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Legendary Hotel (2021) 大饭店传奇

Legendary Hotel (2021)
Other Title: 大饭店传奇, Legendary Hotel

Genres: web drama
Lu sketch
Xu enemy
Release Date: 
March 25, 2021
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  • Wen Song
  • Jia Bing
  • Gu Baoming
  • Cheng Hong
  • Wang Zhixuan
  • Ma Muxuan
  • Tian Chuan
  • Yu Chenxi

The son of a declining hotel tycoon, Zhu Qun (Wen Song), took his servant Shen Moren (Jia Bing) and fled to Fengtian City, where he was preparing to revive his ancestral business in a derelict theater. By chance, he met Ma Hulu (Wang Zhixuan) and Yang Sirui (Ma Muxuan) ), Gu Debai (played by Gu Baoming), Daxi (played by Cheng Hong), Liu Sanyuan (played by Tian Chuan) and others followed by a series of hilarious stories. Just as the lives of the people in the hotel were gradually on the right track, a huge conspiracy was quietly unfolding in Fengtian City.

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