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Half Daylight

Half Daylight (Novel)
Other Name: 半片日光

Genre: novel, romance, campus
Author: Gu Changan
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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In Tong Nana’s world, Qiao Yu has always been a villain, except for the face It’s pretty good-looking except for nothing else! And Su Yuan is the eternal male god in Tong Na’s mind, tall and handsome, handsome and polite. However, the changes in the family caused this gentle and jade-like young man to quickly transform and grow into a man who is unscrupulous for his purpose. On the road to success, he finally succeeded, but he also got loneliness, and lost his true love at the same time. Tong Nana, his girl. And Qiao Yu, who had been secretly in love with this girl, returned to China with joy after knowing this change, ready to confess his love to Tong Na that bravely!

Free Reading Highlights:
Qiao Yu raised his eyebrows, “Tong, then why don’t you lie now and don’t write drafts?” Then he straightened up and walked forward, beckoning her with the back of his hand behind him, and beckoning her to go back to the house quickly.

Tong Na was so angry that Qiao Yu guessed right, she was indeed lying. In fact, that day, she gloved several plastic bags and pinched her nose with the other hand. It took a long time to get her mobile phone out of the toilet.

Then she put the phone in the tap water and rushed fiercely. The next day she put her eyes to dry in the sun, waiting for a miracle to happen. It’s not that I can’t bear the phone, but I was lucky at that time. What if Su Yuan would call? What if?

The result was no.

Although the stinking mobile phone was miraculously resurrected, Su Yuan’s phone never rang.

It turns out that no matter how good it was, there was a day that got smelly. Love that is tainted by others is like a mobile phone falling into a cesspit, neither is it to be thrown, nor is it to be picked up.

Tong Nana returned to the house and looked at the clock. It was almost seven o’clock. She usually doesn’t open fire by herself, and pays for the food to eat at a student’s house. She remembered that Qiao Yu was probably not used to those rough and thin rice, so she asked him: “Should we go to the street to find a restaurant, just by the way, find a hotel?”

Qiao Yu smiled and said, “Where do you usually eat?”

“At the student’s house.”

“Then I’ll go with you too. Just now, it seemed that I heard a child telling his mother to add food to the evening.” After that, I looked at the watch and said, “Is it time for dinner? I’m a little hungry.”

Tong Na nodded, not knowing the little abacus in Qiao Yu’s heart. So the two went to the student’s house named Zhou Wei together.

Sure enough, Zhou’s mother made a few more dishes in the evening. Tong Na Na wanted to pay more privately, but Zhou’s mother insisted not to accept it, and Tong Na Na could not insist anymore. At the dinner table, Zhou Wei took a mouthful of “Teacher Tong’s boyfriend”, calling Qiao Yu very energetic, and did not give Tong Nana a chance to explain at all.

Tong thought that he would leave after staying for a day or two, so let’s misunderstand it. I had no choice but to lose my head and eat.

It was past eight o’clock after dinner, and the village was very quiet at night. Coming out of Zhou’s house, Tong Nana said, “I’ll send you to find a hotel.”

Qiao Yu was a little unhappy, “I said Tong Nana, why are you always trying to drive me away? You see how difficult it is for me to see you, and I’m still suffering from jet lag. You have the heart to let me be alone at the National People’s Congress at night. Wandering in a strange place, would you be very happy if something happened to me?”

Tong Na was so poor that he went back to the dormitory with Qiao Yu. “Then where do you live at night? Don’t tell me you want to put my house on the floor.”

Qiao Yu pointed to the bed on the other side of the room, “Isn’t there another bed? Let’s make do with it first.”

Tong Na that looked at the empty bed frame, with his own suitcase piled on top, can’t sleep on top of the suitcase, right? So he asked him: “Why don’t you go to the next teacher Xiao Zhang’s house to sleep? It is convenient for you two boys to live together.”

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