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Always like you

Always like you (Novel)
Other Name: 总是喜欢你

Genre: novel, Campus, romance
Author: Xi Jia
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Although Zhang Kankan and Tan Jin are in the same school, they have never said a word between them. Every time they meet, they are like strangers. But on one day, the two of them actually followed the mother’s words and came to the same place together, and they also met formally. It was at that time that Zhang Kankan knew that although Tan Jin had been laughing on the surface. Haha, but why his academic performance is better than that of her nerd, it’s a pity that Zhang Kankan didn’t know at that time. Everything the guy in front of me did was to attract her attention…

Free Reading Highlights:
“Hehe, how much money is easy to do!” Zhang Kankan patted his chest.

The money is a lot, but the money is not for nothing. Zhang Kankan still doesn’t know how hard it is to make money, but she will soon know.


After the break between classes, the students went upstairs to the classroom one after another.

Zhang Kankan had been thinking about math problems that he hadn’t done in the morning reading, and he almost fell into a shit.


Before standing still, Zhang Kankan heard unscrupulous ridicule behind him. She turned her head slightly angrily, and at a glance she saw Tanjin standing one step down the stairs, still a bit taller than her.

The corners of his mouth rose, and the unspeakable meaning remained unfinished.

Zhang Kankan immediately retracted his gaze, saying, “I don’t know or don’t know…” Then he hurriedly walked up.

“Hey.” Tan Jin stretched his hand to hold her, and asked in full view, “Why don’t you know?”

The surrounding classmates pushed forward suspiciously, but their eyes fell firmly on the two of them. No way, Tan Jin is dazzling enough, and coupled with a first-grade grade who doesn’t hear things outside the window, this scene is almost exploding.

“Teacher Zhang, if you forget the students so quickly, you will be struck by lightning.” Tan Jin Qiqi lips, his expression is indifferent.

Zhang Kankan was taken aback, this guy cursed her early in the morning, wanting her life. While trying to break free, she dragged Tan Jin away helplessly.

However, it is impossible to move forward at all.

“If the clothes are torn off, I will die with you.” Zhang Kankan gritted his teeth while pulling half of the school uniform that had slipped off his shoulders.

Tan Jin glanced at her, stepped forward and stood on the same steps with her, and lifted her slid neckline up.

“A loyal and loyal woman? She will die if someone looks at it?” Tan Jin sneered. Then after thinking about it, he suddenly reached out and tore off the school uniform that he had carried up again, and said directly, “Just take care of it, and I will be responsible.”

The classmates who were watching were so frightened by Tan Jin’s behavior that they couldn’t help but let out a “wow”, even the boys blushed inexplicably.

Only the person involved, Zhang Kankan, was shocked to Petrochemical and couldn’t react at all. Fortunately, there is also a thin sweater in the school uniform, otherwise she will really end up with Tan Jintong.

“That Kankan, your school uniform zipper is broken…” At this time, classmate Ye Liya stood on the upper step to remind her.

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