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Who is infatuated by mistake?

Who said that infatuation is wrong
Other Name: 谁言痴情误, Who is infatuated by mistake?, Who Says Infatuation and Mistakes

Genre: novel, romance
Author: The Witch of July
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Everyone knows that Luo likes Gu Beichen, but Gu Beichen has never responded to her feelings. What if two people are married? Luo Suyun just changed from Miss Luo who was chasing Gu Beichen to an unfavored Mrs. Gu. So even if Luo Suyun worked hard for Gu Beichen, he would not give Luo Suyun a trace of response. But suddenly one day Gu Beichen actually got better to her. Luo Suyun thought she was keeping the clouds open to see the moon, but it turned out to be just a use…

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Luo Suyun was silent for a while, and said, “I thought about it, Miss Qin’s loan on your hand is insufficient, so it is not enough for a loan relationship, and there is no need to return any loan cash. If there is a problem, we will see you in law. I would like to see if the judge will listen to you a silly remark, or if our evidence is conclusive.”

“You should also be clear about what happened back then, and you have done a lot of cheating and abduction. Any piece of evidence can make you feel sorry for your death, or that there is someone behind you that makes you survive. After so many years, so much talk, if you have any questions, we will see the law.”

The gangsters were chilled by the backs of Luo Suyun’s words, a kind of chill came from under their feet, what exactly did this woman know.

Qin Lan was framed back then. The people above mean that Qin Lan’s back roads have been cut off, and that Qin Lan did not have access to the court. Now Qin Lan knows Luo Suyun. This is equivalent to a springboard. Things will be revealed sooner or later.

“Who are you guys, do you think you are so capable? Use the law to punish us? Don’t think we are just punks, we just have a backstage, what’s the matter, you send us to jail, someone above us will come to rescue us.” The dead pig said without fear of boiling water.

“I have a headache because of this person’s squeaky noises, so I told him to shut up.” Gu Beichen raised his right hand, his slender fingers gentle on his temples, as if he couldn’t bear it.

The gangsters looked after Gu Beichen in a daze. The bodyguards on the opposite side were not easy to provoke. Gu Beichen’s words made all the gangsters vigilant.

One of the bodyguards stepped out and walked straight to the bully, the other bullies all took three steps back, and the bully was weak and unable to walk.

The bodyguard took him out and fell heavily in front of Gu Beichen, making the audience silent.

Luo Suyun only felt that a group of crows flew over her head. Gu Beichen used to be like this? So tough, he looks like a president at last, and he looks like a faint gentleman when facing Lu Ruoxi.

Qin Lan hugged Qin Huai tightly and did not speak, staring at the situation on the opposite side, for fear of the slightest change.

Gu Beichen walked in front of the bastard and stepped on it with his own feet. The bastard was sweating profusely with pain, and his mouth screamed.

“Now, let the people above you come to rescue you.” Gu Beichen said lightly and threw the question to the gangsters, and then pretended to say casually, “Will you wait for your people to come? You collected the corpses.”

Luo Suyun shook his head when he heard that, “It is estimated that their corpses are only worthy of decay here, so I can consider myself looking for a good place, so quiet.”

The gangsters were all sweating profusely. This time they really kicked the iron plate, but are they too late to beg for mercy? The uncertain man on the opposite side is simply a devil, and that terrible woman.

Qin Huai gave a chill in Qin Lan’s arms. They have suffered a lot in the past few years, and they have seen many people of all kinds. The atmosphere at this moment is so solemn that it is a bit breathless.

“Big brothers and sisters, we don’t need the money, and we vowed that we will never trouble Miss Qin Lan, as long as you are willing to let go of the boss and let us.” One of the bullies who looked more capable of speaking knelt and begged.

“It’s not enough to say this a long time ago.” Gu Beichen kicked the bastard under his feet.

“Luo Suyun, I knew something that was so easy to solve, so I won’t be involved in the peace.” Gu Beichen turned around and whispered in Luo Suyun’s ear, and then told the people next to him, “Send them all to jail. No left, all will be given me life imprisonment, you know.”

After listening to Gu Beichen’s words, all the gangsters were ashamed.

“Who do you think you are? Why do you sentence us to life imprisonment?” A thinner bastard roared heartbreakingly, and finally cried out. They were also homeless since they were young, and they don’t have every day. Fortunately, it’s rare to be able to search for some money in the past few years, and it ended up like this in the end.

“Keep your eyes on you when doing bad things, or you will get retribution.” Luo Suyun’s clear eyes flashed with a cold light, “You are only a curse to stay in society, how good it is to go to the police station, red you eat for you to drink. No need to worry about getting a knife every day.”

The gangsters were almost confused by Luo Suyun’s words, saying that it was a good thing to go to jail.

“We won’t talk too much nonsense, that’s it.” Luo Suyun looked back at Qin Lan and Qin Huai after speaking, softly comforted, “It’s okay, even if they believe it or not, as long as they go to jail, you are safe. .”

Qin Huai showed his small head and asked in confusion, “Will they really go to jail? Do you have any evidence? What if they are released.”

Luo Suyun smiled and didn’t say anything. Although Gu’s family was mainly engaged in business, non-commissioned officers from their ancestors were passed down from generation to generation, and they were also very prestigious in political circles.

The bodyguards put all of them under control, and reported to Gu Beichen, “There are eleven in total, and they will be sent to the police station later. The report is complete.”

“Eleven? Aren’t we twelve?” A bastard exclaimed in surprise, and instantly covered his mouth.

Gu Beichen frowned. In that case, one person escaped. This is really tricky. The person who slipped away is likely to go to extremes.

“As long as anyone tells who the person who slipped away is, or draws his looks, I will let him go.” Gu Beichen was silent for a few seconds before speaking.

The gangsters are all peeping at each other, guessing whether Gu Beichen’s words are true or false, fearing that he will not be able to run away when the time comes.

“My Gu Beichen speaks and does what I say. I can let you go this time, and it won’t be difficult to catch you next time. After this time, you will go to other places and don’t come back and don’t let me see you.” Gu Beichen has limited patience, almost It was gritted teeth.

After listening, the gangsters scrambled to describe and expose the person’s name, even some pseudonyms, which is comparable to a terrifying human flesh search.

Gu Beichen took a note in his heart and glanced at Luo Suyun next to her. Seeing her lowered her head and wondering what to do, she asked aloud, “Do you have any comments?”

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