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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 11 Recap

Li Jiqian took the proton to provoke a dispute, the Liao army invaded, and the Pan family swore an oath and asked for an immediate expedition. Yuan Kan nodded, but Kou Zhun, who was worried that Pan Liang had no such skills, went to ask Li Gan. . Kou Zhun found Liu E, but Liu E thought that Yuan Kan could not take it back if he ordered it. Kou Zhun had to leave in disappointment.

General Wang Jizhong was abducted by the Liao army, and the Empress Dowager Xiao deliberately recruited Wang Jijun to surrender. Now Pan Liang is afraid to come and save people. Now that the Liao army is like a broken bamboo, Ding Wei said that there will be heavy rain in three days. At that time, the Liao army will retreat. There is nothing to do.

Yuan Kan agreed to give Ding Wei three days to test. Not going well, coupled with Pan Yuzhu’s sarcasm, made Pan Liang slap her younger sister, and Pan Yuzhu collapsed to the ground, accidentally rolling her tire. General Pan ordered his son Pan Liang to go and plead himself. Looking at Pan Liang, who was carrying the Jingtiao, Yuan Kan deeply felt that everything was God’s will. In order to appease Pan Yuzhu’s mood, Yuan Kan specially gave him the title of noble concubine. Pan Liang quickly apologized and left.

A few days later, the heavy rain fell and the Liao army retreated. Everyone couldn’t help but sigh the magic of Ding Wei. Wang Qinruo asked about the strangeness behind this incident. It turned out that when Ding Wei looked at the sky and guessed that it was raining, he learned that the Queen Mother Xiao’s sister and brother-in-law were going to rise in Beijing, and they would definitely transfer the army back to Liao. Wang Qinruo After listening, I couldn’t help but praise Ding Wei for being smart.

Empress Dowager Xiao had long seen that Tie Jingxin belonged to Mu Yi, and specially betrothed the eldest princess to Mu Yi. Tie Jing was very excited, but Mu Yi was very frightened, but she still admitted her marriage. Everyone again discussed the matter of the Southward Conquest. The prime minister suggested that Xian Yuankan would retrieve Yelukang within three days, otherwise he would send his troops to the south. Mu Yi looked gloomy, worried about his mother who was born in the old land, Tie Jing said readily, and he would definitely spend time with Mu Yi in the future.

Ban Ruoshi lived up to the expectations and returned with Li Jiqian’s head. Yuan Kan was very pleased. When he asked about Yelukang, Kou Zhun who reported it hesitated. Yuan Kan understood that, and hurried to check it out. As expected, only Yelukang was greeted coldly. The corpse, understanding the seriousness of the matter, Yuan Kan ordered the news to be blocked, so that no one else could learn about Yelukang’s death. On the other side, he took back the eldest princess Aya Yang who was married to Li Jiqian, and settled in the palace, while Ban Ruoshi sent his sister Wen Jialing, hoping to make good friends with Yuan Kan. On the proposal of Kou Zhun and Su Yijian, Yuan Kan nodded in agreement.

Yuan Kan came to see Jia Ling in the bedroom, and the straightforward Jia Ling appeared clever and intelligent, and even personally retained Yuan Kan. The next day, watching Jialing and Princess Lingyang get along very happily at the banquet, Yuan Kan couldn’t help but love them. Jialing was canonized on the spot as Guiyi.

Compared with the excitement in Jialing’s dormitory, Guifei Pan looks much colder here, losing her fetus in her womb, Pan Yuzhu is depressed and depressed, seeing through the ruthlessness of the emperor’s family, as an old man, perhaps she has long been forgotten by Yuan Kan. But Liu E was waiting every day for Yelukang’s return date. Su Yijian suddenly came up and said that Prime Minister Li Gang was seriously ill and wanted to see Liu E.

Although he didn’t know why, Liu E still went to visit. Seeing Li Han’s frail appearance, Liu E approached respectfully. Li Han asked Liu E to agree to himself, that he would not be the emperor in this life. In order to appease Li Han, Liu E had to vowed to agree. Sure enough, after Su Yijian and Liu E walked out of the room, they met Zhang Jingzong who Yuan Kan had sent to visit Li Han. Before the three of them had a few conversations, Li Han in the house passed away.

Zhang Jingzong brought back the last words left by Li Kan during his death, and the memorial recommended Bi Shi’an to take his place. Yuan Kan did not expect that Li Kan did not recommend Kou Zhun as prime minister, and doubts arose in his heart.

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