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Humans 你好安怡 Episode 28 Recap

Li Yao asked how Jiang Li escaped. Jiang Li said that Wen Haokang felt that he was useless, so he let himself back. Li Yao felt that something was wrong, but did not doubt Jiang Li.

Homesick is in Dr. Jin’s house, and he is still sad about Li Yao’s affairs. Dr. Jin and Ah Zheng taught the homesick together. The homesick talked about what his father said. Don’t doubt your family at any time, and don’t hurt your own family. Homesickness eased a little, but Ah Zheng had a problem. Ye Kun and Wan Ling saw the little boy Haohao’s mother Jiang Jie in the factory, so they rescued her from the hands of the Xinji people. She said that the tens of thousands of Xinji people in the factory had been tampered with, and they could get over Asimov’s law violently wounds human beings. If those core robots obtain clearance authorization documents, they will be shipped overseas. Ye Kun and Wan Ling promised to solve the factory’s problems.

Jiang Li informs Xiao Ma and Qiao You that their network devices have been removed and they now need to purchase a new network device. Qiao You and Xiao Ma went to buy a network device for Jiang Li. Jiang Li also lied that Qiao Yuan had an accident and left Luo Yun away, so he was looking for something at home alone. There was another problem with Ah Zheng. During the repair process, Dr. Jin talked about his past and Ah Zheng’s past, saying that Ah Zheng was not in his eyes the core machine, but their family. Homesick helped Dr. Jin repair Ah Zheng and found that A Zheng’s motherboard had all been aging and necrotic, but she couldn’t bear to tell Dr. Jin.

Ye Kun and Wan Ling wanted to rescue the little boy Haohao’s mother Jiang Jie, but Zeng Rou took someone to the factory, Wan Ling took Jiang Jie and escaped first, and Ye Kun stayed to deal with Zeng Rou. Jiang Li regained consciousness and wanted to tell Li Yao, but was controlled again. Li Yao told Jiang Li that he already knew the truth and that his brain belonged to Haokang. Haokang wanted to control Jiang Li and kill Li Yao.

Wan Ling rescued Jiang Jie, and Jiang Jie successfully contacted his son Haohao. Jiang Jie took out the clearance authorization documents of the core machine, and wanted to prevent the killer of these core machines from going to sea in time. When Jiang Li was about to kill Li Yao, Xiao Ma and Qiao You appeared in time and rescued Li Yao. Xiao Ma wanted to turn off Jiang Li, but he could not beat Jiang Li and was almost injured. At the critical moment, he could only use the core robot suppressor to injure Jiang Li. As Jiang Li was injured, the connection between Wen Haokang and Jiang Li was interrupted, and Li Yao helped Jiang Li to release Haokang’s control.

Ah Zheng played the memories he had said and said goodbye to Dr. Jin, and expressed his love for him and Dr. Jin, and then shut down. Dr. Jin held Ah Zheng and cried bitterly. Jiang Jie and Haohao successfully met, Wan Ling handed over the killer core robot to Jiang Jie. After bidding farewell to Jiang Jie and Haohao, Wan Ling and Ye Kun rushed back to China to help Li Yao.

Sijia wanted to unlock the singularity and rescue Ah Zheng, but was rejected by Dr. Jin. Dr. Jin thinks that such Ah Zheng is already very good, and he always has a lot of troubles when he is born. Homesick and Dr. Jin bid farewell to Li Yao and meet them.

Jiang Li wanted to leave secretly by himself, but was discovered by Li Yao. Jiang Li felt that he couldn’t face his family, and wanted to leave by himself. Li Yao enlightened Jiang Li, thanked Jiang Li for saving him, and apologized to Jiang Li. Jiang Li gradually let go of his conversation with Li Yao, and decided to go back with Li Yao to reunite with Ye Kun and the others.

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