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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 2 Recap

As soon as Morphy saw Tang Mingxuan, he blamed the other party for not keeping the promise, and has not mailed back the shorthand notebook to her until the other party showed evidence that the phone number she had left was wrong, and Morphy quickly apologized. Tang Mingxuan has always been very curious about Murphy’s proposal to reduce drawnwork, and the idea of ​​using organza, after being explained in person, he seems to have begun to appreciate Murphy’s idea.

Tang Mingxuan left immediately after receiving the call, and did not get too entangled with Murphy. He learned that Lu Zhu had participated in the Kaiman model selection and rushed to the Kaiman company. Tang Mingxuan and Fang Xiaoyu collided. In their words, it seemed that Fang Xiaoyu’s sister had been missing for three years and could not be separated from Tang Mingxuan, and the two turned against each other.

Tang Mingxuan did not explain or refute, and directly led Lu Zhu away. Lu Dan likes this niece very much, but the originally harmonious family atmosphere became unhappy after Lu Zhu confessed to leave school. Lu Zhu’s dream is to become a world famous model, but she feels that her life is controlled by the Tang family, even if the reason for this manipulation is love, it also makes her want to break free from the shackles of this love.

Tang Qiren is not an arbitrary dictator. After thinking about it, he reached a consensus with Tang Mingxuan and agreed that Lu Zhu would become Kaiman’s intern. Tang Mingxuan also believed that Fang Xiaoyu would not target Lu Zhu because of himself.

The father and son had a rare opportunity to sit together. Regarding the issue of the sub-brand Song Tang, Tang Mingxuan did intend to cut this loss-making brand. To Tang Qiren, eulogizing the Tang Dynasty represents the spiritual world of Chinese elements as well as the spiritual world of Mingyuan Company. He does not want to give up a brand that was born to promote national clothing.

The Kaiman charity dinner is coming soon, and Morphy knows that the clothes he designed are for Bai Xiaoman. It just so happens that Fang Xiaoyu once met Murphy’s design by chance and praised her very much. After all, it is not easy to meet people with the same idea in the design field. Seeing Fang Xiaoyu and Murphy behave in a friendly manner, Bai Xiaoman is like a cat with blown up fur, warning Murphy with a grin.

After considering his father’s ideas, Tang Mingxuan immediately specified a series of plans to bring Songtang back to life. In addition to brand promotion, the more important issue was the craftsmanship. Tang Mingxuan learned that Li’s Embroidery Workshop is the inherited Su Embroidery Workshop, and the craftsmanship can naturally be guaranteed, but whether Su Embroidery House can agree to cooperate depends on Tang Mingxuan’s sincerity.

It happened that Tang Mingxuan was on Murphy’s radio station and learned that she would also go to the Su embroidery room to learn about Su embroidery, so he deliberately changed the itinerary to Suzhou and waited on the Suzhou platform. With the assistance of the driver Yang Guang, Tang Mingxuan successfully made Mo Fei flick her into his car in the name of leading the way, and came to Su Xiufang together.

Tang Mingxuan’s intention to talk about the acquisition of Su Xiufang was not smooth. In his heart, only the benefits brought by the business were the only things he cared about for the craftsmen handed down by the family. Even though Tang Mingxuan had been fully prepared and learned that Su Embroidery Workshop had no income for half a year, it would be useless for Xiu Niang to leave the number.

Tang Mingxuan is a full-fledged businessman. He only knows how to use interest to arouse the desire of the other party to cooperate. In his words, there is a big meaning that Su Xiufang will no longer exist without cooperation with him. Tang Mingxuan wanted to provoke the owner of Su Embroidery Workshop to reluctantly shut down the Embroidery Workshop, but completely forgot his father’s instructions. He didn’t believe that it was necessary to contaminate friendship when talking about cooperation.

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