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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 6 Recap

Xiao Chao’s operation went smoothly, but there was an accident on the suspect’s side. The amount of bleeding suddenly increased. Shao Yuhan asked Mi Jia and the others to take over and went to the suspect’s operation to check the situation. Shao Yuhan began to perform the operation on the suspect. Mi Jia discovered that Xiaochao had an arterial hemangioma in his skull, but Shao Yuhan couldn’t get past it now. They had to stop Xiaochao’s blood pressure first and prevent the arterial hemangioma from rupturing.

Under Shao Yuhan’s command, two sets The operation was very successful. He went out of the operating room and told Xing Kelei about the tumor in Xiaochao’s skull. He said that he had to observe after the operation to know if there would be any sequelae. Xing Kelei also said that they had a bad attitude before. Shao Yuhan apologized to Shao Yuhan for the incident. Shao Yuhan expressed his understanding and did not blame them.

After work, Mi Yan saw the certificate of completion in her locker, and she was a little happy. When she packed her things and was about to leave, she saw Xing Kelei sitting outside. Seeing Xing Kelei’s sadness, Mi Yan proposed to eat together. Fan, Xing Kelei said that when Shao Yuhan made the decision to save the suspect first, he was also very angry, but he could not help it. Mi Jia said that as a doctor, they had no choice. The doctor had the Hippocratic oath, even in justice.

In the face of benevolence, they cannot directly, actively, and consciously kill a patient. Everyone is equal before life. As doctors, they must always respect life as a pair. As a policeman, Xing Kelei defended the dignity of the law, and he did it. Xing Kelei even hoped that it was him who was injured today. Mi Hao comforted him and said that Xiaochao must have the same idea as Xing Kelei in his heart. Xiaochao would not want his teammates to fall. Mi Hao talked about how he became a doctor.

Sad, she said that she had a high-speed car accident during the first year of her internship, and the family of three was not saved. She felt very powerless and very guilty at the time, but she still has to continue to be a doctor. Only by continuing to be a doctor can we save more People, and Xing Kelei is the same. Only by continuing can we protect more people. With the comfort of Mi Jia, Xing Kelei’s mood has improved a lot.

On the second day, the management of Renxin Hospital met to discuss the results of Shao Yuhan’s treatment. They felt that Shao Yuhan’s approach was too risky and radical. Regardless of the hospital’s rules and regulations, the future of neurosurgery would be worrying. Mi Yan raised his hand to speak for Shao Yuhan. He expressed his own opinion, saying that as a doctor, you can’t just abide by the rules and regulations, and that Shao Yuhan was able to perform two operations at the same time yesterday. It was done with confidence. Dean Zhang agreed with Mi Hao’s words and did not blame Shao Yuhan again. Praise him, this neurosurgery is well-known in the hospital.

Xiao Man was about to go abroad for treatment. Shao Yuhan and Mi Ha saw him off at the entrance of the hospital together. Mi Ha was emotional for a moment and couldn’t help crying. When he went back, he walked behind Shao Yuhan before his tears were dry. The people in the hospital mistakenly thought that Shao Yuhan was short-tempered, and scolded Mi Yan and cried.

Ruan Qingxia found the old sweater Xing Kelei gave to Mi Tu, and couldn’t help but gossip about the relationship between the two. Mi Tu told Ruan Qingxia to stop gossiping, so he told her what Shu Wenbo was doing. Ruan Qingxia shut up and said Mi Tu. Shu Wenbo and Xing Kelei took turns taking care of Xiaochao in the hospital recently.

Ruan Qingxia went to the hospital to find Shu Wenbo the next day and invited him to dinner. Shu Wenbo was unwilling, but Xing Kelei asked Shu Wenbo to send Ruan Qingxia off. Back, after leaving the hospital, Ruan Qingxia had been pestering Shu Wenbo and wanted to follow Shu Wenbo back to the police force.

Xing Kelei and Mi Hao stayed in the ward to take care of Xiaochao, but Xiaochao suddenly had a headache. Mi Hao asked Xing Kelei to borrow a wheelchair to perform CT for Xiaochao. When they arrived in the CT room, the two had a conflict with other patients’ family members. Xing Kelei was anxious. While sending Xiao Chao for an examination, seeing that the patient’s family began to do their work, he threw the man to the ground.

The onlookers took pictures of Xing Ke’s hitting people and posted it on the Internet. Public opinion on the Internet began to blame Mi Ha and Xing Kelei. Mi Ha was punished and transferred to the emergency department. Xing Kelei was also criticized. Team Hao asked him to come. Stop going to the hospital, he will send his colleagues to take care of Xiaochao.

On the first day when Mi Tu was transferred to the emergency department, he encountered a patient who was waiting for a sudden heart infarction and lost his heartbeat. After Chen Tao recovered the patient’s heartbeat, the patient suddenly began to convulse. Dr. Zhou asked Chen Tao, Mi Tu and others. Hold down the patient, go and call Director Wei to take a look.

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