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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 2 Recap

Yuan Kan rushed into the hall full of resentment, and asked why the emperor had ordered him to marry Pan’s daughter again. Wang Xiang, who had lost Liu E, was extremely reluctant to follow the emperor at this moment. Zhao Kuangyi did not expect that his son would actually refute himself personally. It turned out that the emperor was superstitious, and believed that Pan Yushu could help the three princes ascend to the throne. With this imperial decree issued, everyone no longer has the power to resist. Wan’er and Nanny also had to reluctantly set up the palace.

When Liu E woke up, he found herself lying in a strange place. Su Yijian greeted him with surprise. Liu E did not expect that Su Yijian, a fellow villager in Shu, would buy the jailer for herself and change the poisoned wine. Rescue Liu E. But at this moment, Liu E has no identity anymore. It is supposed to be given to death by poisoned liquor. Li Wan’er originally wanted to bring Liu E back as the princess intended, but she did not expect that the pleading on the surface would pass the token to murder.

Originally wanting to rely on King Xiang, Liu E saw with his own eyes that Pan Guogong’s daughter entered the King Xiang’s mansion in a red sedan chair, so he had to give up. Su Yijian personally escorted Liu E away from the city. Liu E realized that someone was following behind him, so he turned around and chased him all the way to the Palace of the King of Qin. The guard, the head of the guard, drank Liu E, and Su Yijian rushed to relieve the siege. As the assistant to the King of Qin, Su Yi Jian Hu said that Liu E was named Xianger, and then he took Liu E into the Palace of Qin.

The emperor heard that the king of Qin was embarrassed, and the doctor said that there was no problem, and the wary emperor was ready to try it out, so he took the opportunity of everyone to participate in the rally to meet the king of Qin. Under the rally, the painter of the king of Qin sent a pair of two dragons. The officials were astonished by the fighting figure, and King Qin knelt down to defend. The emperor did not move but was not angry, but raised Queen Qin without further blaming.

The Palace of the King of Qin held a banquet, singing and dancing. Liu E took the opportunity to stay as a maid and shuttled in the lobby. Master Lu sat next to King Qin, and pointed out that today’s Erlong map must be Zhao Jin set up a bureau, intending to test for the emperor, but King Qin looked indifferent and made Master Lu angrily leave. Liu E brought the sober tea to King Qin. Seeing that King Qin was silent, Liu E quietly ordered tea from the side. King Qin carefully observed Liu E in front of him, and suddenly stood up dancing sword and pointed at Liu E, but Liu E was silent. Surprised, King Qin told Liu E not to approach him. Although he didn’t know what it meant, Liu E nodded and agreed.

King Qin faced the saint, and the emperor offered a banquet invitation. As night fell, the two discussed their worries about the standing prince. The emperor wanted to establish King Xiang, but now everyone is partial to the Taizu’s son Dezhao. The emperor is worried about the imperial minister and feels a lot of pressure. Speaking of the first emperor’s use of wine to release his military power, King Qin heard what the emperor meant, and had to rely on it. Under the staggered ambitions, there are mostly undercurrents.

Princess Qin heard that King Qin attached great importance to the maidservant “Xiang’er” who ordered tea that day, so she summoned Liu E, who was dexterous and ingenious, and Princess Qin admired it very much, so she ordered Liu E to make a gown for herself with Shu embroidery. Good to go to the palace dinner.

Pan Yushu was not happy in the Prince Xiang’s mansion. Wang Xiang, who missed Liu E, used wine to soothe his sorrows every day, but he didn’t look good at Pan Yushu. The two of them didn’t even make the move, and Pan Yushu resented it.

King Qin specially appointed Liu E to order tea in the study. Princess Qin came to learn the craft of tea with Liu E. Seeing that Liu E was very skilled in Shu embroidery, Princess Qin deliberately tried Liu E with her concubine. Who knew Liu E was desperate to get a hairpin to force her to death. , Thus got the trust of Princess Qin and stayed with Princess Qin.

Taizu’s son Dezhao was the candidate for the prince. He was stationed abroad for many years and was about to return to Beijing to worship his ancestors. The emperor worried that Dezhao would collude with the King of Qin, so he ordered the imperial army to surround the palace of Qin. The emperor ordered King Xiang to preside over the ancestor worship ceremony, but King Xiang looked distracted. The emperor guessed that it was because of Liu E, so he was disappointed with King Xiang.

Liu E walked around in the garden, but accidentally saw the dancers wearing masks. The masks accidentally fell. Liu E’s whereabouts were noticed and he hurried away. Fortunately, Su Yijian rescued him. Su Yijian repeatedly warned Liu E not to be here. There was too much inquiries in the palace compound, but Liu E was always curious. In the embroidery room today, there was an inexplicable noise from the secret door, and Liu E asked no one to respond.

I thought that the secret was in the dust. Who knew that one day, King Qin rushed into the embroidery room with a sword angrily. It turned out that Bao’er, the son of King Qin, was in it. Bao’er had a strange nature. When the emperor went hunting on the day, he mentioned Bo’er in public, and he was ashamed of King Qin. Anger without a word. Concubine Qin swears to protect her son. Seeing King Qin’s anger, Liu E hurriedly guarded her. Seeing everyone discouraged, King Qin had no choice but to give up.

After the incident, the princess was very grateful to Liu E for her rescue, and she told Liu E about Bo’er. This year’s five-year-old Bo’er is different from ordinary people. He bites and grabs people and is regarded as an ominous omen by everyone. After listening, Liu E went to the attic with food. Sure enough, when the screams sounded again, King Qin prevented Liu E from delivering the food. Who knew that Liu E blamed King Qin for being cruel to his own children. King Qin just looked at Liu deeply. E, remember Liu E’s face.

De Zhao finally entered Beijing, and the three princes came to greet him. Yuan Kan was even more enthusiastic about De Zhao and specially brought De Zhao back to his home. The two chatted about Li Chu, but De Zhao and Yuan Kan didn’t have too much doubts. The two just wanted to forget about the troubles of being a prince and get together.

After the ancestor worship ceremony, Dezhao and Yuan Kan sat at the table again. Dezhao talked about the earthquake talks that King Qin had told him. Dezhao talked about being unintentionally prince, but hoped that he would be a prince with peace of mind after Yuan Kan succeeded to the throne. Yuan Kan didn’t argue too much, and the two continued to clink drinks. Yuan Kan lay down drunk, and when he woke up, he found his hands full of blood. After chasing down the stairs, he found De Zhao collapsed. De Zhao was weak and asked why Yuan Kan was poisoned. He hadn’t waited for Yuan Kan to have something. In response, De Zhao died.

Zhao Jin reported to the emperor the results of the investigation in Dali Temple. There was indeed no sign of outsiders entering the Prince Xiang’s Mansion. De Zhao was indeed poisoned and died. After hearing this, the emperor did not pursue the case and ordered the case to be closed. He also announced that De Zhao committed suicide by taking poison.

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