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I hope you are safe

I hope you are safe (Novel)
Other Name: 许你安然, Xu You Enran, Xu You An Ran

Genre: novel, campus, romance
Author: faded the flute
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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every September is the day when all schools start, and today’s Li Qin An came to the school with expectations of high school life. You must know that when she was in junior high school, she endured for three full years. That period was simply miserable, and it became her dark time. I thought that after coming to high school, her happy life was about to begin, but unexpectedly she met a “terrible” deskmate here, who didn’t write homework all day, so she asked her homework to copy, but just copied it. Copy out the feelings…

Free Reading Highlights:
Xu Shu took off his watch and handed it to Li Qin’an to keep it safe, then turned around and went to Xu Jinyuan’s side.

“Xu Shu, come on.” Seeing Xu Shu’s away back, Li Qin’an stopped Xu Shu for no apparent reason.

He turned his head and nodded to Li Qin’an, wondering whether the sun was too dazzling or he had hallucinations. Li Qin’an seemed to see Xu Shu smile slightly and said “OK” to himself.

“one two Three.”

“one two Three.”

“Come on for class seven, come on for class seven.”

The resurrected Li Qin’an’s voice was worthy of a platoon, and there was the little bee that had just been snatched from the passer-by. No matter how the opposite class cheered, the voice couldn’t be overpowered by Li Qin’an.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Li Qin’an happily jumped into Tang Ning’s arms, “Three to zero, we won.”

Tang Ning was a little untenable by Li Qin’an’s sudden movements. After spinning around for a few times, she gradually stabilized her footsteps. If she didn’t look carefully, she thought it was a hug between lovers.

Xu Shu stood behind Tang Ning with a black line on his face, his bright eyes seemed to melt Tang Ning.

Tang Ning seemed to have a radar installed on the back of his head, knowing exactly where Xu Shu was, and hurriedly laid Li Qin down, saying with a serious face: “An’an, this is detrimental, you should be more reserved.”

Li Qin’an stuck out his tongue and said excitedly: “I’m so happy. You didn’t see the face of the eighth class on the opposite side. All of them are delicious. We finally exhale, hahahahahaha.”

In fact, the relationship between the eighth class and the seventh class is like a friend and an enemy, which is all to blame for the magical operation of the school.

Class 7 and Class 8 are the only top-tier classes in the entire grade, and the other classes are ordinary classes. The two top-tier classes are in peace.

However, Gu Xiaoye, the head teacher of the eighth class, is the head of the grade, and likes to compare the two classes everywhere. Bullying Zhang Xilin is a newcomer, and he often criticizes Class 7 with excuses. Either someone is distracted during class, or the noise is too loud after class, or the academic performance is not good for Class 8.

They were all adolescent children. It was when they were rebellious. The repeated provocations of the eighth class teacher had long caused the students in the seventh class to accumulate resentment, but they did not dare to attack. Zhang Xilin often said that Class 7 should learn from Class 8, so he should be more quiet.

In private, everyone complained about Zhang Xilin’s cowardice and timidity, but Li Qin’an felt that Zhang Xilin was also for the good of everyone. When he had a head-on conflict with the teacher, the students would always suffer, and it would be better to bear the peace for a while.

Under the influence of Gu Xiaoye, the students in Class 8 regard Class 7 as their opponents. Everywhere they have to exceed Class 7, scores exceed Class 7, Sports meets also exceed Class 7, and the class hygiene evaluation also exceeds Class 7, as if it exceeds Class 7. , They are the bosses.

This kind of unhealthy competition even quickly derives into a comparison. It is not the kind of friendship competition where everyone works together, but rather the arrogance and contempt of above the top and domineering.

Li Qin’an privately thinks that their perception is very dangerous.

Having been suppressed for so long, this victory made the entire seventh class exhale, no wonder Li Qin’an was so happy.

To be happy is to be blatant and happy, otherwise what’s the point of being happy.

With this in mind, Tang Ning left Li Qin’an and ran over to his classmates in the competition one by one, expressing his celebration, and also agreed to go to the school gate to eat popsicles after school for a while.

The classmates from the eighth class across the street died out and left. Seeing the joy of class seven, they had fallen apart a long time ago and went back to their homes.

“An’an, Xu Jinyuan said that he would like to go to the barbecue stall to celebrate for a while, let’s go together, is your menstrual period able to hold it?” Tang Ning asked in a low voice, holding Li Qin’an’s arm.

“No problem, no problem, I can eat fifty skewers now.” Li Qin’an’s gluttony immediately came up as soon as there was a barbecue.

Tang Ning said to Li Qin’an, “Xu Shu, you also go there, our great hero.”


Only then did Li Qin’an know that Xu Shu has been behind him. This fairy is scary, and it is not good to keep silent. The fairy is also exposed to the smoke and smoke. It is not good to say a few more words to blend in with everyone occasionally. of?

She had long forgotten that Xu Shu could speak to herself fluently in the speed of 20 words in three seconds in the afternoon.

Li Qin’an turned around and returned the watch to Xu Shu, “Then, return to the original owner.”

Xu Shu took the watch, raised his slender left hand, clenched his left fist, and slowly put the watch on his left with his right hand. This scene was simply a crime.

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