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Dear Park Eun

Dear Park Eun
Other Name: 亲爱的朴恩同学

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Ding Si
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The former classmate Park Eun was very proud Jiao boy, but now he is a very thick-skinned boy with a black belly, and the changes in this one have to start with Ye Liang, the girl he is thinking of. They grew up together with their childhood sweethearts and two little wugus. After experiencing the separation, they met again in the new campus. This time they saw through their inner youth Park Eun and decided to attack bravely, seizing every opportunity and setting up one trap after another. Finally, student Ye Liang was successfully brought into his arms.

Free Reading Highlights:
It’s just that Erha thought everyone was playing with it and ran happier.

The scene was very out of control.

When Dashan was so scared that he was about to rush out of the training ground, Park Eun clapped his hands: “Peter, come here!”

Hearing the instruction, Erha’s little paw stopped, and slowly turned around reluctantly, “Huh Huh”, sticking his tongue out, turned to Pu En’s side and rubbed the boy’s calf. Park Eun scratched Erha’s neck and said “Good boy”.

When Ye Liang saw this, his eyes widened. Could it be that this dog belongs to Park En?

Not only did Ye Liang think so, but when the players saw Erha listening to Park En’s words, they all thought that the dog was brought by Park En, and said, “When did you kid raise a husky? Don’t say, this dog is stupid. Yes, standing with you is quite cute.”

Seeing that the dog was under control, Da Shan lay on the ground prostration, yelling “Pu Da-en, you are not kind, you bully me with your little stupid dog, what a good guy”!

Liu Dong finished the record, walked over and kicked the dead mountain: “Who said my dog ​​is stupid?”

Is this dog Liu Dong’s? Dashan immediately bounced up and said with a hippie smile: “It turns out that Peter belongs to your family, Coach Liu. I said he is so majestic and handsome, and his small body runs like a cheetah. It really looks like you back then.”

Liu Dong has long been immune to Dashan’s ability to turn the rudder when he sees the wind. He gave Dashan a blank look and said directly to Fang Anyang: “Fang Anyang is on the runway.”

“Coach, don’t you talk about my results first?”

Da Shan just used the energy of milking, and can’t wait to know the result.

“Wait a moment to announce the results, go there and wait first.” Liu Dong drove the mountain in disgust, Fang Anyang also stepped on the starting blocks at this time.

Originally Fang Anyang was still speculating why Liu Dong was looking for someone to steal his hard drive and poster. Before he could guess the result, he saw Park Eun standing at the end and unblocking an out-of-print poster that he had kept for many years.

“Park En!” Fang Anyang hurriedly tried to stop him, but Liu Donghe stayed in, and said to Park En, “You continue.”

Pu Eun paused for a moment when he unfolded the poster, and then walked over and brought Ye Liang, who was tiptoeing in the crowd to watch carefully, saying, “You are not allowed to look at it, it is not suitable for children.”

“Hey!” Ye Liang wanted to break free, but was buckled behind him by Park En’s backhand, using his body to block the little girl’s sight tightly.

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