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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 4 Recap

Fang Peng almost opened the closet door, but fortunately, Sun Xiaoai came in in time. After Fang Peng left, Sun Xiaoai sighed, and Su Xing reminded her that Fang Peng was looking for something sneakily just now, but Sun Xiaoai didn’t care at all. Sun Xiaoai allowed Su Xing to live here, but could not destroy anything. Su Xing naturally slept on the sofa and found the bracelet he had accidentally dropped that day. The next day, Sun Xiaoai woke up and found that his wedding photo was affixed with Su Xing’s head, and Su Xing had already happily eaten the breakfast sent by Qingping, completely turning a blind eye to Sun Xiaoai’s anger.

Little Pudding was very unhappy because Su Xing hadn’t come back to watch his game. Su Xing had to console him that he was still recording the show and couldn’t leave. Yuting told Fang Peng that she was pregnant, and Fang Peng was taken aback. Today’s recording of the show is more about cooking. Sun Xiaoai suddenly offered to exchange the luxurious kitchen for Louis Wei’s simple kitchen. Su Xing’s face suddenly collapsed, but he had to agree. Su Xing ignited Sun Xiaoai nearby, and complained.

Fang Peng and Yuting came to the bridal shop and waited for Sun Xiaoai to take the wedding photos. Bai Ming was shocked when they thought they had escaped from marriage together. Sun Xiaoai was late, and Fang Peng gradually lost his patience. Sun Xiaoai made the grilled fish, and then stole it away during the recording interval of the show.

Hurrying to the bridal shop, Fang Peng kept saying that she was worried that Sun Xiaoai was about to change the day, but she didn’t expect Yuting to suddenly wear her wedding dress and asked Fang Peng happily if she looked good, saying that she really liked this wedding dress. Want to try. Su Xing and Sun Xiaoai won the competition and received a prize of 500,000 yuan. Su Xing directly announced the donation to the local primary school.

Sun Xiaoai and Yu Ting tried on high heels together, but Yu Ting refused to say that she could not wear high heels because of a sprained foot. Pete asked Su Xing to attend the reception to promote it. Su Xing was anxious to go back to see Pudding, feeling a little unhappy. When Peter heard that Su Xing had donated the bonus, his face was long. Yuting offered to take a photo with Fang Peng, and Fang Peng agreed. Su Xing asked Jia Chang’an to put the press reception at Sun Xiaoai’s house, and also let someone open the door directly to set it up.

Sun Xiaoai accidentally knocked over Yuting’s bag and found the pregnancy test report in her bag. Fang Peng took a photo with Yu Ting. Yu Ting insisted that Fang Peng put her hand on her waist. At this time, Sun Xiaoai ran to ask Yu Ting if she was pregnant. Yu Ting said that the father did not know about this and she did not want to disturb him However, Sun Xiaoai was very angry, thinking that Yuting’s boyfriend had caught him and beat him up, and quickly denied that the child was not his.

Sun Xiaoai tried his best to persuade him, and Fang Peng beside him couldn’t help but confess that the child belongs to him. Before Sun Xiaoai could react, Fang Peng had already taken Yu Ting’s hand, saying that it was his own fault and that Yu Ting should not be allowed to suffer the grievances from him. Yuting confessed that she fell in love with Fang Peng the first time she met him, but it was her own idea to give birth to a child, and Fang Peng still loved Sun Xiaoai.

Sun Xiaoai was stunned to touch Yu Ting’s belly, Fang Peng nervously protected Yu Ting behind him, telling Sun Xiaoai not to hurt the child. Sun Xiaoai was even more sad, so in Fang Peng’s mind, she was a person who would hurt the child. Sun Xiaoai slapped Fang Peng fiercely and left sadly in her wedding dress.

Sun Xiaoai’s house has been set up as a reception site. Sun Xiaoai came back in despair, completely turning a blind eye to this scene. Su Xing thought she was too angry and hurried after her to explain, but Sun Xiaoai completely ignored it. Just keep drinking. Sun Xiaoai suddenly began to vent her emotions. She gave Fang Peng everything, but why did he fall in love with other people. What Sun Xiaoai said caused reporters on the scene to misunderstand the relationship between Su Xing and her. Sun Xiaoai was still immersed in grief. One of them accidentally almost fell downstairs. Su Xing wanted to help her and was taken down together. Both fell down the building.

Father grandson and grandmother waited in the hospital for Sun Xiaoai to wake up. They were also worried about her and Su Xing’s scandal. Su Xing asked her to chat with Fang Peng alone. Pete is worried about Su Xing and Sun Xiaoai, and the comments under Su Xing’s Weibo are unsightly, which is really detrimental to his image. Sun Xiaoai never thought that he would go to this point with Fang Peng. Fang Peng said that he never wanted to hurt Sun Xiaoai. He also wanted to give Sun Xiaoai a better life through his own efforts, which led to one step wrong. By mistake, I was cheated of all the money.

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