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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 45 Recap

Ding Huiqiao came to Li Wensen for a showdown, and persuaded him to give in as soon as possible, otherwise he would submit the evidence that Sa Sa gave her to the people in the group company. Wen Ruxue came to Chen Jiaqian’s studio and saw that it was newly decorated and well managed. Wen Ruxue praised Chen Jiaqian.

Chen Jiaqian took the staff to thank Wen Ruxue for his cultivation. Wen Ruxue explained his intentions and told her Borrowing something to officiate Dai Xixi’s wedding, Chen Jiaqian promised to help Dai Xixi plan a grand wedding, even if she and Liu Ke compensate Dai Xixi.

Luo Shang was going on a business trip for a period of time. Before he left, he asked Dinghui Bridge to meet on the Ferris wheel in the amusement park. Luo Shang vowed to become a person standing side by side with Dinghui Bridge. He hoped that Dinghui Bridge would give him five years. When the time comes, both of them are single and live together. Ding Huiqiao was moved by his sincerity.

Dai Xixi and Mr. Teng went to try yarn photos. Dai Xixi put on her favorite wedding dress. It was Wen Ruxue snatching the work from the designer to take the other party to the competition. Dai Xi hoped that she was in the mirror, but she was happy at all. Not getting up, Wen Ruxue followed her busy schedule, Dai Xixi kindly invited Wen Ruxue to join Jimu, she had already decided to become Chen Jiaqian’s partner, and Dai Xixi no longer reluctantly.

Wen Ruxue accompanied Dai Xixi to take wedding photos. Dai Xixi saw President Teng in a straight suit, her eyes suddenly reddened, and she imagined how good the sequence was in front of her. Wen Ruxue saw that something was wrong with her and hurriedly found an excuse to drag her to her. Aside. Dai Xixi told the truth about the confusion in her heart. Wen Ruxue encouraged her to escape the marriage and promised to help her with all her strength. Dai Xixi couldn’t bear to think of everything Teng had done for her.

Dai Xixi packs up and prepares to move to the house that President Teng bought for her. She is reluctant to leave. Wen Ruxue has helped Dai Xixi customize the invitation card, and casually asked if she would like to send Duan Xu. Dai Xixi did not want to see Duan Xu on her wedding. . When Duan Xu saw the news of Dai Xixi and Mr. Teng getting married in the circle of friends, he was very uncomfortable.

Today is the day when both parents met. President Teng’s parents gave out the company’s shares to Dai Xixi. Even as a dowry gift for her, Dai Xixi did not dare to accept such a big gift, and her father persuaded her to accept it. Both parents discussed the details of the wedding. They talked in full swing, but Dai Xixi couldn’t hear a word.

Wen Ruxue is very sick with morning sickness, Ding Huiqiao sees her anxiously, she is not good at cooking, and she persuades Wen Ruxue to find a nanny to prevent the child in her stomach from being wronged. In the blink of an eye, on New Year’s Eve, Ding Huiqiao did her best to make a New Year’s Eve dinner. She spent it with Wen Ruxue. Ding Huiqiao persuaded Wen Ruxue and Bai Xiangwen to remarry, but Wen Ruxue did not want to temporarily.

Ding Huiqiao woke up early in the morning and learned that Li Wensen’s father Li Zhongzheng had passed away. She hurried to the funeral home to express condolences. Li Wensen was alone as a guardian for his father. Ding Huiqiao stood beside him without hesitation, silently accompany him to thank his relatives and friends who came to the funeral. . Later, Ding Huiqiao accompanied Li Wensen to take care of the funeral. Li Wensen went home holding his father’s urn. Ding Huiqiao remembered that her father had left suddenly, and did not even see the last side. Ding Huiqiao still thinks of it very much. regret.

When Li Wensen received the call from the nursing home, his father was already in a coma, and he didn’t even leave a word. Since his parents divorced, Li Wensen regarded his father as a dragging oil bottle. He did not even know that his father was suffering from cancer. Until that day, Li Wensen and his mother unexpectedly met in the hotel. His mother did not dare to publicly admit their mother-child relationship. Li Wensen regretted it.

I missed a lot of time with my father. Li Wensen regretted losing Ding Huiqiao, he decided to withdraw from Wei Hotel and return the position of general manager to Ding Huiqiao. Li Wensen wants to go to Spain to watch a game after leaving his job. Ding Huiqiao does not want him to go too long, otherwise he will be missing a good opponent like him.

Dai Xixi came to see President Teng. He was preparing a speech at the wedding. Dai Xixi was inconvenient to interrupt. President Teng promised to help her fulfill all her wishes. Shen Kuo prepared a large bag of special products for pregnant women for Wen Ruxue, complaining that Wen Ruxue did not know what is good or bad, and missed such a peerless man like Bai Xiangwen, but Wen Ruxue disapproved.

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