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My Family Man God Hao Hui Liao

My Family Man God Hao Hui Liao (Novel)
Other Name: 我家男神好会撩, The Fancy Laughter of a Man God

Genre: novel, campus, romance
Author: Chen Yi
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The story of the novel is about encountering Han Yu. It made Tang Xia feel that her lucky value was overwhelming. However, following the male god back home, she realized that the male god was living under her eyelids. However, because of this discovery, a flower appeared in her heart, making Tang Xia couldn’t help but born an ambition in her heart, that is, she hopes that she can approach the water tower and have a sweet love with the male god Han Yu. However, what happened later changed Tang Xia’s attitude towards the boy. From that time on, she discovered that the male god was just an ordinary person who would worry about English words.

Free Reading Highlights:
Tang Xia was silent for a moment, as if finally making up his mind, watching Han Yu slowly said–“If you are not so…weird, I think I will be very happy to be your friend.”

Han Yu’s eyebrows suddenly bend, but he seems to react, “Weird?”

“Weird is not considered a derogatory term, I said it is light,” Tang Xia immediately continued, “Just like you, arrogant and arrogant, every day puts on the air that others have to follow you, if it is not good-looking I’ve been beaten by people for a long time, okay!”

She finished speaking in one breath and looked at Han Yu calmly.

Han Yu was still in a dazed state, as if he didn’t get out of the girl’s “criticism” all of a sudden.

Tang Xia took advantage of his anger and hurried to flatter, “Of course this is what I thought of you before, how should I put it… Now your attitude is still good, at least you will take the initiative to apologize and reconcile, and I will take back the previous misunderstanding of your character. “

Han Yu took a deep breath, barely suppressing dissatisfaction, “Personality?”

“You must be a young man who grew up with the stars holding the moon,” Tang Xia ignored his words and continued, “you can only be accommodated by others, obey you, and shake your face if you feel unhappy, right?”

Han Yu’s face changed immediately, “Tang, Xia.”

As long as he gets angry, he will grit his teeth while calling her name.

Tang Xia smiled and eased the atmosphere.

The boy turned his gaze away disgustingly, with a sneer between his nose, and then said after a while: “No.”

He did not grow up like a star holding the moon.

It’s not.

Tang Xia didn’t believe it, “but you are so proud.” She was bold enough to say anything, probably because she could feel in her heart that Han Yu really wouldn’t mind her provocation anymore.

“Tang Xia,” the young man raised his chin, exposing his white neck, rolling up and down the Adam’s apple, very sexy, “Pride is not necessarily because of my growth environment.”

He looked away suddenly, then suddenly retracted, then turned his head to look at Tang Xia steadily.

The voice is clear and clear.

“It’s also possible that it’s just because I want to live proudly.”

Live proudly.

Tang Xia remembered the words of the boy at noon that day for a lifetime.

She didn’t know why she was deeply impressed, perhaps it was the loneliness between his brows, or the depression in his words.

Or maybe it was his exceptionally firm face and the unyielding in his posture.

After many, many years, Tang Xia finally had the courage to say-“Han Yu, you are so good, I always feel that I am not worthy of you.”

And the pampering in his eyebrows is the same as before—”My girl, I am proud of.”

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