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I Care A Lot (2020)

I Care a Lot
Also known as: I care a lot, queen of fraud, 我很在乎 詐欺女王, ห่วง…แต่หวังฮุบ

Genre: Drama
United Kingdom
J. Blackson
Release Date:
September 12, 2020 (Canada)
Related Show:


  • Rosamund Pike
  • Peter Dinklage
  • Aisha Gonzalez
  • Dianne Wiest
  • Chris Messina

Shocked the world! Taking care of the fraud and getting rich incident on the big screen! After “The Queen of the Decisive” and “The Wolf of Wall Street”, what you must think about getting rich from crime! “Imitation Game”, “Bann Homecoming” Gold Award nominated production team’s latest crime masterpiece! “Control” Rosamund Parker becomes an intelligent scammer and shows off his domineering and scheming acting skills! Cross the scheming confrontation between the enemy and ourselves, the twists and turns of the plot, the annual must-see crime movie!

93% freshness of Rotten Tomatoes is praised, and the “Hollywood Reporter” praised: “I can’t look away for a moment! She is smart and glamorous, resourceful, scheming offensive and defensive, and she is the perfect crime queen Mara (Rosa). Played by Monpike) Use legal means to become the legal guardian of a specific group of elderly people, and treat these elderly people as targets. First let them live in a terrible nursing facility, then take away their mobile phones so that they cannot ask for help, and finally steal their property.

She committed the crime perfectly calmly, even the law did not make any difference to her. One day, she locked the next “fat sheep” and successfully let the other party fall into the scam that she carefully laid out. Later, she actually found this seemingly perfect “Fat Sheep” seems to be not as innocent as it seems on the surface, and it has also caused himself to be threatened with death…

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