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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 18 Recap

Mia has been procrastinating to avoid it, which led to Tang Mingxuan staying in France for many days. Xia Xueling’s anxiety became more and more intense. Her last trump card was Lu Dan, who liked and recognized her. Xia Xueling bought a gift to please Lu Dan, and intentionally or unconsciously revealed Tang Mingxuan’s indifference to her, leaving a seed in Lu Dan’s heart that Mofei shamelessly seduce Tang Mingxuan.

Lu Dan has always regarded Xia Xueling as a daughter-in-law, and no one can see her again, and he will never let other women in when he expresses his attitude. Even if Tang Mingxuan is stubborn, as long as Lu Dan disagrees, no one can let Mo Fei enter the Tang house.

Since Fang Xiaoyu was injured and hospitalized, Tang Mingxuan has always insisted on taking care of him with Tang Mingxuan regardless of whether he is happy or not, and has hired a nurse so that Murphy does not have to run to the hospital every day. Fang Xiaoyu and Tang Mingxuan couldn’t communicate normally. Tang Mingxuan’s explanations and reasons were all excuses. Fang Xiaoyu wanted him to surrender and was determined to retaliate against him.

In Tang Mingxuan’s heart, Fang Xiaoyu’s kindness and entanglement with Murphy were always only the entry point for Fang Xiaoyu to avenge himself. Tang Mingxuan can accept Fang Xiaoyu’s incomprehension and accept his hatred of him, but Tang Mingxuan absolutely cannot accept Fang Xiaoyu’s harm to Mo Fei.

Tang Mingxuan forcibly pulled Moffey out of the ward, who didn’t know that they had already had a quarrel, and his words seemed to prohibit her from taking care of Fang Xiaoyu again. Murphy has always regarded Fang Xiaoyu as a friend, and this time he was injured to save them. Murphy could not completely ignore Fang Xiaoyu, and even disgusted Tang Mingxuan’s distrust of her.

In Murphy’s heart, the relationship between the two people needs enough trust to maintain, whether it is out of friendship or life-saving, she can’t leave her laughing and foolish. Murphy has always minded Tang Mingxuan and Xia Xueling working together, but trust made her choose not to intervene, but Tang Mingxuan’s distrust of her at this moment made Morphy feel even more wronged, and the two broke up unhappy.

Tang Mingxuan came to France this time, in addition to talking to Mia about the acquisition, he was also looking for a Chinese designer for Song Tang. Tang Mingxuan’s eyes fell on Cheng Yang. Cheng Yang has some outstanding achievements in design, and he likes to understand Chinese style very much. He is the most suitable designer for Tang Dynasty. Tang Mingxuan officially throws an olive branch to Cheng Yang, hoping that he can join Mingyuan and return to China for development.

Although Cheng Yang and Fang Xiaoyu are friends, he is also willing to face Tang Mingxuan’s invitation seriously. It’s just that Cheng Yang hopes to learn more in France and create his own brand. Once he returns to his country to work, he will inevitably lose the opportunity to learn again.

Midodo has always refused to forgive Cheng Yang. Without knowing it, Murphy also asked Cheng Yang to consider returning to China for development. After all, Midodo came for Cheng Yang, unaccompanied in France, and there are strange buildings and people everywhere. If he can return to China, Cheng Yang can sever the ties with France, so that Midodo can believe in his determination, and time can heal everything.

Since the quarrel, Tang Mingxuan has been busy until he was about to leave France before he had a chance to meet with Murphy, but the atmosphere between the two was extremely cold. Tang Mingxuan didn’t think he was wrong and didn’t need to apologize, but Murphy just hoped that he could coax himself with an apology. The two people’s thoughts were not synchronized, and the meeting was equally unpleasant.

Murphy learned from Yang Guang that Tang Mingxuan had been worrying about not being able to meet with Mia. It happened that the place where she went to work belonged to Mia. Murphy accidentally heard the manager mention that Mia would come to the clothing store, and deliberately announced in the Moments that she could see Mia tomorrow.

Mo Fei was still angering Tang Mingxuan, but she still cared about each other, since she didn’t want Fang Xiaoyu to say anything bad about Tang Mingxuan. However, Murphy reminded me in the form of a circle of friends that she wanted to see if Tang Mingxuan cared about herself. Only when her mind was on her would he have the opportunity to see this circle of friends.

If Tang Mingxuan wants to develop Song Tang, it is imperative to acquire Mia, so that it can truly show the Chinese style in front of the world. Tang Mingxuan noticed Morphy’s circle of friends for the first time, and immediately smiled and changed clothes to go out.

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