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Good Life 生活万岁 Episode 34 End Recap

During the period of hospitalization, Xing Yaoping calmly considered many things, especially now that his family is not well-off, Xing Haiyang will face postgraduate entrance examinations, work, and marrying a wife and having children in the future. Wherever he can think of it, he basically cannot do without the support of money. However, Xing Yaoping’s rehabilitation training does not last for a minute, so he does not want Zeng Zhiting to delay his career. However, Zeng Zhiting puts him first in life. Only Xing Yaoping stands up again is the result that everyone most hopes to see. .

Since talking with Zeng Zhidong, Teacher Zheng took the initiative to find Pang Wenjing and truthfully told the current situation of Zeng Zhidong, including Xing Yaoping’s continued exercise after a car accident. Because Xing Yaoping is the spiritual pillar of Zeng Zhidong, Teacher Zheng hoped that Pang Wenjing could give each other a chance, so that the two of them could face themselves tough despite the pain.

Zeng Zhiling received a text message from Zeng Zhidong, knowing that he would undergo the last psychological treatment. At this time, Li Qiwei came to Song Wenjie. Zeng Zhiting wanted to ask him what he thought about Zeng Zhidong and Pang Wenjing. Unexpectedly, Li Qiwei misinterpreted Zeng Zhiling’s meaning, thinking that her confession was bothering her, so she insisted that Feiqing would not marry. Even if it doesn’t work in this life, it will be in the next life.

After teacher Zheng’s persuasion, Pang Wenjing and Zeng Zhidong met in the psychological counseling room to conduct a special mutual treatment. Teacher Zheng asked the two to communicate in the form of questions. During this period, there should be no concealment or refusal to answer. Pang Wenjing took the lead and asked the questions hidden in her heart for many years. The answers she got made her cry.

Such repeated questions and answers also plunged Zeng Zhidong into deep memories. The two people who originally wanted to give up treatment ended up fulfilling each other and found that the other party couldn’t let each other go. Faced with Zeng Zhidong’s retention, Pang Wenjing confessed that she regarded this relationship as the only one from the beginning to the end, and then turned and left. When Zeng Zhidong reacted and chased after her, she finally hugged her on the flyover tightly, feeling the loss and recovery. joy.

The hospital investigated that Zeng Zhiting was not at fault during her work, so she restricted her and her top priority was to help Yaoping recover. Dismissed, you can re-enter the job. However, Zeng Zhiting heard the news without any excitement and joy. Instead, she believed that her top priority was to help Xing Yaoping recover, so she chose between family and career instead of taking career as the highest goal of life.

Zeng Jianguo organized the second family meeting in the ward, and was chaired by Xing Yaoping. Zeng Zhidong reported on the progress of his relationship with Pang Wenjing. Zeng Zhixiang explained that the car repair shop’s business is becoming more stable. He discussed with Dong Chunxiang to obtain the certificate after being released from prison. As for Zeng Zhiling’s training institution is still booming, but Zeng Zhiting does not want to continue clinical practice after returning to her original position. Instead, follow the example of Professor Mao to engage in scientific research and cultivate more medical talents.

After the sons and daughters have finished speaking, Zeng Jianguo made a unified summary. He believes that the most important thing for the old Zeng family is to help Xing Yaoping completely recover, because Xing Yaoping used practical actions to make everyone see optimism and understand that a person needs to live a lifetime. Happy. In the following days, Xing Yaoping began to practice walking with prosthetic limbs. During this period, Zeng Zhiting and Xing Yaoping stayed beside him until he recovered and was discharged from the hospital.

Five months later, Xing Yaoping put on a prosthesis and remarried with Zeng Zhiting. His son Xing Haiyang was also admitted to a key school. Zeng Zhidong and Pang Wenjing are married and will soon welcome their first child. Accompanied by everyone, Zeng Zhixiang went to pick Dong Chunxiang from prison in person. As for Zeng Jianguo and Wang Yi to live together, only Zeng Zhiling’s feelings are still being tested, and Li Weiqi is very patient.

In the old house, Zeng Jianguo wiped the photos of Fan Liping and Fei Yajuan, slowly telling the children’s current situation, hoping to comfort their spirits in the sky. Lao Ni and the men of the Zeng family were in the kitchen, preparing a family banquet for the children who had experienced the baptism of life. Tony took his ex-wife to visit the house, and the family gathered around Zeng Jianguo in a lively manner, welcoming the future together. To live a happy life, as the wine glass is raised, everyone shouts long live life.

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