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Attracting Your Attention

Attracting Your Attention
Other Name: 吸引你的注意力, Embracing Your Hourly Light

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Shia
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Tang Keke’s grandfather is a very old scholar. Under the influence of his grandfather, she vowed to become such a person. Tang Keke was only eight years old that year. Since then , “Super powerful cultural person” has completely become her life goal. For this reason, she studies hard, makes progress every day, and even has no interest in everything except learning. But when he was in high school, Tang Keke’s first-grade throne was actually squeezed down by an unfamiliar boy…

Free Reading Highlights:
It takes half an hour to solve a problem, which is terrible. I think I still need to go to a cram school to learn to recharge.

“Bang—” Mom closed the door hard, she didn’t want to answer me directly this time.

I stood up and poured myself a glass of water. After my mother and sister went shopping, the house suddenly became quiet. I like this kind of quietness, because then nothing can disturb my study.

I sat down again, turned out the chemical study question book, and then proceeded to do what I didn’t finish yesterday. This did not stop for a while. It wasn’t until the setting sun came in through the window that I noticed it was getting late.

I was a little hungry. I went into the kitchen and checked the refrigerator, and found that there was nothing to eat.

There is no other way but to go out and buy some food. My mother and sister won’t go home until late at night when they go shopping. I can’t make the raw ingredients mature by myself.

When I left the house, the evening breeze was very comfortable on my face. I took a deep breath and walked to the fast food restaurant where I often go to eat. Usually this fast food restaurant has a very good business, but today it is full. I found an empty seat to sit down and ordered a Yangzhou fried rice habitually. Because fried rice is super time-saving whether it is cooking or eating.

“Tang Keke!” Suddenly, someone called me, with a hint of surprise in his voice.

I looked up blankly, and it was a girl who called me. She was combing her ball head, her eyes were shining, and she was wearing a chiffon skirt.

“What a coincidence, you are here to eat too!” That girl is a familiarity. She walked up to me and sat down on the seat opposite me, “I heard that you are also in the No.1 Middle School, and I also passed the entrance examination. We will be classmates in the future.”

I looked at her passionate face, the question mark in my mind gradually enlarged, and finally couldn’t help but ask: “Who are you? Do we know?”

“Huh?” The girl was stunned and looked at me with an incredible look, “No, we are in the same class in junior high school, and we have been in the same class for three years! You don’t even know you. Me! Ah, it’s so sad, it’s so shocking!”

“Ah, I’m sorry, what’s your name…” I stared at her face, my brain was running fast, but all I could recall was the test papers and handouts, and there was no impression of this girl at all.

In fact, it’s not just her, I even remember the teacher’s appearance very vaguely. The only thing I remember is the scores and names of the top 10 in the grade list. But it’s only the name. I’m not interested in knowing what a real person looks like.

“I really lost to you.” The girl on the opposite side lowered her head in frustration, but her frustration lasted only three seconds, and she quickly regained her previous enthusiasm and vitality. “Then meet again! I am Chen Minjia. Everyone calls me Jiajia.”

“Hello.” I greeted and immersed myself in the meal.

She didn’t seem to feel that I wanted to finish eating and go home quickly. She sat across from me, excitedly recalling the interesting things that happened in the class in the third year of junior high.

“By the way, Tang Keke, do you remember that there is a super handsome guy in our class?” Seeing that there was no response from me, she changed the subject and looked at me expectantly, trying to get a response from me .

“Ah.” I gave her a blank face in response.

I saw her eyes twitching, and finally raised her hand to surrender.

“I know, I still don’t remember, I know, I know both.” She finally gave up remembering the past with me, “If you don’t remember in junior high school, don’t you remember, but high school is where the real youth begins!”

“The high school is great, it will start tomorrow.” Chen Minjia said hopefully.

I stood up, took my wallet and walked to the checkout counter, and shouted to the cashier: “Check out.”

“Ah, Tang Keke, wait for me!” Chen Minjia yelled at me when he saw that I was leaving.

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