the company nor the individual will set the result as Asian. At the moment, Deputy Captain Olsen and Second Officer Morgan are also discussing this matter.

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