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It’s okay, you

It’s okay, you
Other Title: 沒關係,有你在啊

Genres: drama
Luo Wei
Luo Wei
Release Date: 
March 26, 2021
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  • Luo Wei
  • Duan Naixin
  • Fan Jiayu
  • Zhang Miao
  • Zhang Nan
  • Yuan Xi

The MCN company created by the new Internet celebrity, the boss Xiang Dongliu has two capable officers, Ye Zhizhou in charge of internal management and Zeng Xin in charge of marketing. However, the rumors about Xiang Dongliu and Ye Zhizhou never stopped. Xiang Dongliu filed for a divorce at this time, and the rumors spread for a while. Zeng Xin, who is full of market acumen, proposed to take this opportunity to do a live broadcast of the divorce. Ye Zhizhou’s dissuasion was invalid.

The divorce ceremony was put on the agenda, which caused the dissatisfaction of Xiang Dongliu’s wife. The divorce ceremony ended perfectly under the concerted efforts of everyone, and then Xiang Dongliu accidentally promoted Ye Zhizhou as general manager, which also ignited the struggle between Ye Zhizhou and Zeng Xin. On the other hand, Ye Zhizhou promised intern Versace to become his research object in psychology, but Versace got involved in the rumors to get married…

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