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Straight Male Cancer Boyfriend

Straight Male Cancer Boyfriend (Novel)
Other Name: Straight male cancer boyfriend, 直男癌男友

Genre: novel, Campus, romance
Author: Qingshan
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
Related story: adapted from “He Says You Are in Sweetness
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In today’s era of serious beauty, Gu Qian has become an alternative. This is not to say how ugly she is, but how beautiful she is. Became the white moonlight in the minds of all boys in the school. It is an object that everyone is crazy about, but never a boy has ever succeeded. And all of this is because there is another in Gu Qian’s mind. The existence of a boy, and that person is a tyrant—Yu Baiyan, it’s a pity that this boy is a rare and wonderful work, Gu Qianxin wanted to fall in love with him, but he sent her exam review questions…

Free Reading Highlights:
After two hours of hard work, Gu Qian finally put down his pen and let out a long sigh: “It’s finished!”

Before she turned it in, Yu Baiyan had already taken the initiative to check the penalty and nodded with satisfaction: “Yes, there are no typos this time, very serious.”

Taking advantage of Yu Baiyan’s careful inspection of the penalties, Gu Qian finally had the opportunity to look at him openly. In the sun, that exquisite profile is impeccable, the corners of the mouth slightly raised, and the eyes that are as deep as the abyss, all revealing sultry brilliance at this moment.

Gu Qian suddenly thought of a sentence: Throw fruit to make a car, watch to kill Wei Jie.

Legend has it that there were two beautiful men in the Jin Dynasty, one is Pan An and the other is Wei Jie. Pan An has a beautiful appearance, and every time she takes a car to the street, a girl throws fragrant fruits at him to show her love and admiration for idols. Wei Jie’s story is even more exaggerated. He was seen alive in the street because of his beauty. “Shi Shuo Xin Yu” recorded: “Wei Jie from Yu Zhang to the next capital, people have heard of his name for a long time, and the viewer is like a wall. Jie first got sick and became too tired to work, and then he became sick and died. Look at killing Wei Jie.”

Before reading these stories, Gu Qian only thought it was the ancients boasting, but now looking at Yu Baiyan in front of her, she seems to believe: People can be handsome to a certain level.

Is such a handsome and golden man really let go?

Who is she, dignified worker, young man killer, so why not take down this Xiangping Wu Yanzu!

Gu Qian accidentally touched the lip glaze in his pocket to touch-up makeup, and turned his eyes, thinking about it.

She pretended to step forward to read and write, and with Yu Baiyan behind her back, she silently placed the lip glaze in an unobtrusive, but never-ignored corner.

After she leaves, Yu Baiyan will definitely see this lip glaze. She will turn passive to active and let him come to her personally.

“I’ve read it, and all are qualified.” Yu Baiyan folded the fine writing neatly and sandwiched it in the middle of the notebook. “You can go back now.”

Gu Qian turned around and was about to leave, and suddenly heard Yu Baiyan stop her: “Wait a minute!”

You won’t find the lip glaze so soon, right? Gu Qian took a deep breath, turned around, and suddenly dropped an unfinished breakfast from the sky.

Yu Baiyan took out a paper towel, dipped some alcohol to wipe the oil off his hands, his expression was still calm, “Yours, take it away together.”

“Good!” Seeing that it was not his own lip glaze, Gu Qian happily took it and smiled sweetly at him, “Thank you for your breakfast today!”

Yu Baiyan’s heart trembled, and then he felt a lethal beauty crit.

When Gu Qian’s figure disappeared at the corner of the stairs on the fifth floor, Yu Baiyan finally let out a sigh of relief.

——She is too cute!

Why is there such a beautiful girl in the world? Looking at the entire industrial university, only such a beautiful girl can be worthy of his condescension and active pursuit. He wants to be with her and talk about a love that ends in getting a marriage certificate!

Gu Qian walked to the lobby on the first floor and ran into a girl with a high ponytail and delicate facial features. What made her curious was that the girl was wearing a white coat of the same style as Yu Baiyan, with a metal nameplate in her pocket. Printed by: Li Xia, undergraduate student in the School of Chemical Engineering.

Astonishing beauty like Gu Qian was not a student of the School of Chemical Engineering, Li Xia couldn’t help but glance again.

“Is this kind of stunning beauty in this world a rare sight in a thousand years?” Chen Luo held a brand new and compact centrifuge, stood still and looked at Gu Qian’s back, and asked Li Xia.

Li Xia was taken aback, and quickly turned around and shouted “Hello Senior.”

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