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Galaxy Dream Machine

Galaxy Dream Machine (Novel)
Other Name: 星河造梦机, Star River Dream Machine

Genre: novel, romance, campus
Author: Xianyu
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Nanyu and Yang Ze in high school are a pair of very sweet and happy friends , Their feelings are very enviable, but the phrase of liking remained on the lips of the two people, and they didn’t say it. With the passage of time, the relationship between them has also changed. From the beginning of mutual trust and encouragement to each other, until now that they have enough disappointment, they said the cruel words of never seeing each other again, saying that it is not sad. Fake, but some things really slowly deteriorate over time and become something they don’t like.

Free Reading Highlights:
“When did you learn to speak bad language? Punish you for waiting in the trunk.”

Nanyu flopped, and then there was a beautiful scene of Nanyu and Yang Ze chasing me after you [Mo Zhusen’s inner cos school bully was chased by a weak and weak little girl, it was terrifying! Hey! ].

When they arrived at the school gate, Yang Ze’s car was already waiting there. Yang Ze opened the door of the co-pilot, and then Nanyu went in openly, not forgetting to cast Yang Ze’s eyes… Yang Ze “…”

“Huh? Sister Jiang didn’t speak all the way?” Mo Zhusen looked at Jiang Su.

Jiang Su did not lift his head and grabbed his mobile phone: “Why else? Take beautiful photos of Yang Ze’s elegant moments?”

Then Mo Zhusen received a bunch of ugly photos of Yang Ze when you were chasing me on WeChat. Each one is a selection of one in a million… “Drink! Sister Jiang didn’t expect you to have this skill? what!!!”

Then Mo Zhusen and Jiang Su began to whisper, laughing while talking.

Yang Ze next to him “…” Isn’t it true that you say bad things about others?

Because the Southern Zhou Dynasty is not far away, it will be there soon. Nanyu looked strangely at the two crazy laughter.

“What are you……???”

Because Mo Zhusen smiled and said that he had no energy to speak, he showed Nanyu himself the picture, and then Nanyu joined the neurotic team.

Yang Ze “…” Forget it, I’m handsome, I don’t care about you…

As soon as a few people chose a seat, one of them was walked in by the stars next to him, and the girl headed towards Nanyu and them proudly.

“Are you Yang Ze?”

Yang Ze ignored her at all.

Girls don’t care “I’m Lv Jingjing, the daughter of the vice president of Jaz, you are honored to be noticed by me, not much, as long as you give me 3W, I promise to be your girlfriend”

Several people have been rectified, and Nanyu is indeed disgusting.


Mo Zhusen suppressed a smile, “Puff hahaha I’m sorry I couldn’t hold it back, you continue”

Lu Jingjing also turned black.

“You…! Do you know my father…”

“Do you think anyone likes you?” Nanyu didn’t give Lu Jingjing any face at all.

Lu Jingjing didn’t expect Nanyu to say such things. She thought Nanyu was just a small attendant who stuck to Yang Ze, and the other two were Yang Ze junior high school classmates. She knew, but she really didn’t know Nanyu, and naturally she wouldn’t put it on In the eyes.

“Do you know who I am? Do you know that I can ruin you in minutes? You…”

Nanyu is not the kind of bully, she turned her head and asked Yang Ze, “Brother Yang, are we good to eat the sauce-flavored ramen~”

Yang Ze “…” Nanyu is a good calculation…

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