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Not enough love for the husband of the president of the bride

Not enough love for the husband of the president of the bride (Novel)
Other Name: 替嫁新娘总裁老公爱不够

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Shuang Xiaoxiao
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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The persecution of her stepmother and stepsister made her the wife of Jin Ningyuan, the youngest member of the Jin family. Although a man came from a wealthy family, but because he has no inheritance rights, coupled with disability, disfigurement, and cruel character, no woman around him dared to approach him. In order to win over the Jin family, the Su family decided to send a daughter to the man’s side, and Su Qianyue, who had no status in the Su family, became a substitute. She originally thought that she would live in miserable life after marriage, but who knows, as a husband, he has given a woman one surprise after another.

Free Reading Highlights:
In the Presidential Suite on the top floor of the Days Inn.

The hotel manager took the waiters and a group of bodyguards all standing, trembling, afraid to breathe.

Jin Ningyuan sat on the single sofa, with a miserable woman crawling on his feet.

His face was indifferent, but his eyes were angry!

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry Jin Shao, I am the damn, I am blinded by desire…” The woman kept kowtow, slamming the floor.

“Go!” Jin Ningyuan kicked the woman away.

How dare to medicine him! Tired of life!

The woman was kicked directly, fell to the corner of the table and fainted.

“Drag away!”

Jin Ningyuan didn’t want to take another look, and was impatiently dragging the woman away.

The discomfort in his body was so violent that he couldn’t restrain himself by reason alone.

The people below are helpless. If the young master is willing, this matter can be resolved, but the young master is famous…, what should I do?

Jin Ningyuan pulled his tie with one hand.

“Go, find a woman here…” He closed his eyes, his eyelashes trembled slightly, “Be clean!”


The headache got worse, Jin Ningyuan raised his hand upset and waved, and a bunch of people quickly exited the room.

The Red Garden is at the Days Inn.

To be precise, the Red Garden is the entertainment venue of the Days Inn, which provides recreational services to guests.

Su Qianyue didn’t know where she went, and unknowingly walked into a dim corridor.

It is very quiet, with only a few rooms.

Su Qianyue noticed sharply that the door of a room was hidden.

“Hurry up and find someone, I spent the money, but I can’t let her run away!” A scolding voice came from behind.

They are catching up!

Su Qianyue didn’t dare to think much, opened the door of the room and slipped in.

She did not find anyone in the room, quietly, playing soft light music.

She looked around ignorantly. She didn’t know why the curtains were drawn in the daytime, and the room was dark, but she found that the furnishings were very luxurious!

Su Qianyue walked in slowly.

Little did she know that there was a pair of eyes in the dark, which firmly locked her figure.

The scorching gaze flew away on her slender and enchanting waist, and the dormant desire in her body surged in an instant!

Su Qianyue didn’t realize that she was being spotted, like a kitty who accidentally broke into the habitat of wild beasts, looking nervously at all this.

“His grandma, I clearly saw her running here!”

“The person should still be in the hotel, you go over there, I will look for it here again!”

The man’s conversation came in through the crack of the door. Su Qianyue breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the people walking away. She was about to open the door and leave here, but her body was suddenly hugged, she was shocked!


“So courageous, dare to break into my room.”

A dangerous voice rang in her ears.

Su Qianyue stiffened, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, I will leave immediately…”

The man gave a joking low “Heh”, then turned her around.

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