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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 1 Recap

Version 1

Two years ago, medical student Mi Ha was involved in a jewelry hijacking case and was hijacked by bandits. Special police member Xing Kele went deep into the tiger’s den to rescue. Unexpectedly, the hostage had a sudden illness. Mi Yan insisted on giving first aid to the hostage under the pressure of angering the robbers to die. Xing Kele, who was hiding in the dark, couldn’t help but look at the girl with admiration.

The police raided and the robber was killed, but the grenade that attacked the police was accidentally held in Mi Yan’s hands. Xing Kelei stabilized Mi Ha, who was emotionally broken, and taught her to slowly transfer the grenade into his hands. Mi Yan was taken away by the police. She never saw her life-saving hero again, only remembered the deep eyes under his protective gear.

Two years later, Mi Yan, who has become a resident, participated in emergency rescue training with classmates Xu Yanshan and Chen Tao. Many people who came to participate were to get a graduation certificate for promotion in the future, and Mi Yan experienced what happened two years ago. She really wants to learn something to deal with emergencies in the future. At the beginning of the training, everyone was abused by the deputy instructor Shu Wenbo.

On the other side, Xing Kelei is doing a simulation training to deal with aerial hijacking. Mi Yan asked Shu Wenbo for leave. She wanted to rush back to the hospital in the afternoon to meet with Shao Yuhan, a neurosurgery expert from abroad. Because my friend Ye Xiaoman is in the terminal stage of malignant glioma, many doctors think that there will be no surgery. Mi Yan wants to ask Shao Yuhan to see her case.


Version 2

Two years ago, a group of robbers rushed into the Baoqing Silver Building to rob. Soon the special police rushed to the scene to prepare for the rescue of the hostages. At this time, Lao Yan, a customer in the store, fell to the ground with a heart attack.

The police saw Lao Yan falling to the ground through the surveillance screen and quickly stopped the operation. Doctor Mi Yi saw the situation and quickly raised his hand carefully to identify himself. And simply checked Lao Yan. Mi Yi told the robbers that Lao Yan was in a critical situation and had to be sent to the hospital immediately. The robbers were very upset when they looked at the police who surrounded the silver building outside.

They were excited to shoot. The scene immediately fell into chaos. The police quickly adjusted the deployment of the operation, found the right time to raid the robbers, and took a measure. Unable to do so, the special police rushing into the silver building quickly asked the customers to evacuate, but Milu was kidnapped by the robbers.

The robbers asked Milu to hold a grenade, and put a knife against Milu’s neck and asked the special police in front of them to put down the gun. The barricade did not panic. He shot and killed the robbers accurately, and quickly reached out his hand and shook hands with Milu. Ray, and ask Mi y’Don’t let go. As long as Mi y doesn’t let go, the grenade won’t explode.

Mik Lei was so nervous that his hands shook uncontrollably. In order to divert Mi Mik’s attention, he chatted with her, asked Mik’s identity and asked Mik to stand up slowly, but Mik Lei dared not stand up. The police patiently comforted and encouraged Mik, slowly picked up Mik, and the two slowly walked out of the silver.

Lou, the explosion-proof team of the police is ready. The base let Milue loosen his fingers one by one. In exchange, he held down the grenade. After successfully handed over the mine, the barricade quickly asked other criminal police to take Milu away, and he was responsible for handling the grenade. After Mi Mi left a distance, there was an explosion behind him. Mi Mi Mi couldn’t help looking back at the situation of the base, but only saw a thick smoke.

Soon after two years, Miyu had already returned to normal life. On this day, she was packing up her things to participate in emergency rescue training. Director He of the hospital introduced the training instructor to everyone, Shu Wenbo, deputy captain of the Tiger Commando, and Shu Wenbo briefly introduced himself and said that he was an assistant instructor.

This training The instructor in charge is the base. Shu Wenbo also introduced the content of the training, saying that this is a closed training for two weeks. If you want to ask for leave, you must have a leave note signed by the competent instructor.

After briefly introducing the training content, Shu Wenbo asked everyone to go back to change their clothes. Ten minutes later, he went to the playground to gather and start training. When it came to the break, colleague Chen Tao took water to Yanshan and Mi Yu, but Yan Shan didn’t want to pay attention to it, and asked Mi Yu about asking for leave.

It turned out that Mi Yu wanted to go back to the hospital to participate in the exchange meeting of Dr. Shao Yuhan, a neurosurgeon. Mi Yu’s friend Xiao Man’s illness was repeated. Mi Yu wanted to meet Shao Yuhan very much, hoping to see him. Get help.

The afternoon training soon began. Mi Wenbo asked for leave. Shu Wenbo called the base. The base was driving back to the base without answering the phone. Shu Wenbo refused to grant leave. The base had no choice but to sneak away during the training. The base just stopped the car on the roadside.

Hope The two talked about her back to the hospital. The two talked about the hospital and said about the bad things about the bad things. The bad things did not show their identity. Soon Mi Yu arrived at the hospital. Shao Yuhan just began to operate on the patient Mo Xiaohui and began to broadcast the operation live.

This exchange meeting was originally a meeting at the attending physician level, but Mi Yu still sneaked in. Halfway through the operation, Mo Xiaohui suddenly began to convulse and appeared hand paralysis. Shao Yuhan was very calm.

Calm down, he has already made all the plans and successfully removed the tumor in Mo Xiaohui’s brain. The doctors in the conference room also applauded and praised Shao Yuhan’s professionalism. Shao Yuhan gave a few words of advice and was ready to see the patient with President Zhang.

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