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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 29 Recap

Mi Yan sent Xing Kelei to the hospital after leaving. The nurse Xiaoxiao told her that Zhang Wei, the patient admitted to the car accident, had been crying for headaches. Mi Yan went to the ward and asked about the situation. She said that there was no problem with her MRI, and she would give Zhang Wei a stop. It hurts, but if you can, try not to take it. Zhang Wei also said that he needs sleeping pills if he can’t sleep at night, and Mi Jie said that he would arrange it. At night, Zhang Wei wanted the nurse to give him sleeping pills, but Xiaoxiao said that the hospital had regulations that he had to watch the patient take the medicine.

After Xing Kelei returned to the police team, he started training again, but Shu Wenbo was worried about his condition and refused to let him continue training. He also said that Mi Ha had ordered him, so he also asked him to think about Mi Ha. When Xing Kelei competed with Zhuo Wenjing, he saw that Zhuo Wenjing did not give his full strength, which hurt Xing Kelei’s self-esteem. He asked Zhuo Wenjing why he wanted him and let Zhuo Wenjing run for ten laps. Zhuo Wenjing was at a loss. ,

Can only listen to the words of Xing Kelei. Xing Kelei became more and more frustrated, and the more he practiced, the greater the pressure. After returning home, he lost his temper with Mi Yan, thinking that it was Mi Yan who told the police about his shaking hands, but now the entire police force has to let himself.

Mi Jia was trained by Xing Ke, and she felt a little uncomfortable. She talked to Ruan Qingxia about the matter, and said that she did not tell Shu Wenbo about Xing Ke’s shaking hands. Mi Ha called Shu Wenbo and asked about the situation. , I also wanted to call Xing Kelei to explain, but Xing Kelei did not receive a call in the bathroom. After he came out, he saw Mi Ha’s missed call. He didn’t call Mi Ha, but just sent Mi Ha a message saying good night. .

Xing Keyao didn’t turn to Xing Kelei after learning that Xing Kelei and Mi Ha quarreled, and said that Mi Ha was also for Xing Kelei’s good, and it was not wrong to ask Shu Wenbo to take care of him. He also persuaded Xing Kelei to look for Mi Ha to apologize. Wrong, Xing Kayao said that the problem of his shaking hands may be due to psychological reasons. Xing Kelei didn’t understand it, but Xing Kayao said that he was used to being number one since he was little, and he felt uncomfortable because he was slightly inferior to others. After Xing Kelei left, Mi Jie wanted to go back and ask him to explain, but when Xing Kelei said he was back in the team, Mi J had no choice but to go to the hospital.

When Xing Kelei went back to the team and chatted with Shu Wenbo, he learned that Shu Wenbo didn’t know about his shaking hands. He realized that he had blamed Mi Ha yesterday. Xing Kelei quickly asked for leave and left the police force to go to the hospital to find Mi Ha to apologize. Mi Yan suddenly found that the patient Zhang Wei was missing, and everyone was looking for it. After Xing Kelei learned about him, he didn’t care about his affairs, so he quickly helped find someone. Xing Kelei checked Zhang Wei’s ward and speculated that she should have gone to the concert hall. Zhang Wei is a pianist, but the car accident caused her right hand to be functionally damaged, and it is very likely that she would never be able to play the piano anymore. Xing Kelei apologized to Mi Ha while looking for someone, and Mi Ha did not blame Xing Kele.

The two went to the concert hall together and found that Zhang Wei was sitting on a high place and wanted to commit suicide. Xing Kelei was afraid of disturbing Zhang Wei, so he asked Mi Yan to attract Zhang Wei’s attention. Xiaoxiao asked the police and the firefighter to call the police and firefighter. He secretly came from behind. Walking around, Zhang Wei kept talking about his past glorious experience. Xing Kelei quietly approached Zhang Wei. Zhang Wei said that he slipped off under his feet. Xing Kelei quickly stepped forward and grabbed Zhang Wei. Fortunately, the firefighter arrived in time. , Rescued Zhang Wei. Xing Kelei told Zhang Wei about her experience and advised her not to give up easily. After Zhang Wei left, Xing Kelei apologized to Mi Ha, and the two reconciled as before.

Shu Wenbo learned that Ruan Qingxia’s old camera had not been repaired, so he looked around for the camera’s lens accessories to give Ruan Qingxia the camera. Here Ruan Qingxia went to the police to ask Li Nian because of Li Nian’s stubborn appointment and replaced him with Shu Wenbo. Li Nian reluctantly said that Shu Wenbo actually liked Ruan Qingxia, and refused Ruan Qingxia because Lu Feng also liked Ruan Qingxia, Li Nian She told her that Shu Wenbo was so drunk for Ruan Qingxia, and said that Ruan Qingxia was all in Shu Wenbo’s eyes. After Ruan Qingxia went back, he thought of Li Nian’s words and what Shu Wenbo had done for him.

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