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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 27 Recap

Xing Kelei was moved by what Mi Ha said. He chose to believe in Mi Ha and chose minimally invasive surgery. Xing Keyao went to Shao Yuhan, and she expressed her concern. Shao Yuhan thought that Xing Keyao did not believe in herself. Xing Keyao quickly explained that she was only worried about Xing Keyi, not doubting Shao Yuhan’s ability.

Shao Yuhan said that she was out of concern for Xing Keyi. Considering his own interests, he knows that Xing Kelei is very concerned about whether he can continue to be a special police officer, so he is willing to perform minimally invasive surgery for Xing Kelei to ensure that he can continue to do what he wants after the operation.

Xing Kelei’s surgery date is coming soon. Xing Kelei’s heart is actually very nervous. Mi Yan broke down and cried because of a joke made by Xing Kelei. As long as she thought of Xing Kelei lying on the operating table, she would be scared. Just like no matter how powerful Xing Kelei is or whether he is a sharpshooter or not, as long as he is on a mission, Mi Yan will be nervous.

She can’t control herself. She hopes that she can support all Xing Kelei’s decisions, but she is uncontrollable and afraid. Xing Kelei sees Mi Yan. I was so worried about myself, and he was a little happy, but he also comforted Mi Yan, as a doctor, he should be more rational, and he comforted Mi Yan a few more words, Mi Yan is better. In the evening, Mi Jie said to Xing Kelei that she could also be Xing Kelei’s support in the future, and she could carry on with Xing Kelei if she had anything to do.

The next morning, Xing Keyao and Mi Jie accompanied Xing Kelei to the hospital. Shu Wenbo and others also came to visit Xing Kelei. Shao Yuhan came and asked Mi Jie to take Xing Kelei for a checkup at 8 o’clock in the evening. Do not eat or drink afterwards, and surgery will begin tomorrow afternoon. In the evening, Xing Kelei told Mi Hao not to enter the operating room tomorrow.

He did not want Mi Ha to see him lying on the operating table. He also said that he hoped that the first person he would see when he woke up would be Mi Ha, Mi Ha He agreed to Xing Kelei’s request. Xing Ke stepped onto the operating table, Mi Yan and Xing Keyao waited anxiously outside the operating room.

Although both knew that this was a minor operation, they were both uncontrollable and worried. Time passed every minute, and four hours had passed since the operation, both of them became anxious, and the members of the police force were also waiting for news. Finally, the operation was over. Mi Yan hurriedly changed clothes and went to the intensive care unit to visit Xing Kelei. She remembered Xing Kelei’s instructions and awakened Xing Kelei from the anesthesia.

Mi Jia was on the night shift, and happened to stay in the hospital to accompany Xing Kelei. When Xing Keyao saw that Xing Kelei had succeeded in the operation, his hanging heart was relieved. He also planned to accompany Xing Kelei in the hospital. Shao Yuhan asked her to sit in his office. If you have any news, you should know in time, but Xing Keyao, who was relaxed, finally couldn’t hold back his exhaustion, and fell asleep in Shao Yuhan’s office. Shao Yuhan did not wake Xing Keyao, but put a piece of clothing on her, but just sat in a chair. Shang looked at her quietly, thinking about the past of the two.

One night later, Xing Kelei was out of the intensive care unit. Mi Yan rushed to the general ward to read Xing Kelei’s inspection report. He was relieved when he saw that there was nothing wrong with him. Xing Kelei kept shouting for something to eat, saying that he wanted to eat watermelon. Mi Yan hurried to the fruit shop and bought Xing Kelei the largest watermelon, and he personally fed it to Xing Kelei.

During Xing Kelei’s recovery, Shu Wenbo and others and Mi Hao changed their methods to cook nutritious meals for Xing Kelei. Mi Ha was preparing to make soup this day, but when something went out temporarily, he had to leave Ruan Qingxia alone at home and called Shu Wen again. Bo Lai helped to continue making the soup. Ruan Qingxia was a little embarrassed to see Shu Wenbo here, and could only get along normally as if she was okay.

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