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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 2 Recap

The price that Pete offered was a little bit beyond the budget, and Jia Changan was a little embarrassed. Pete said that he would pack Julie together, and ensured that there was a conversation. Jia Changan could only agree. In the interview, Su Xing specifically violated Pete’s meaning and said a lot. Pete hurriedly stopped the interview and took away Su Xing Education. Su Xing threatened to change to an agent. Pete immediately counseled and said that this show would invite his opponent. Lu Yiwei, let Su Xing teach him a lesson at that time.

Sun Xiaoai found that Kari’s money had been passive and asked Fang Peng. She felt that Fang Peng was a little weird recently. Fang Peng took out a pair of earrings Sun Xiaoai liked and said that she wanted to give her before the wedding. She had found out, and Sun Xiaoai was very moved. Sun Xiaoai went to send the wedding invitation and asked Fang Peng to send the supplier’s money. Pete introduced to Su Xing, the company’s newly signed artist Qi Yue, who would go to a reality show with him. The two had met in the gym.

Yuting begged Fang Peng to take herself to their new house to take a look. She said that she would give up after seeing it, and she would also wish them good old age. Fang Peng’s heart was shaken suddenly. He took Yuting’s hand and said that he wanted to break up with Sun Xiaoai several times, but they grew up together, and Sun Xiaoai used all his savings to help him open the restaurant, so he didn’t. To break up with Sun Xiaoai, Yuting said pitifully that she didn’t want anything.

After Su Xing and Qi Yue finished socializing with Mr. Wei, they set off to Water Town to record a reality show the next day. Jia Changan said that Pete could not show up after turning on the phone, and he could not bring any mobile phones. Although Pete was very reluctant, he could only agree. Sun Xiaoai came to deliver food to Su Xing. Su Xing was very angry when he saw the coriander in the dish, and asked Qingping to throw the food out. Sun Xiaoai put the money on the table and said that the meal was hers, and then became annoyed. After leaving, I didn’t forget to complain when I returned to the restaurant.

Qingping came to ask Su Xing to get up, but he didn’t expect that Su Xing was not in the room. Su Xing went out and wandered around in disguise, and met many people waiting for Sun Xiaoai’s rice noodles at the entrance of the rice noodle store. The uncle told him that Xiao Ai rice noodles were a must here, but Su Xing would definitely not be able to eat it because there were only 100 servings. . Su Xing didn’t believe in evil, so he lined up with others. Sun Xiaoai said that there were no more than one hundred copies a day, and she did not change her decision after recognizing Su Xing, and the rice noodles in her hand already had an owner. Su Xing secretly followed and saw Sun Xiaoai giving rice noodles to an uncle.

It was about to be recorded. Pete was very angry because of Su Xing’s disappearance. I heard that the recording guests had not yet come. Pete simply used the question to say that Su Xing had already started to make up the stand book. After Jia Changan calmed him down, he quickly asked people to find him again. A female star is coming. Sun Xiaoai went to deliver food to Julie, and when she talked about Pete’s pretentious things, Julie smiled helplessly. Sun Xiaoai went to the bathroom, and Su Xing came, unceremoniously ate the food on Julie’s table, and spit out to Julie while eating that Sun Xiaoai almost angered him, and Sun Xiaoai came out to listen. After these words, Julie hurriedly explained that she was her cousin. Sun Xiaoai couldn’t say anything about Su Xingqi, so she could only leave angrily. Julie came back helplessly to persuade Sun Xiaoai, she had liked Su Xing for many years, and Sun Xiaoai couldn’t understand what she liked.

Jia Changan came to Su Xing and said that there was no way to take pictures of the guest flight in the afternoon except for some problems, so he had to take group shots first. Fang Peng borrowed money everywhere to buy stocks because he believed his friends. This time he also focused on the real estate certificate and restaurant business license. Although Sun Xiaoai invested the money at the beginning, Fang Peng’s name was written. Sun Xiaoai returned angrily, Fang Peng hurriedly hid what was in his hands. In the partner selection session, the female partner Su Xing drew was Wang Yun.

At dinner, Sun Xiaoai didn’t eat rice because she wanted to lose weight, and Yuting didn’t eat rice and didn’t like spicy food anymore. She pointedly looked at Fang Peng and said that she would go to the scene to witness their happiness, Fang Peng With a guilty conscience, he quickly found an excuse and left. Pete helped Julie and Qi Yue find an assistant.

Jia Changan was also preparing for tomorrow’s filming. Wang Yun couldn’t come because of acute gastroenteritis. When Jia Changan was in a hurry, he heard that Zhenhua Sun Xiaoai looked good, so he wanted to take She invited over to participate in the recording. Fang Peng, who came to deliver the box lunch, heard about the money, so he quickly agreed on behalf of Sun Xiaoai, and also received 50% of Jia Changan’s money.

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