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Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies 別想打擾我學習 Episode 17 Recap

Lin Xiaoran heard that Zhang Chao’s method was to get close to Wang Feng, and then a little bit hatred for iron but not steel. Nan Xiangwan knew that everyone was kind enough to help him, so he and Chen Shiyun took Wang Feng to see Lin Xiaoran and the others. The few people got together and they were completely open. As the monitor of the seventh class, Yu Meili naturally apologized for not managing the classmates well. Zhang Chao also admitted that he wanted to distract Wang Feng, so he did these things.

After Wang Feng understood the cause and effect, there was inevitably some gap in her heart, but she did not continue to pursue it, but changed her attitude towards Nan Xiangwan and no longer held hostility towards her. Zhang Chao personally sent him home in Meili, while Lin Xiaoran accompanied Nan Xiangwan to read in the coffee shop. The scene of the two quietly getting along was very warm.

When returning home, it suddenly rained heavily, and Lin Xiaoran took the initiative to put her clothes on Nan Xiangwan and walked side by side with her holding an umbrella. Nan Xiangwan knew that Lin Xiaoran wanted to be a pilot, and considering the help he had brought to him, he used the computer to check relevant information as a way of sorting out his ideas.

In order to make Nanxiang good at learning, Lin Xiaoran and others volunteered and offered to help Nanma to deliver clothes to customers, and rode an electric car through the streets. Nan Xiangwan received news from Liu Yubai and learned that there would be a lecture on the college entrance examination next week, so she specially invited her to go with her. Considering that Lin Xiaoran’s performance was still improving, Nan Xiangwan asked Liu Yubai to ask him for an extra ticket.

The customer information of Yurun Real Estate was tragically leaked by the Bluebird Group, and major media rushed to report, causing it to fall into a crisis of public opinion. Although the public relations department has asked the public relations department to find a way to deal with it, the time has not been completely resolved. As the incident worsened, Liu’s father frowned every day. Liu Yubai realized that the situation was not right, so he asked curiously, but the other party didn’t mention a word. .

The school is about to take the college entrance examination. Everyone is strengthening their homework knowledge. As long as they don’t understand a topic, they will go to Nan Xiangwan for advice. At first Nan Xiangwan was able to answer one or two, but more and more questions made her sometimes unable to resist. Through training on the construction site, Zeng Jianfei finally realized his ignorance. He returned to Class 7 because he thanked Wang Qibei for not giving up on himself and also promised to study hard.

Because the students in Class 7 had a poor foundation, Nan Xiang couldn’t teach at night, and he didn’t have enough ability to answer all the questions, so he immediately went to Zhu Cong and asked him to help them with their homework. Zhu Cong looked down on the elementary questions in Class 7, feeling meaningless, and refused on the spot. After he left, Li Shuai happened to pass by and couldn’t help wondering why Nan Xiangwan was at the gate of the second class. Seeing Li Shuai’s puzzled appearance, Nan Xiangwan remembered seeing a video of him teaching online a few years later, and couldn’t help but sigh that he would be a good teacher in the future, which made Li Shuai a little at a loss.

Everyone got together to discuss how Zhu Cong agreed to make up the lesson. Li Shuai believed that his type of academic master needs to be challenged, so he should adopt the aggressive method. In the end, Nan Xiangwan copied the physics competition questions of Guanhua University a few years later based on his memory, and secretly put them on Zhu Cong’s desk. Sure enough, Zhu Cong became interested in this, and he did not find a formula after studying for an afternoon.

Liu Yubai got two lecture tickets and gave them to Nan Xiangwan. After he returned to the classroom, he found that Zhu Cong was still struggling to write, and there was not a piece of waste paper on the table for him to figure out the solution. Zhu Cong determined that this question came from Nan Xiangwan, and that it should be to attract his own attention. As a result, Liu Yubai immediately denied it as soon as he finished speaking.

At the same time, Director Zhang convened a meeting with all class teachers, claiming that many students had been exposed to secrets recently, and it was obvious that there were signs of premature love. Wang Qibei did not agree with Director Zhang’s views. He felt that the communication between teachers and classmates should be valued at this stage. As a teacher, we should guide children in the right direction, not just criticize education.

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