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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 4 Recap

Tang Mingxuan and Murphy talked about the after-sales plan of Su Embroidery Workshop. The two people had a very happy conversation. In terms of design, they seemed to have a common language. Tang Mingxuan personally sent Murphy home. He saw a delivery car not far away, as if to deliberately crash into Murphy. Tang Mingxuan rushed forward to protect her without even thinking about it.

Taking this opportunity, Tang Mingxuan entered Murphy’s home as a guest, only to realize that she intends to study at the Paris Fashion Institute. Tang Mingxuan learned that Murphy was working part-time in Xiong Ying’s studio. He originally planned to quit participating in the Xiong Ying show, but again changed his mind and changed the schedule.

Before the Xiong Yingxiu exhibition began, many directors and designers from related industries were present. Fang Xiaoyu and Zhu Haitian seemed to have personal conflicts. During the gossip, Fang Xiaoyu happened to see no one on the second floor. Tang Mingxuan and Mo Fei had a very happy conversation, but they were curious that they also knew each other.

Tang Mingxuan has always disliked such crowded social occasions, obviously this time it was all for Murphy. The exhibition was about to begin, but Bai Xiaoman’s clothing suddenly broke a hole. She insisted that it was too late to participate in the exhibition, and took the opportunity to provoke Murphy. Looking at Morphy again, she didn’t want to pay any attention to Bai Xiaoman, and concentrated on using needles and threads to mended the white sand on the outer cover of the clothes.

Murphy repaired the hole with a flower within time, and Fang Xiaoyu’s appreciation was appreciated, which once again angered Bai Xiaoman. The show is just around the corner, and Bai Xiaoman can no longer produce moths, otherwise he would have to use his bowl of rice as a bet. The show went on smoothly, that is, during the show, Fang Xiaoyu deliberately sat next to Murphy, and whenever Tang Mingxuan communicated with Murphy, he would always deliberately lure Murphy’s attention.

The TV station is about to host the Chinese style designer competition, Shen Jiaxi is trying to persuade Murphy to participate, after all, generous rewards can solve the cost of Murphy to Paris. While talking, Shen Jiaxi suddenly involved Tang Mingxuan’s topic, but Murphy can talk about cooperation on behalf of Su Xiufang and Mingyuan, and with her own skills, she believes that the future will be bright.

Murphy has given the details of the cooperation to the owner of Su Embroidery Workshop for review. As an apprentice of the owner, Murphy has always been trusted and regarded as a granddaughter by the owner. This time, Mingyuan’s sincerity was enough, and with Murphy’s matchmaking, the cooperation between Su Xiufang and Mingyuan was firmly established.

The TV station designer competition is also held by Mingyuan Group, and the person in charge is Xia Xueling. With this relationship, Xia Xueling is in charge of himself, and designers under Mingyuan can avoid the audition. Although Tang Mingxuan felt that this was unfair, Xia Xueling was in charge of the matter, and he did not take care of it too much.

In a bar, Mo Fan was staying here and saw Lu Zhu being filled with alcohol, and he immediately stopped to help her without causing trouble to the bar. After get off work, Lu Zhu specifically came out to thank Mo Fan, and when he learned that the other party wanted to make money, he directly took out an unlimited gold card and gave it to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was a little dumbfounded by Lu Zhu’s actions, and quickly stopped a taxi to let her go home. The confession that Lu Zhu had already said was inadvertently ignored by Mo Fan, but he also left a deeper impression on such a simple and cute girl.

Fang Xiaoyu learned that Murphy had applied for the Paris Institute of Fashion, as a gift, on the pretext of giving the scissors he had used Sunny to Murphy in the name of his brother. After saying goodbye to Fang Xiaoyu, Murphy immediately came to Mingyuan Group and waited for Tang Mingxuan downstairs. After Murphy brought Su Xiufang’s willingness to cooperate and was about to leave, Tang Mingxuan once again created opportunities to get along with her in the name of celebration.

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