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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 26 Recap

For Zhang Yajun’s operation, Mi Yan watched the video of the intracranial abscess operation seriously. She noticed that Xing Kelei had another wound on her hand. She was a little worried about Xing Kelei. She also said that Xing Kelei was responsible and told him not to be injured at will. She did not know this. The words made Xing Kele’s inner pressure even greater, and he dared not tell Mi Yan about his illness. After Xing Kelei left, he called Team Hao and said that he had a physical problem and that he might not be able to participate in the competition. He made an appointment to talk about him tomorrow afternoon.

Zhang Yajun’s operation started soon. Before the operation, Xing Kelei sent a message to Mi Jia, saying that there was something to tell her at noon. Mi Jia said that he had an operation in the morning and it might take two o’clock to meet him. Zhang Yajun’s operation was performed by Mi Tu and Dr. Wang was instructed by Dr. Wang.

At this time, a patient with severe cerebral hemorrhage in a car accident was admitted to the emergency department. Dr. Wang rushed to see him and told Jia Li to continue watching Mi Tu’s operation. Tell him in time if there is any problem. As soon as Dr. Wang left, the operation went wrong. Fortunately, Mi Ha was in danger, stabilized his condition in time, and successfully completed the operation.

Mi Yan went to Xing Kelei immediately after the operation. Xing Kelei confessed to her about his condition. Mi Yan couldn’t accept it for a while, and asked Xing Kelei why she only told her now that she is Xing Kelei’s girlfriend. She hopes to bear it together with Xing Kelei. He is the most real in front of her. No matter what Xing Kelei looks like, she can accept and is willing to accompany him. Xing Kelei quickly comforted Mi Ha, saying that this is not a serious illness. Mi Ha knew that it was not a serious illness, but he was sick. The person is Xing Kelei, and she has to be afraid. Mi Jie accompanied Xing Kelei to see an expert. The expert suggested that he had a craniotomy as soon as possible, and Xing Kelei made the decision to perform surgery next week.

After seeing the doctor, Xing Kelei went to Team Hao again, and told Team Hao that he had decided to transfer to logistics first and could not participate in the martial arts competition. Team Hao did not agree, but asked Zhuo Wenjing as Xing Kelei’s substitute to participate in the training of the shooting event. As for whether Xing Kele participates in the martial arts competition, it depends on Xing Kelei’s recovery after surgery. The players knew about Xing Kelei’s situation and wanted to accompany Xing Kelei in training, but Xing Kelei asked them to rest, and everyone had to leave him alone.

Xing Keyao was still at the seminar in Hainan. I didn’t know about Xing Kelei’s condition. She had breakfast with Yi Qian and Shao Yuhan this day. Taking advantage of Shao Yuhan’s absence, Yi Qian asked Xing Keyao how he chased Shao Yuhan. Xing Kayao was a little bit funny. , Said why she was chasing Shao Yuhan. Yi Qian said that the whole school was sending Xing Keyao to pursue Shao Yuhan and all chased him to the elevator entrance.

Xing Keyao recalled the past when she chased Shao Yuhan at the elevator entrance and wanted to modify it. Own surgical record sheet. Yi Qian had originally made an appointment with the two to play together, but Mi Yan called Xing Kayao and told Xing Kelei about Xing Kelei’s condition. Xing Kayao hurriedly bought the latest flight of air tickets back to Jiangning. After Xing Keyao returned home, he gave Xing Kelei a grimace. Xing Kelei quickly comforted her and said that this was not a serious illness, so that she should not worry, but Xing Keyai was still very angry that Xing Kelei didn’t tell him anything.

Yanshan also knew about Xing Kelei’s illness. She found Mi Hao to comfort her and thanked Mi Hao for everything she did to her mother during the operation. Yanshan finally realized her mistake and sincerely apologized to Mi Hao, Mi Ha Also forgave Yanshan. In the evening, Xing Kelei came to pick up Mi Yan from get off work. After returning home, Xing Keyao made a meal. Several people ate and talked. Mi Yan asked Xing Kelei to take a two-day vacation in advance. He also took a vacation to accompany Xing Kelei to go shopping and relax. People’s special treatment of Xing Kelei made him a little nervous, and quickly let the two of them live a normal life, don’t do anything for him.

Xing Kelei didn’t seem to be nervous, but Mi Jie always felt that Xing Kelei was supporting her. She was a little sad and didn’t know what she could do for Xing Kelei. She also worried that Xing Kelei would not be able to return to the front line after the craniotomy. I talked to Shao Yuhan about concerns. Shao Yuhan said that although minimally invasive surgery is difficult, he thinks he can give it a try. After work, Mi Jia quickly told Xing Kelei the good news and talked about the pros and cons of minimally invasive surgery and craniotomy. Xing Kelei chooses himself.

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