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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 45 End Recap (Update)

Xu Lingyi secretly returned to Beijing. Jingyuanhou has never been able to find Xu Lingyi. He set his mind on Xufu. It happened that Xu Lingyi wanted to go back to Xufu. He was recognized by the people of Jingyuan Marquis.

Fortunately, the Duke of Wei arrived in time. He suppressed the people of Jingyuan Marquis with his identity and took Xu Lingyi away. The Marquis of Jingyuan ordered people to ambush around the palace, believing that Wei No matter how bold the public is, he will never dare to take Xu Lingyi to the palace. Duke Wei rescued Xu Lingyi and asked Xu Lingyi to rush to the palace.

Xu Lingyi did not understand how Duke Wei would know that he was heading for Xufu. Duke Wei said that Luo Zhenxing had found him. Eleven Niang had previously guessed that Xu Lingyi would infiltrate Xufu like a killer, so he sent someone to hide in the killer of Jingyuan Marquis. He learned about this in advance and rushed through. Come on.

Xu Lingyi wanted to sneak into the palace, but outside was the hands of Jingyuan Marquis. Lin Shixian saved Xu Lingyi, but he pulled Xu Lingyi and refused to let go. If he let Xu Lingyi go, the whole district family and Jingyuan Marquis would be finished. Under the dilemma, Lin Shixian still chose to let Xu Lingyi leave, and he led the pursuit of the district family.

Mrs. Xu threatened her life. She took the Xu family to the execution site to meet the Eleven Niang. Mrs. Xu shouted for the Eleven Niang. She stopped Eleven Niang and refused to let people be executed. Danyang also believed that Xu Lingyi would rush to the court to save Eleven Niang. The executioner was the man of Jingyuan Marquis. He knew that the Xu family was delaying time, so he asked people to pull the Xu family away on the spot and immediately executed.

It was already afternoon, and when Eleven Niang opened her eyes again, she lay in the bed of the Xu family. She didn’t understand what all this meant. Xu Lingyi held Eleven Niang’s hand tightly. It turned out that he rushed to the execution ground at the last minute and saved Eleven Niang from the hands of the King of Yan Luo.

Now Xu Lingyi has given the evidence to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has pardoned the 11 Niang’s sins, and everything is a foregone conclusion. Xu Lingyi held the 11 Niang tightly and told her that the 11 Niang was pregnant. The 11 Niang was very happy when she was happy.

Xu Lingyi gave the evidence to the emperor, and the district family was sentenced for this. When he saw the soldiers and horses, Jingyuanhou knew that he had lost. Eleven Niang came to prison to meet Lin Shixian. Lin Shixian told Eleven Niang that he had already obtained evidence of his guilt.

At that time, he chose to sacrifice Eleven Niang to protect his family in the district, but later, when he heard that Jingyuan Marquis had indiscriminately killed innocent people because of arresting Xu Lingyi, he chose the side to go to justice. Xu Lingyi has never let down the people and Eleven Niang. Lin Shixian is also willing to bless them today. In this competition without gunpowder smoke, he finally lost to Xu Lingyi.

Jingyuanhou abused his position and colluded with coastal pirates in private, conspired to get together, and sentenced to beheading. The second son District Yanxing was exiled to the district’s wife for exposing the crime of meritorious amnesty to death. Jingyuan Marquis was about to be executed. Lin Shixian shouted at Jingyuan Marquis.

Jingyuan believed that he had always had expectations for Lin Shixian if he had lost. The road outside the fortress was bumpy. He only let Lin Shixian cherish it himself. When she was exiled from the fortress, Amber packed up her bags and prepared to go with Lin Shixian. She did not want anything else, but hoped to accompany Lin Shixian.

However, Lin Shixian knew that he had nothing. He could not give Amber what she wanted, so he directly rejected Amber and let Amber go.

Xu Lingyi brought Brother Yu to see Aunt Wen. He knew that he had neglected Aunt Wen, so he was willing to give Aunt Wen a choice. If Aunt Wen is willing to stay at the Xu family, he will not treat Aunt Wen badly in terms of food and drink. If Aunt Wen wants to leave, he will also give Aunt Wen enough silver.

If Aunt Wen wants to do business, he and Eleven Niang will also help Aunt Wen. Aunt Wen sighed how Xu Lingyi talked to her tenderly for the first time. When she learned that Yuge was going to Leshan to study, she wanted to accompany Yuge to accompany her. Xu Lingyi was allowed.

When Aunt Wen left, she came to say goodbye to Eleven Niang. Eleven Niang didn’t care about the past, but let Aunt Wen and Yu Ge return home in time during the holiday. Aunt Wen was moved and wished Eleven Niang and Xu Lingyi a happy life together from the bottom of her heart.

Eleven Niang came to the government to thank Erniang for coming to see her in prison at that time. If there hadn’t been a second mother, Xu Lingyi would have been in danger. She happened to meet Erniang worried because her step-son was ignorant, so she wanted her stepson Chengzu to go to the school with his brother, away from those who don’t know how to do good or bad.

Eleven Niang had a good intention, but Erniang restored her previous arrogant posture and also used Jinlian to satirize Eleven Niang. Eleven Niang was ready to get up and leave. Er Niang still softly called Eleven Niang and let Eleven Niang drink tea before leaving.

Eleven Niang was a little surprised that this tea was the sparrow tongue tea that Erniang specially found for her, but Erniang said that this tea was not for Eleven Niang to drink for free, but as a bundle of Chengzu’s school. Eleven Niang knew that Erniang’s heart was soft and hard, and she only slightly hooked the corners of her mouth and tasted the good tea in her hand.

Eleven Niang played the piano in the house. Xu Lingyi knew that Eleven Niang was not essential, so he personally guided Eleven Niang. Eleven Niang knew that Xu Lingyi’s biggest preference before was Fuqin, but Xu Lingyi had not touched the piano since the Xu family had an accident. Eleven Niang had a good intentions. She persuaded her and did not want Xu Lingyi to bind herself. Xu Lingyi was persuaded by Eleven Niang to Fuqin for the first time many years ago.

The melodious sound of the piano spread to all corners of the house. Everyone in the house was very surprised. Xu Lingyi actually touched the piano again many years later.
In the first year of Longqing, Emperor Longqing announced the lifting of the sea ban, adjusting overseas trade policies, and allowing private traders to the east and west.

Since then, the trade on the southeast coast has entered a new period, with a comprehensive opening situation, which is historically known as Longqing Switch.

A few years later, on the Mid-Autumn Festival, Xufu was happy and reunited. Qian Ming could not come back to Yunnan, and Wu Niang was invited to Xufu for the festival. When Xu Lingyi came to the courtyard, he asked about the figure of Eleven Niang.

Mrs. Xu only said that Eleven Niang was preparing for the bride price of her brother, and had not yet returned to her home. A little girl at the pavilion ran to Xu Lingyi’s side. This daughter was the biological daughter of Xu Lingyi and Eleven Niang Warm.

Then, Eleven Niang went back to her house, and the whole family sat at the banquet table and raised their glasses together. This first glass of wine was supposed to be a toast to Mrs. Xu, but Mrs. Xu toasted Mrs. Eleven Niang.

Now the fairy pavilion is famous overseas. Eleven Niang and Master Jane are the pride of thousands of women, and this second glass of wine is to toast home and everything.
Over the years, the efforts of Eleven Niang have not been in vain. Her efforts have been trusted by the people of the world and the Holy One.

Eleven Niang has been awarded the title of a lady. The two looked at each other and smiled. Xu Lingyi thought that the Eleven Niang deserved it, but Eleven Niang shook her head to deny it. She knew that without Xu Lingyi’s selfless trust in the world, she would have achieved nothing even if she tried her best. It was Xu Lingyi who completed her regretless life with all her love.

The end

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