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New Classmate Super Sweet

New Classmate Super Sweet (Novel)
Other Name: 新同学超甜, New classmates are super sweet

Genre: novel, campus, romance
Author: Yan Sheng
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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It is appropriate to use the term childhood sweetheart and bamboo horse to describe the relationship between Lin Man and Zhou Yu. They had known each other in kindergarten and they were each other’s best friends. At that time, Lin Man always thought , She can maintain this relationship for a lifetime, but unexpectedly one day, this boy suddenly disappeared from her world, as if he had never appeared before. However, when they met again, it was the first year of high school, and this time, could they return to the same feelings they had before?

Free Reading Highlights:
On his half-exposed ankle, it seems that the residual temperature from his fingertips has not dissipated.

The bell rings, and today’s self-study is over.

Everyone rushed to the bedroom in small groups. Lin Man sorted the desks and drawers. There were only two students left in the classroom carrying two large bags of garbage ready to throw them away: “Lin Man, you can help turn off the lights at the back.”


By the way, the back door was closed, and the warm white light of the street lamps was reflected in the corridor, and the air was fresh and cold after the rain, with the chill of the autumn night. Lin Man took the stairs down quickly or slowly, so he was more careful.

As long as the pace is not too fast, the left foot doesn’t seem to be affected too much.

Xu Qingyou waited at the door of 503, Lin Mancai showed a face around the corner, and she greeted him: “You are back, why did you go?”

“Watching the moon.”

“Is there a moon today?”

“Yes, I just went hiding in the cloud, and I was embarrassed to be seen.” Lin Man smiled.

“Hey, why didn’t I find out before, your face is not thin,” Xu Qingyou joked.

“It’s black near Mo. I’ve stayed with Zhou Yu and Qi Zishuai for a long time. My ears and eyes are stained, and my cheeks have grown thick.”

Someone stood in the corridor and knocked on the door. The man in the bedroom next door came over and said, “Lin Man, come out quickly, someone is looking for you!”

Lin Mancai put on his pajamas, brushed his teeth in front of the sink, with cool mint toothpaste on both sides of his mouth, and said vaguely: “Who is looking for me?”

Xu Qingyou was the most gossip, she took the lead to ran out to see, turned around and waved to Lin Man excitedly: “Quick, quickly…”

There are still people booing in the hallway.

Lin Man thought something major had happened, so he didn’t care about wiping his mouth, rushing out with his toothbrush in his mouth and stepping on the slippers.

Outside was a huge dark sky, the stars were hidden, and several loquat branches with white flowers swayed lightly in front of the building, shattering shadows all over the place.

Zhou Yu was standing underneath.

He had excellent eyesight and saw her coming out at a glance.

He raised the thing in his hand and shouted: “I forgot to give it to you.” He stopped a girl casually, and asked someone to pick him up, “Thank you, please hand it over to Lin Man of 503.” It’s close, his height It is easy to bring oppression to the other party, although the speech is very polite, but the low voice makes people’s heartstrings tense and nervous.

The girl hurriedly promised to take it, blushing and heartbeat, three steps and two steps hurriedly.

Lin Man received the things, flattened a small red paper box, and glanced at it, lion horse dragon safflower oil, standing by the old ladies on Xijiang Street who like to move benches to sit at the door.

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