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Other names: 신데렐랑郞
Author: the voice of flowers
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


The day when an exotic ship drifted and reached Joseon, Youngon Ongju without even seeing Buma’s face. I became a blue widow. And five years later … …. Conor Eile, who settled in exile after that day,

There is a rumor that he yearns for Youngon. It spread to the bottom of the Joseon Dynasty.

‘ My Princess Youngon !’

‘ How can I not know that .’

Kneeling in an unexpected place, Greetings with blue eyes, An exotic man who shows sadness in his face when he turns around. Youngon tried hard to ignore him,

“ But why did you sit down ?”

“ Sorry, Ongju Mama has improved .”

I couldn’t even ignore the heart beating towards him.

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