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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 33 Recap

The king of Scorpion sent Liu Qianqiao to change his capacity into Duan Pengju to test Zhao Jing, but Zhao Jing was completely exposed. In order to make an alliance with King Jin, he pushed all the blame on King Scorpion. King Scorpion was completely chilled towards him, and immediately decided to retaliate. action. In order to thank Liu Qianqiao, King Scorpion promised to release Yu Qiu Feng and her to reconnect with her, and give Liu Qianqiao the poison and the medicine to relieve slavery. If Yu Qiu Feng is reluctant to put down everything in front of him, Liu Qianqiao can use it. This medicine made Yu Qiufeng surrender to her forever.

Liu Qianqiao wanted to go so far with Yu Qiufeng. Yu Qiufeng excused that they had all fallen into the slave cup of King Scorpion, and tomorrow was the day of the martial arts conference. Liu Qianqiao knew his intentions and gave him the antidote on the spot. The fan that was made to him was returned to Yu Qiufeng, persuading him to leave Bailu Town forever. Yu Qiufeng wanted to give her the antidote, Liu Qianqiao politely declined, and tearfully said goodbye to Yu Qiufeng. Before leaving, she He also tore the fan to pieces, and since then broke up with Yu Qiu Feng, Yu Qiu Feng looked at her decisive back and felt painful, but he still took the antidote decisively.

The hero meeting was officially held, and all the big sects of the rivers and lakes came to participate. Shen Shen recommended Master Cimu of the Shaolin Temple as the leader of the martial arts, leading everyone to attack the ghost valley. As a monk, it is not convenient to come forward and do this kind of killing. Jing strongly recommends Mo Huaiyang of the Qingfeng Sword Sect, and Mo Huaiyang recommends Zhao Jing in public, and also suggests a battle to decide the outcome, and everyone responds unanimously.

Mo Huaiyang and Zhao Jing started a duel. The two men fought inextricably. Zhao Jing obviously had the upper hand. Everyone present was full of praise for Zhao Jing’s martial arts. Zhou Zishu suddenly descended from the sky and ridiculed Zhao Jing. He publicly exposed the crimes of Zhao Jing poisoning Rong Xuan by poisoning the mad devil back then. Zhao Jing was eager to win and wounded Mo Huaiyang with a hidden weapon, thus committing public anger. .

Zhao Jing repeatedly claimed that Zhou Zishu was Wen Kexing’s accomplice, and accused Zhou Zishu of giving him a hidden weapon. Zhou Zishu sneered at him and drew his sword to fight him. He didn’t expect Wen Kexing to fly over suddenly, and he used the Four Seasons Villa. As a disciple, he was fighting for Zhou Zishu. Zhou Zishu did not expect that Wen Kexing was still alive, and he was stunned.

Zhao Jing publicly exposed that Wen Kexing was the master of the Valley of Guigu, and called on everyone to kill him. Wen Kexing retorted to him and insisted that Zhao Jing planted him and framed him. Shen Shen asked the impermanent ghosts and happy ghosts to come up and identify them. After receiving the instructions of King Scorpion, he didn’t even know Wen Kexing. Zhao Jing didn’t expect King Scorpion to betray him, gritted his teeth with anger.

Wen Ke acted to confirm his identity, borrowed the white sword from Zhou Zishu, practiced his father Zhen Ruyu’s Qiuming 18-style kung fu in public, and admitted that he was Zhen Ruyu’s son Zhen Yan. The head of the Emei faction didn’t believe him, Wen Kexing Let’s talk about his past when Emei sent his disciples to join hands to make clothes for him when he was full moon. Zhao Jing framed Wen Kexing to confuse Gao Chong and snatched the four glazed armours. Shen Shen was so angry that he scolded Zhao Jing and forbid him to tarnish the reputation of Gao Chong. Zhao Jing beat him down and claimed that Shen Shen colluded with Guigu and killed Gao Chong , Also killed Ao Laizi, the head of Taishan faction, and hijacked Gao Xiaolian to force Gao Chong to commit suicide.

Everyone looked at each other and talked a lot. Gao Xiaolian suddenly came and accused Zhao Jing of nonsense. Gao Xiaolian exposed Zhao Jing’s plot to persecute Gao Chong to seize the leader of the Five Lakes League. He also counted Zhao Jing’s various crimes one by one. Respecting all kinds of sophistry, Zhang Chengling took out the letter his father Zhang Yusen wrote to Ye Baiyi before his death. The letter stated that Zhao Jing poisoned and dazzled her under the noble sword back then. Gao Xiaolian also asked Deng Kuan to testify. Deng Kuan revealed Zhao Jing’s true face, and everyone was filled with outrage and unanimously demanded that Zhao Jing be killed.

Zhao Jingzhong betrayed his relatives and left. He was unwilling to admit defeat and stabbed Gao Xiaopian with a sword. Wen Kexing fought hard to block him. Zhao Jing pressed on him every step of the way. The tricks were fatal. Wen Kexing overturned Zhao Jing without any effort. On the ground, Zhao Jing refused to plead guilty and drew his sword to stabbing Wen Kexing. Wen Kexing used the sword to seal Zhao Jing’s throat and wanted to kill him to avenge his parents. Everyone was excited and shouted cheering for Wen Kexing. Zhao Jing couldn’t help but laughed up to the sky, claiming that the rivers and lakes had been played by him between the palms of his arms for more than 20 years. He was content. Wen Ke went with his sword and stabbed Zhao Jing. King Scorpion fed him a pill and let him He won’t be able to speak in this life.

Wen Kexing returned the white sword to Zhou Zishu and wanted to go home with him, and promised to explain everything to him when he went home, and Zhang Chengling would go back to the Four Seasons Villa with them. Mo Huaiyang suddenly stood up and identified Wen Kexing as the lord of Guigu Valley, and wanted to kill him to give everyone an explanation. Wen Kexing admitted that he was the lord of Guigu Valley, and he was given thanks to everyone present when he entered the ghost valley. They couldn’t help Zhen Ruyu and his wife. Mo Huaiyang wanted to settle the ledger with Wen Kexing, but Ye Baiyi suddenly came to stop them.

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