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The President He Spoils His Wife With Skills

The President He Spoils His Wife With Skills
Other Name: 总裁他宠妻有术

Genre: novel, Romance
Author: Nangong Yaoyao
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Xia Zhixing did not expect that when she woke up again, she was not in prison, but in Bo Yechen’s car. Looking at Bo Yechen’s attitude towards him, Xia Zhixing realized that everything seemed to be wrong, she actually Reborn! The current Xia Zhixing recalled the stupid things she did in the previous life and could hardly wish to kill her before. She was too capable at the time, so she lost everyone’s feelings towards her, and finally fell into that miserable one.

Free Reading Highlights:
Bo Yechen’s face was very bad, “Where is Xia Zhixing?”

Tang Yuan began to sweat again on his forehead, “I haven’t come out in the private room.”

Bo Yechen walked toward the No. 1 private room with a cold face, opened the door and saw Xia Zhixing sleeping quietly on the sofa, an inexplicable anger instantly surged in his heart.

Damn woman! She actually… sleeps here so calmly?

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Xia Zhixing opened his eyes slowly, and when he saw the incoming person, his voice was soft and soft, “You are here!”

In an instant, Bo Yechen’s anger was smoothed a lot by these soft three words.

But when he thought that Song Zian was there, his face became cold and cold, “Why are you falling asleep here?”

Xia Zhixing rubbed his eyes and sat up, blurting out innocently, “Because this is your exclusive place!”

The pupils of her eyes are already abnormally dark, and when she stares straight at you, it looks like Bambi’s big wet eyes are staring at you, making you unable to say anything to blame.

An indescribable warmth surged in Bo Yechen’s chest, and his voice became unconsciously gentle, “What happened?”

Xia Zhixing pouted slightly, “It’s close today. Pei Yumeng and I came here after shopping. I usually don’t drink Martini like this, but I don’t know what’s going on tonight. I’m so dizzy. I am vaguely dizzy. I remember you and Qian Shengyu came here to play cards, thinking about trying their luck.”

Bo Yechen stared at her for an instant, without letting go of any small emotions on her face, and found that she did not seem to be lying. If what she said was true, then the purpose of Pei Yumeng bringing her here would be obvious. .

What made him happy was that the little woman actually thought of herself first in a critical moment.

“Pei Yumeng is your best friend? The one with Song Zi’an behind your back?”

“Yeah.” Xia Zhixing nodded calmly.

Bo Yechen suddenly lifted her chin and approached her, “Then you still play with her?”

He asked this question sharply.

Xia Zhixing did not see the slightest panic on her face, instead she asked innocently, “Why can’t we play together? The explanation that can be taken away doesn’t belong to me at all. It is she who made me recognize the essence of a scumbag earlier, and I should thank her. Plus. We are on the same crew again, and we can’t see you when we look up. Even if we can’t be the close friends we used to be, the friendship can still be maintained.”

“Thank her?”

“Yeah! Otherwise, I would have to be fooled by the scumbag, ignoring the man around me who really deserves to be treated with heart.”

Xia Zhixing had a playful and soft tone when she said this, her hands still hooked the back of Bo Yechen’s neck, she looked like a young girl acting like a baby.

Although she said this to please the Devil King, most of it came from the heart, Song Zi’an and Bo Yechen are not even worthy of shoes!

In the previous life, she was completely blinded by shit, so she ended up so miserably; in this life, she must open her eyes and control her destiny online!

Bo Yechen’s throat rolled twice, is the little woman confessing to herself?

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