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Xeon Ares in the City

Xeon Ares in the City (Novel)
Other Name: 至强战神在都市

Genre: Novel, Martial Arts
Author: pineapple and salt
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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“The Strongest God of War in the City”, also known as “The Strongest God of War”, the novel mainly tells the story between Guo Yi and Lei Lingmu. A brief introduction to the exciting content: Guo Yi has been running since three years ago. After Kong was born, it became a nightmare in everyone’s hearts. Because of his strong strength, he directly became a hero in everyone’s hearts.

But later, for the master’s last wish, he returned to the city and became the Lei family’s Miss Lei Ling. Mu’s bodyguard, everyone didn’t understand why he had to do such an underachiever. Only he himself knew that this time he came back to protect people for one reason, and the other reason was that he wanted to investigate the truth of his mother’s death that year. He forbeared for three years. It is to avenge his mother, this time those who have hurt his mother must pay a painful price!

Free Reading Highlights:

When all these people were approaching Guo Yi, they were all beaten aside by Guo Yi. While Guo Yi hit these people without delaying the movement of his feet, Guo Yi said: “I will let You take revenge.”

“These people, I will let you know the lives of each of them, personally!”

When Guo Yi said this, people also walked to Sun Jie, but no one came over to Guo Yi again.

Because, all the people who came to Guo Yi were laid on the ground by Guo Yi.

And Guo Yi, although he has only one move for everyone, but this one is extremely heavy, so these people are now all lying on the ground, with painful groans in their mouths, none of them. People can get up.

A dagger appeared in Guo Yi’s hand, looking at the iron chain tied to Sun Jie, someone behind Guo Yi shouted at this moment: “I have a key in my hand, you let me go, I will give you my key! “

However, after Guo Yi heard this person’s voice, there was no change in the expression on his face, and he did not respond to anyone.

After seeing that Guo Yi didn’t reply to him, the man immediately continued to speak: “I tell you, the lock cylinder without the key can’t be broken at all, and I only have the key to the lock in my hand. “

As soon as this person’s words came out, the hearts of other people present began to regret, regretting that they did not take the key. If they took the key, they would be the one who was rescued now.

However, Guo Yi still didn’t pay the slightest attention to what the population with the key said. Instead, he used the dagger in his hand to draw directly on the iron chain.


These iron chains, extremely hard chains, were directly cut off on Guo Yi’s dagger like a thin rope!

The man with the key in his hand has a look of despair on his face, Nima, can this still be played?

If you use the dagger directly to break these chains, then my key has no effect at all!

Guo Yi stretched out his hand and planned to help Sun Jie, but Sun Jie had scarlet eyes. After taking a look at Guo Yi, he said to Guo Yi: “Boss, no need.”

“I’m fine now, and I can insist. I want to kill them all and avenge my dead brothers.”


Guo Yi didn’t say much about Sun Jie’s words, but handed his dagger into Sun Jie’s hands. Since Sun Jie wants revenge, he can directly let Sun Jie take revenge.

Sun Jie took the dagger from Guo Yi and walked towards the traitors who had been brought down by Guo Yi. When Sun Jie was walking there, someone shouted at this moment: “Let’s see if you can stand up. If everyone can stand up, then we will directly solve this person together!”

“Before we die, if we can take one away, we will take one away!”

With that said, the person stood up and rushed towards Sun Jie’s side. When Guo Yi saw the person rushing towards Sun Jie’s side, the whole person came directly to that person. Around.

Then, he stretched his foot, gave him a fierce kick, and kicked it towards the person.


The man was kicked directly by Guo Yi and fell to the ground, and Guo Yi, another silver needle appeared in his hand.

This silver needle pierced directly into this person’s eyes, a hysterical scream, when Guo Yi pierced the silver needle into this person’s eyes, he called out directly.

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