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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 9 Recap

The work was not fully displayed. The competition ended without a problem for Murphy, and all her efforts were burned. Mo Fei shut herself in the bedroom, no matter how Mo Fan yelled, and the phone was full of calls from Fang Xiaoyu and Tang Mingxuan, she simply shut down and ignored no one.

Early the next morning, Murphy was finally willing to go out to meet Tang Mingxuan. She didn’t know that, in fact, this man had been waiting outside the door all night. Tang Mingxuan just returned all of Murphy’s things and took everything on his own body, promising to help Murphy solve everything, because he was afraid that online public opinion would harm Murphy and told her not to go online.

All the details made Murphy have to think about whether Tang Mingxuan’s goodness comes from liking, but she couldn’t believe that Tang Mingxuan really liked herself. After thinking about it, Murphy turned on the Himalayan radio station, knowing that this thank you would be conveyed to that person’s heart. Just a simple thank you, let Tang Mingxuan sleep peacefully.

Everyone thinks that Bai Xiaoman ruined Murphy’s clothes. Internet public opinion made Bai Xiaoman unable to argue. The video of her undressing also seemed to be an ironclad evidence. The model privately damaged the designer’s clothes, regardless of whether the murderer is Bai Xiaoman or not, in the current situation, it is impossible for Kaiman to keep her.

Bai Xiaoman begged Linda to no avail. She wanted Fang Xiaoyu to believe in herself. She cried and accused Murphy of targeting, but she didn’t know the reason why others hated her. Bai Xiaoman was vain in his heart, and even once did damage Murphy’s clothes, all of this was seen by Fang Xiaoyu.

Fang Xiaoyu didn’t care about the truth. Seeing that Bai Xiaoman didn’t recognize his narrowness and mistakes, he simply stopped talking and fired Bai Xiaoman directly. Walking into Kaiman’s road, Bai Xiaoman put in too much effort, she was unwilling to be defeated just like this, let alone Fang Xiaoyu’s cruelty at this time. This result not only failed Bai Xiaoman to recognize herself, but instead deepened her inner hatred.

Tang Mingxuan has always worried that the Internet will be detrimental to Murphy, until he heard that Murphy’s reputation on the Internet has soared, this is a rare smile. Fang Xiaoyu also tried every means to make Kayman incorporate Murphy into a designer.

Murphy was devoting himself to designing clothes, and Tang Mingxuan came with evidence to prove that the clothes had been stained with dyes before they passed Bai Xiaoman’s hands. Murphy was surprised by this fact and felt guilty for the misunderstanding that day, but her apology fell in Bai Xiaoman’s heart, but it became another means of getting into trouble.

Recently, it was the time when Murphy was frustrated, but Fang Xiaoyu confessed in a joking way that he wanted to protect Murphy as a boyfriend. Fang Xiaoyu wanted to remake the game costumes with Murphy, but it was not obvious that Murphy refused, which made Fang Xiaoyu see an opportunity.

When Fang Xiaoyu left, he happened to meet Tang Mingxuan who had come, and his previous enmity broke out at this moment. Regardless of the truth in person, Fang Xiao hated Tang Mingxuan. In his heart, Tang Mingxuan was not more suitable for Murphy than he was. Both men felt from the bottom of their hearts that each other was a scumbag playing with emotions, and would never let Murphy go.

Tang Mingxuan could not please the girls better than Fang Xiaoyu. He came to look for Murphy with a lot of anger, but was mistaken for Fang Xiaoyu and instructed him to pour water. Such a move became an intimate act in Tang Mingxuan’s eyes. He was momentarily angry and suspected that Murphy did not clearly reject Fang Xiaoyu, in order to enjoy the benefits, and all kinds of questions also made Murphy go away angrily.

After Bai Xiaoman was fired from Kayman, it was difficult to find a job anymore. She hid in the bar to relieve her troubles. Zhu Haitian was sitting next to Bai Xiaoman, all kind of ingratiating, as if he wanted to take advantage of Bai Xiaoman’s drunkenness to come in.

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