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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 28 Recap

Ruan Qingxia and Shu Wenbo took Tang to the hospital together. They looked a little uncomfortable looking at Xing Kelei and Mi Yan’s affection. They hurriedly left. Ruan Qingxia came out of the hospital and rushed to work. Shu Wenbo saw that she could not take a taxi. , He took the initiative to drive her to the event site, Shu Wenbo also picked up Ruan Qingxia to have a good angle to take pictures, the relationship between the two seemed to ease.

After Yanshan and Zhang Yajun reconciled, they chose their favorite major and went abroad to study pathology. Chen Tao came to send her specially, and she no longer ignored Chen Taoai as before. Chen Tao hopes to find her in the future. Yanshan responded positively to Chen Tao for the first time, saying that she could make time for him to contact him, and Chen Tao was very happy.

Xing Kelei’s inspection report came out. Shao Yuhan told Mi Yan that Xing Kelei could be discharged from the hospital, but Shao Yuhan did not recommend that Xing Kele return to the team immediately, and said that Xing Kelei should rest at home for at least one month. During this period, he can do some restorative exercises, but absolutely not. Overdose, check again after half a month.

If Xing Kelei has symptoms of dizziness and nausea during this period, he must come to the hospital for review in time, and let Mi Jia supervise Xing Kelei well. Xing Kelei packed his things and prepared to leave the hospital. Xing Keyao went to Shao Yuhan’s office under the pretext of thanking Shao Yuhan. Shao Yuhan was anxious about encountering a very difficult patient. This patient was in very bad condition and was the mother of two children, so He must do this operation, Xing Kayao comforted a few words, and promised to stay with Shao Yuhan for a while.

In the evening, Shao Yuhan began to operate on the patient. Although the process was a bit thrilling, fortunately, the operation was successfully completed. Shao Yuhan went to Xing Keyao after the operation. Xing Keyao was also waiting for Shao Yuhan in the car. Shao Yuhan heard that she had a cold and gave her cold medicine. The two went back to the office to have dinner together. Shao Yuhan had another appointment. Xing Keyao went out to play together next week, Xing Keyao agreed.

Ruan Qingxia asked Li Nian to teach himself Taekwondo, but Shu Wenbo was the one who came here. It turned out that Li Nian came to Shu Wenbo and intended to create opportunities for the two of them. Shu Wenbo asked Ruan Qingxia how to learn Taekwondo, Ruan Qingxia did. She said that she had been harassed and wanted to learn some self-defense skills.

She originally wanted to hire Li Nian to teach herself, but since it was Shu Wenbo who came, she wouldn’t be polite to Shu Wenbo. Ruan Qingxia accidentally kicked and injured Shu Wenbo during training, and when Shu Wenbo stretched Ruan Qingxia, Ruan Qingxia accidentally kissed Shu Wenbo, and Shu Wenbo quickly moved away. Both of them were very embarrassed. Ruan Qingxia pretended to be relaxed. Say it as a goodbye kiss between good friends, let Shu Wenbo not think too much about it.

After taking a rest at home for a while, Xing Kelei decided to return to the police force to resume training. He packed up his things without discussing with Mi Ha, which made Mi Ha a little angry. It hasn’t been a month yet, Xing Kelei is about to go for training, Xing Kele said quickly. His own body knew that Mi Yan had no choice but to respect Xing Kelei’s decision, but he had to tell him what happened. Xing Kelei started training after returning to the police force, but he couldn’t control the shaking of his hands.

Xing Kelei was a little upset. He called Mi Jia at night and told him about his shaking hands. Mi Yan asked him to talk to himself tomorrow. I went to the hospital to find Shao Yuhan for an examination. After reading the inspection report, Shao Yuhan said that Xing Kelei’s body was fine and that the operation was successful. He could only let Xing Kelei do some rehabilitation training to let his body slowly adapt and recover, and then look at the situation.

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