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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 41 Recap

Mao Zedong’s most important thing now is to lead the movement to drive Zhang, and now the victory of the movement to drive Zhang is determined. After Li Dazhao asked about the future of the Hunan Movement, Mao Zedong already had ideas. He knew that to solve the problem must rely on the power of the masses, but he still had concerns about Marxism and the violent revolution of the Russian Revolution, and wanted to implement anarchism first.

The mild reform of the government allowed Hunan to take the lead in realizing autonomy and getting rid of the rule of the Beiyang government. Li Dazhao said to Mao Zedong heartily that he and Chen Duxiu had established a belief in Marxism, and Mao Zedong wanted to set his sights on the whole of China. Mao Zedong has longed for Marxism, and he has decided to establish a Russian Research Association to conduct a more in-depth study of Marxism. Time is not waiting for me, Li Dazhao reminded him that it is time to make a decision.

Everyone in Beijing’s Kang Mu Yi Zhai is busy. The Kang Mu Yi Zhai was created by Li Dazhao in order to conceal people’s eyes and ears. It actually meant a communist bookstore. Cai Yuanpei walked in to look at the busy students. He admired the couplets on the wall with a benevolent demeanor. The construction of the Marxist Research Office is also quite distinctive.

Li Dazhao brought Mao Zedong to Kangmu Yizhai and bowed and saluted with Cai Yuanpei. Cai Yuanpei was also familiar with the expelling Zhang movement and deeply recognized Mao Zedong’s abilities and thoughts. Kang Mu Yizhai officially started the class, and Li Dazhao invited Vyjingsky, the representative of the Russian Far East Bureau, to introduce the situation in Russia to the students. Vikingsky was appointed by the Communist International to come to Peking University to communicate with the students. He explained the causes and process of the Russian October Revolution to the students in detail.

Zhao Shiyan came to Shanghai with Chen Duxiu. In order to avoid the limelight, Chen Duxiu had to wait some time to go to Southwest University, so Bai Wenwei’s old house became Chen Duxiu’s new home and the third home of “New Youth”. After going around a big circle, he still returned to Shanghai, but Chen Duxiu and “New Youth” are no longer as green as they were back then.

Zhao Shiyan mentioned a classmate who was greatly inspired by watching “New Youth”, his name is Zhou Enlai, and he was arrested some time ago for organizing a patriotic student movement. Chen Duxiu admired these aspiring young people very much and reminded Zhao Shiyan to communicate with him more and mail “New Youth” to them. At the same time, Chen Duxiu seriously talked about Marxist proletarianism to Zhao Shiyan and encouraged and nurtured him to deepen his study and study of Marxism.

In the prison of Tianjin Police Department, Zhou Enlai led the students to swear not to give up. They have not eaten for two days, and made two demands: first, give them a statement in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China as soon as possible, and improve the detention conditions to ensure that they are taken. The arrested students are separated from other prisoners, and the third is to provide newspapers and books to the arrested students.

The National Police Agency had no choice but to agree to their request in order to reduce the pressure of public opinion on the government. Zhou Enlai and his classmates do exercises, study, sing, and give speeches in the prison every day. The jailers and mortals are even led by them to do gymnastics and applaud. Zhou Enlai even talked about the Marxist materialism for the students and explained in detail the connection between socialism and production relations. That is to say, in this prison, Zhou Enlai’s thoughts have undergone a profound fission and revolutionary consciousness has sprouted. From this time it began to grow.

There are not many people interested in listening to the lectures on Marxism research. Weijingsky proposed to talk to Li Dazhao alone. Hu Shichen met Li Dazhao and talked about Chen Duxiu’s recent situation. Hu Shi said Wang Meng and Zou Laixin said Chen Duxiu had been invited to go. As the Minister of Education in Guangzhou, Li Dazhao hoped that he would be safer to go than in Shanghai, but they also knew that Chen Duxiu would not stay quietly, and Hu Shi had already seen it, as long as they had their own ideals, they would do it.

Chen Duxiu dragged a box of the English version of the Communist Manifesto from Li Dazhao. This is a rare treasure. Chen Duxiu handed him to his student Chen Wangdao and told him to translate it into Chinese for publication as soon as possible. Li Dazhao met with Weijingsky. Weijingsky admired Li Dazhao’s in-depth and simple research on Marxism, and proposed that the recognition of Marxism should not only be ideological, and that China should establish a Communist Party as soon as possible.

Li Dazhao suggested that Chen Duxiu should be the one to pick this up. He gave Weijingsky an autograph letter and asked him to take the letter to Shanghai to find Chen Duxiu. Party building is a major issue and they must be cautious.

Chen Wangdao hid in his home Chai Fang and tried his best to translate the Communist Manifesto. Junman also returned to Shanghai with his two children. Liu Haiwei and Bai Lan were about to go to France to study together. Yu Xiusong and Shi Cuntong accompanied Zhao Shiyan. Coming from Beijing to help, Zhao Shiyan was about to study abroad.

The task of establishing the Marxist Research Association and editing “New Youth” fell on a few of them. Chen Wangdao rushed to deliver the translated “Communist Manifesto” to Chen Duxiu, and informed him that Mr. Weijingsky of the Communist International had arrived in Shanghai with Li Dazhao’s souvenir. Chen Duxiu understood that this matter must be very important. Dressed in a neat suit to meet with Weijingsky.

Chen Duxiu used Chinese etiquette with Weijingsky to salute, and explained the misrepresentation that he did not like Chinese traditional culture. The two people discussed the connotation of Marcism and the situation of the October Revolution in Russia, and Weijingsky was happy. The two can have many similar ideas. He handed Li Dazhao’s handwritten letter to Chen Duxiu, bluntly saying that this trip was to establish a party organization in China, and hoped that Chen Duxiu could help him.

Chen Duxiu has reached a consensus with Li Dazhao and established many Marxist research associations. They are already preparing to establish the party and hope to get the support of the Communist International. But he also made it clear that the Chinese Party and the Russian Party are the two main bodies, and the brothers must make clear accounts.

At the night school of Shanghai Workers Club, Chen Duxiu told the workers that “New Youth” would create a special issue of Labor Day commemorative issue, and would publish articles written by the workers themselves. Officials, because the clothes that people wear and the houses they live in are made by tailors, carpenters, and bricklayers, not the dignitaries.

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